1. TheWitheredStriker

    Doctrine of a Japanese Christianity

    I've been working on a Christian Japan timeline off-site for a little while now, and while I originally started it as a Catholic Japan TL, I recently began exploring the much more rarely explored idea of Japan instead being Protestant. This happened after I read up on the Chinese Rites...
  2. What would a united British Church look like?

    Say by OTL Acts of Union in the early 18th century the Churches of England, Ireland and Scotland become unified. This was a long term goal of the Stuarts which was never fulfilled, unlike the political unification of Scotland and England which did occur. What would this new Church look like...
  3. The Gybson Boy

    What would an Anglican Church reunited with Rome look like in the 18th Century?

    Assuming that James II manages to stay in power (get rid of William of Orange and that's it) and is succeeded by James III and Charles III, could the Anglican Church end up reuniting with Rome in the 18th century? (Let's assume so, after all that's what this Forum is about) What would this...
  4. kasumigenx

    Silent Revolt mk2
    Threadmarks: Infidel Recovery

    A Silent Revolt – MK2 Infidel Recovery On the mid 18th century after the famine in the late 17th century and the eruption of Taal, the Pagan and Crypto Muslim populations in Luzon would start to flourish again, the Gaddangs would be said to dominate the Upper Reaches of the Cagayan and...
  5. Bishops, Oaths and Kings: a Different Nonjuror Schism.
    Threadmarks: Introduction to the Premise, and some notes on divergences.

    Introduction: The nonjurors were clergy who, after the Glorious Revolution, refused to take the oath of Allegiance to William and Mary. Several Bishops, among them William Sancroft, Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Ken, Bishop of Bath and Wells, and William Lloyd, Bishop of Norwich, believed...
  6. Lollards in the 15th Century

    So I’m thinking about the followers of John Wycliffe - first, just how popular were they in England from the later 14th Century to the early 16th Century? Second, how close were they to the various factions of English monarchy during this time - to John of Gaunt, the Mortimers, Henry V, the...
  7. Gukpard

    AHC makes the religion have a bigger role on the anglosphere.

    A minor disclaimer: This is not valid for the United states or Ireland. On ireland for obvious reasons, and in the US because the USA has many strong christian denominations apart from the Anglican church, I'm not saying that the catholic church and the other non aglican protestant denominations...
  8. AHC: Catholic "Great Awakening" or "Counter-Great Awakening" in 19th century US

    What if one of the Great Awakenings, perhaps called the "Counter Great Awakening", involved the spread of Catholicism to Protestants? At least 15% of Protestants in the US must convert to Catholicism in a 50 year period. How would this happen and what might be the catalyst?
  9. King Favila the Subpar

    DWI: What if the Great and Most Fortunate Armada had failed?

    You all know the story. In 1588, Philip the Great of Spain sent this Armada to crush the English, abolishing forever the brief Brittanic heresy and put Mary of the Scots to the throne of England, thus creating Great Britain as we know it. What would have happened to the British Isles had it...