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    Good King John
    Threadmarks: Treaty of Rennes

    On June 1, 1199, Pope Innocent III would eventually decide that the Archbishopric of Dol should be subordinated to the Metropolitan of Tours and deprived the Archbishop of his title and pallium. The Archbishopric then became Bishopric again. Constance disagreed with this decision, however...
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    The luck of Philippe Auguste
    Threadmarks: A stillbirth in Brittany

    In the Spring of 1187, Constance of Brittany would have a stillbirth[1] causing successor of Richard to be John, his own brother, there are two girls between Richard and John, Constance of Brittany would have two children at that time, Eleanor and Mathilde, who would be left in the custody of...
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    Arthur of Brittany dies Young
    Threadmarks: Constance of Brittany

    Constance of Brittany Constance of Brittany m. Geoffrey II of Brittany d. 1186(a) Ranulph de Blondeville div. 1198(b) Guy de Thouars(c) 1a. Eleanor of Brittany b. 1182/84 m. Louis VIII b. 1187(a)[1] 1a1a. Constance of France b. 1203 m. Raymond Berenguer IV of Provence 1a2a. Eleanor of France...
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    WI Arthur of Brittany predeceased Richard I

    What would happen in the succession, would Louis VIII marry Eleanor of Brittany here? I assume that Philippe Auguste would have his hands on her.
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    The Two Britains a Plantagenet Timeline
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    On 1194, Mathilde of Brittany is married to Frederick of Austria with a generous dowry with 35,000 of silver to end the incarceration of Richard I and for that reason, Philippe Auguste would demand the hand of Eleanor of Brittany to his son Louis, the son of Philippe Auguste and Isabella of...
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    A missed arrow – A Plantagenet Timeline
    Threadmarks: A missed arrow

    A missed arrow – A Plantagenet Timeline A missed arrow “Freepedia Richard I In March 1199, Richard was in Limousin suppressing a revolt by Viscount Aimar V of Limoges. Although it was Lent, he "devastated the Viscount's land with fire and sword". He besieged the puny, virtually unarmed...
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    Lionheart Era 1189-1236
    Threadmarks: The ransom bride

    Lionheart Era 1189-1236 The ransom bride In March 1193 Richard was brought before Emperor Henry VI at Trifels Castle, accused of Conrad's murder. A ransom of 35,000 kilograms of silver was paid to release King Richard. Leopold V demanded that Richard's niece, Eleanor, marry his son Frederick...
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    The Other son of Brittany mk 2
    Threadmarks: The other Son of Brittany

    The other Son of Brittany The other son of Brittany Nantes, 1200 Constance of Brittany "Is my child born alive." Guy of Thouars "Yes, you did give birth to our child who is alive and I heard him cry and he looks healthy as well." Maid "The child is a boy" Constance of Brittany "I...
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    Pax Angevina – a Plantagenet Timeline MK2
    Threadmarks: An opportunity not missed

    Pax Angevina – a Plantagenet Timeline MK2 An opportunity not missed On May of 1198, Richard the Lionheart and Eudes III of Burgundy would make an alliance marrying off Eleanor of Brittany, the sister of his heir Arthur to Eudes III of Burgundy which would strengthen the Plantagenets in the...
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    WI: Arthur of Brittany decides to cooperate with Philippe Auguste

    What if Arthur of Brittany decides to aid Philippe Auguste in his battle with John I of England instead of battling John in the battle of Mirabeau. -In this case Arthur of Brittany would have lost Normandy, although he would have the rest of the Continental Plantagenet Possessions. @The...
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    King Arthur I of England
    Threadmarks: A marriage alliance

    A marriage alliance After the signing of the Treaty of Le Goulet, and feeling offended by Philip, Arthur fled to John, his uncle, and was treated kindly, at least initially. However, he later became suspicious of John and fled back to Angers, both he and his mother were surprised of the...
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    Arthur of Brittany TL
    Threadmarks: Verse 1

    Verse 1 On 1200, Constance of Brittany gives birth to twins, a son named Conan and a daughter named Alix and survives the birth of her child, this is her final pregnancy and advises her son to a French alliance against his own uncle. Due to the abduction of the Countess of Angouleme, Arthur...
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    Arthur – Duke of Brittany, Duke of Aquitaine, King of Sicily 1187 – 1250
    Threadmarks: verse 1

    Arthur – Duke of Brittany, Duke of Aquitaine, King of Sicily 1187 – 1250 Verse 1 1192, Constance of Sicily is released, a few months after reuniting with her husband after being captive for a long time, Constance of Sicily is revealed to be pregnant, her husband would expect for a son...
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    Eleanor of Brittany, Queen of France, Romans and Queen of England

    Eleanor of Brittany, Queen of France, Romans and Queen of England Conrad of Swabia Conrad of Swabia was engaged to Berengaria of Castile in 1187, and knighted by in 1188. The marriage was never completed, at first because of her young age of 9. By 1191, she resisted the marriage and sought an...
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    The Double Marriage: An English timeline
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    The Double marriage I Constance of Brittany died, age 40, on 5 September 1201 at Nantes. She was buried at Villeneuve Abbey in Nantes. Constance's cause of death is debated. Some historians believe she died of leprosy. Others believe she died from complications of childbirth, shortly after...
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    The Duke not the Khan

    On 1186, a duke was sick and later imprisoned by his father - on another side of the globe a man who wanted to create an empire and was starting to have a name for himself dies due to a sandstorm ~ Anonymous
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    British Brittany - Kasumigenx Version -
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    British Brittany The Alternate History British Brittany is originally from Althistory I On the latter part of 1186, Geoffrey, Duke of Brittany would be under a fever which would prevent him from joining the jousting for two weeks, he would recover from his sickness, afterwards he would...
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    Arthur of Brittany, Duke of Brittany, King of England, Scotland, Duke of Aquitaine

    On 1196, Richard I, King of England requested the annulment and the release of the Princess’ Berengaria’s obligation to marry Berengaria of Castile due to the protests of Eleanor of Aquitaine who did not want a Hohenstaufen ruling Castile, Richard I offered Eleanor of Brittany as her...