1. WI: Habsburg Quadruple Monarchy

    Shortly after Hungarian war of independence Habsburgs come up with idea of dividing the the Hungary and "reestablishing" two more entities: Galicia-Volhynian Kingdom with Slovakia added and Kingdom of Croatia, both now in personal union with Austria. Do we have a War of Austrian Succession II?
  2. AHC: 1815 - Partition of Germany between Austria and Prussia with monarchs relocation - more compact states.

    Partition of Germany between Prussia and Austria. Wettins in Principality of Cracow as a Russia client state, Russia collects Ruthenian lands, Austria take areas with bavarian and alemanic dialets spoken, Baden swift western-nord and take Palatinate, Wurtemberg takes northern Bavaria with east...
  3. Austrian Little Poland, Russian Lviv after Congress of Vienna

    Alternative Congress of Vienna: What if Austria wanted to retain Carpathian frontier against Russian Empire, but with less byzantine-catholic population (that is with less Rusyns / Ukrainians) and more with roman-catholic Poles? What if tsar Alexander I Romanov was a little more Russian...