1. PakistaniGuyUK

    WI White South Africa grants full independence to all twenty Bantustans 1980 - 1990

    What if at any time during 1980 - 1990 South Africa embarks on giving full independence to all 20 Bantustans within its territory and to recognize each one as an independent nation with its own Prime Minister, Parliament and so on regardless of how the international community reacts. Let's say...
  2. Could South Africa's National Party be defeated after 1948?

    After their narrow victory in the 1948 election, the National Party of South Africa retained a majority (and later a supermajority) of seats in parliament until the end of apartheid in 1994. Was there any plausible chance for the United Party to return to power through an election, especially if...
  3. Rhodesian PM Garfield Todd stayed in power?

    Garfield Todd was prime minister of Rhodesia from 1953 to 1958. During his tenure, he introduced reforms to improve the lives of the black majority by investing in public education and allowing multiracial trade unions to form. However, he was forced to resign after his cabined resigned en masse...
  4. सार्थक (Sārthākā)

    South Africa restores the monarchy after Apartheid

    Apparently this was given extreme serious thought but was dropped so as to not hurt the status quo. The Blacks, and Anglo population of SA was extremely in favor of the monarchy otl, which Mandela back in 1961 even calling the republic an unwanted one. So what if in 1994 when South Africa...
  5. How were other races threated under Apartheid South Africa?

    I know about how the African natives were treated in Apartied South Africa, But how were other races treated by the government and society?
  6. Tomislav Addai

    The National Pact of South Africa

    The ruling Nasionale Party was seeing that the segregation policies of apartheid are earning the regime a bad name abroad. The riots and violence continue to appear and the party leadership has to admit that the system itself is unsustainable. On paper, the Black population of the country are...
  7. Economy of South Africa without Apartheid

    Right now, South Africa has a pretty good economy for Africa. Its characterized by a fairly high GDP per capita (about $13k) which is good for a country with a population of its size in Africa (compared to other countries like Kenya, Nigeria etc.). It also has the second largest economy in...
  8. What was the point of Apartheid?

    What was the purpose of Apartheid if it only segregated people based on race and exacerbated tensions that nearly went into civil war? Can anyone explain?
  9. AHC: South Africa Demographics

    With no PoDs prior to 1900, is it possible for South Africa (or area comprising it, or equivalent) to have a population where non black Africans - whites, coloreds, and Asians combined - comprise over half the population? If so, than depending on the PoD that works, what would the effects be?
  10. Effects of SA using nukes on Black cities?

    How does the world react? What would South Africa look like today?
  11. Frank Hart

    AHC: Apartheid backfire

    With a PoD no earlier than 10th April, 1978, have at least two Apartheid-era bantustans survive into the present day, while white rule Apartheid still ends in the 1990s. A twist here is that the post-Apartheid government must create a counter-bantustan for the Afrikaners (as punishment for...
  12. South Africa AHC

    Lets say we go with a POD of 1815 can we get South Africa to control all of Southern Africa by 1945? https://i.imgur.com/4yASv5R.gif Basically OTL Union of South Africa plus Zimbabwe/Rhodesia Botswana Lesotho and Swaziland Mozambique south of the Zambezi Bonuses if: Namibia has more Germans...
  13. Middlesex_Toffeeman

    WI: South Africa under apartheid had a working nuclear programme?

    Basically what it says in the title - WI the South Africans had a full nuclear programme that worked? Would apartheid survive until the modern day (perish the thought!)? Would this lead to the Rhodesian gov't winning the Bush War (ditto)? How would the Communist states in Africa react to the...
  14. Rhodesia/Angola/Mozambique/South Africa Alternate History

    I wanted to imagine how these countries might have survived into the present day. My POD's would be Slightly earlier settlement of Angola and Mozambique, so that they have a slightly larger white population. I saw another thread imagining something like this called Angola Avante . Portugal...
  15. FesteringSpore

    Ex Unitate Vires, Unironically- A South African Story
    Threadmarks: One

    Chapter One: The Land of Hope And Glory As always, the views expressed by characters seen here are not mine. "There's room for expansion," Otto said over breakfast, reading the newspaper that the organic people sent out to the farms. He tapped an article with his thick finger, and she noticed...
  16. SpookyBoy

    Season of Violence: The Fall of Apartheid in South Africa
    Threadmarks: Introduction - I

    Season of Violence: The Fall of Apartheid in South Africa (old draft) First, some background music... This is a timeline based on an idea I have had for a long time - a violent end to the apartheid era in an alternate 1990s. Even after Mandela was released from prison in 1990 in OTL, South...
  17. Whiteshore

    AHC: Have Apartheid South Africa collapse in a civil war

    With a POD after 1960, create a scenario where Apartheid South Africa, instead of the largely peaceful fall which it went through in OTL, "goes out with a bang" proverbially, ending in a bloody civil war. Bonus points if you either get nuclear weapons used in this civil war or the superpowers...
  18. ajdb0614

    AHC: Swap the fates of Rhodesia and (Apartheid) South Africa

    With a POD after the Rhodesia's Unilateral Declaration of Independence in 1965, what could've happened or been done to reverse the historical fates of southern Africa's two White-ruled states? For this challenge: Rhodesia has to peacefully transition to Majority-rule under a sane and moderate...
  19. ajdb0614

    AHC: Create a White Supremacist Australia

    With any POD past 01/01/1946 (to prevent the use of the "Nazis win and make all the Anglosphere white supremacist" cliche), what could've been done to make Australia keep the "White Australia" policy and implement an analogue to Segregation/Apartheid? Bonus points: This lasts for more than 30...
  20. Alternate Apartheid Story

    Hi all! So this is my first time posting in this forum. For a while now I have been extremely interested in the history of South Africa during Apartheid due to the perceived uniqueness of this situation. Additionally, I have noticed that due to the topic of Apartheid being taboo very few people...