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  1. Henderson

    Rex Juvenis - An Angevin Timeline
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    Rex Juvenis - An Angevin Timeline “You would have been king of the noble and emperor of the brave, lord, if you had lived longer, for you had gained the name Young King; you were indeed the guide and father of youth. And hauberks and swords, and beautiful buckram, helmets and gonfalons...
  2. The Lions of Europe
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    The Lions of Europe An Alternate History of the High Middle Ages From L to R: King Philip II of France, King Richard I of England, and Emperor Henry VI of the Holy Roman Empire (all pictures taken from Wikipedia) In the final years of the twelfth century, conflict raged between the Kingdoms...
  3. The Angevin Empire
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    In OTL Empress Matilde was very close to die, while giving birth to her second son Geoffrey. What if she effectively died in that childbirth? Geoffrey would be free to remarry to Eleanor of Aquitaine (her father has no need to give his daughter and heiress as ward to the French King if he can...
  4. MittleGittle

    WI: England wins the Hundred Years War, and France joins the HRE.

    Sure hope this hasn’t been done. In the event of an English victory in the 100YW they regain the lands they lost at the Treaty of Albeville, and proclaiming the Angevin Empire restored. And France, after losing catastrophically, collapses into small states ruled by the Dukes and Lords. These...
  5. Basileus_Komnenos

    DBWI: No Plantagenet Dual Monarchy of England and France

    How would the politics of Europe change without the formation of the Plantagenet Dual Monarchy otherwise Known as the Royal Plantagenet Commonwealth or the Plantagenet Empire change the history and geopolitical situation of Europe? The Dual Monarchy officially traces its origin to King Henri V...
  6. kasumigenx

    Pax Angevina – a Plantagenet Timeline MK2
    Threadmarks: An opportunity not missed

    Pax Angevina – a Plantagenet Timeline MK2 An opportunity not missed On May of 1198, Richard the Lionheart and Eudes III of Burgundy would make an alliance marrying off Eleanor of Brittany, the sister of his heir Arthur to Eudes III of Burgundy which would strengthen the Plantagenets in the...
  7. WI: Richard the Lionheart lives longer

    In 1199, Richard the Lionheart was besieging the Château de Chalus-Chabrol while putting down a revolt in Limousin led by Viscount Aimar V of Limoges. While inspecting the progress the sappers were making, he took a crossbow bolt to the shoulder. The wound became gangrenous, and he died a few...
  8. Brita

    Plantagenet's succession

    In 1156, Henry II of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine's son William survives. All children outlive Henry. Henry and Eleanor's succession: - William III, King of England, Duke of Normandy, Count of Anjou, Maine and Touraine - Henry, Duke of Aquitaine - Richard, Duke of Brittany jure uxoris -...
  9. WI: Hedwig of Anjou, King of Poland Has a Son Instead of a Daughter?

    Premise is pretty self-explanatory. Hedwig of Anjou gives birth to a son in June 1499 instead of a daughter. The boy is healthy, christened Ladislaus Bonifacius, although mom still dies in July. How does this affect things? Hedwig had taken the title of "heir to Hungary" since her sister's...
  10. kasumigenx

    Continental Plantagenets
    Threadmarks: A marriage alliance

    Continental Plantagenets A marriage alliance After the signing of the Treaty of Le Goulet, and feeling offended by Philip, Arthur fled to John, his uncle, and was treated kindly, at least initially. However, he later became suspicious of John and fled back to Angers, both he and his mother...
  11. Whiteshore

    AHC: Lasting Angevin Empire

    With a POD after 1154, find a way for the Angevin Empire to last at least until 1500. Bonus points if you manage to have the Angevin Empire to last until the present day and/or do it with a POD after the death of Richard the Lionheart.
  12. GauchoBadger

    WI: Angevin victory at Berat (1280) A year ago, there was this thread on a successful Angevin Albania after a reverse outcome at the Siege of Berat, and i just wanted to revive the discussion. So, suppose that...
  13. A Few Tweaks to the Heirs of Anjou

    During the 1390s and 1410s the Capetian house of Anjou went extinct as one by one its heads died without surviving heirs: First was Marie d'Anjou, Queen of Hungary and Croatia, who in 1395 gave birth to a premature son by her husband, Sigmund of Luxemburg. Both she and the child died. Next...