american civil war

  1. Cathartic Cat

    WI: Pro-Slavery Forces Victorious in Kansas

    I came up with this thought when learning that the state allowed segregation after emancipation, but what if William Quantrill and the pro-slavery forces emerged victorious in Kansas during the skirmish infamously known as "Bleeding Kansas"? Obviously KS would be admitted to the union as a...
  2. Cathartic Cat

    AHC: Oklahoma Admitted to the Union Before 1861

    What P.O.D. could result in Oklahoma achieving statehood and joining the union before 1861? In O.T.L. this was not achievable because of the various native American tribes present. OK likely is admitted as a pro-slavery state. Do you think it would secede or become a border state?
  3. ronaldo

    Confederate states with Pacific Coast

    Confederate states with Pacific Coast How can the Confederate states have Coast to Pacific? What would the civil war be like? The relationship with the United States, Europe, Latin America and Mexico Relations with china and japan? Possible confederate victory? Could the Confederates try...
  4. GauchoBadger

    How does the lack of a Gadsden Purchase affect the ACW?

    So, suppose that either the US government is uninterested in the purchase of more territory in the southern border or that the mexican government is more reluctant to give up even more territory to the gringos. How does such a lack of a proper connection between southern Arizona and southern...
  5. AHC: Florida is a free state, or bans slavery quickly after being admitted

    What would have to happen for Florida to be admitted as a free state, or, if still admitted as a slave state, to abolish slavery before the Civil War?
  6. AHC: Have the CSA become independent and survive to the Modern Day

    Most of the timelines where the CSA become independent they end up becoming a weak nation or being reabsorbed by the USA. What could be done to make a powerful CSA survive to the modern day?
  7. LDS WI - The Holy Punch

    It is 1852, Salt Lake City. Brigham Young is speaking out endorsing the racist interpretation of the "Mark of Cain" before a congregation. As he speaks, the sound of thunder echoes through the temple; there is a flash of light, a bolt of lightning, and out of the rupture emerges a man in strange...
  8. Use of Chlorine Gas in American Civil War

    Was reading this Wiki article the other day and came across this paragraph: What if the Union had taken up John Doughty's idea? How effective would these chlorine gas shells have been? How many could have been produced? Where and when would they have most likely been used? Could the...
  9. WI: The Deerhound is sunk at the Battle of Cherbourg?

    What if during the Battle of Cherbourg, Captain John Winslow is gravely wounded and unable to command the ship resulting in his officers, who OTL had begged him to fire upon the British yacht, and the officer's shell the Deerhound? The French ironclad, the Couronne, had escorted the CSS Alabama...
  10. Guildencrantz

    John Brown’s Soul: We Shoulda Hanged Jeff Davis from a Sour Apple Tree, But We Are Marching On
    Threadmarks: I

    John Brown’s Soul: We Shoulda Hanged Jeff Davis from a Sour Apple Tree, But We Are Marching On -a timeline by demonkangaroo Oho! A Civil War timeline? Eh, not really. I’m not that interested in war in and of itself and there are plenty of actual ACW timelines and threads. Many of them are...
  11. How bad could post-Reconstruction violence have gotten?

    How bad could the violence in the South have gotten after the Civil War? Could it turn into a Rwanda type situation or would things be kept under control before it gets to that point?
  12. Impact of Kentucky Joining CSA

    Suppose that, due to the political chips falling differently in Kentucky during the volatile time of 1860-61, that Kentucky secedes and joins the Confederacy in April of 1861 along with the other "Upper South" states and thereafter supports the Confederate war effort with pretty much the same...
  13. Ulmanis

    CSA policies from 1871-1900 ( Need help in making content )

    So where do I I am making a mod for a game called Darkest Hour, that involves world campaign from 1871-1960s. As such of course alternative history timelines can occur during the play-through - Germany wins the First World War, Austro-Hungarian empire never collapses, British stay out...
  14. Grand Registry of American Civil War trivia

    One of the more "popular" AH factoids is that Garibaldi offered to fight for the Union in the American Civil War, but was politely rebuffed by Lincoln. Another pop fact is that Russia (article may be editorialized) was diplomatically involved in the war. What other wacky facts are there for AH...
  15. A Dishonorable Victory: A Short ACW Timeline

    Part I: The Last Hurrah September 8th, 1862 Troy, New York There had been a time, not all that long ago that the citizens of Troy, New York talked about making a real play to move the State Capital the dozen miles up the Hudson to the real engine of the North Country. It was Troy that had the...
  16. plenka

    Better prepared CSA?

    I have been doing a little reading about American Civil War, and only when I dug more deeply I realized how much was South inferior to the North in industrial capabilities. They were simply outmached in industry, military and industrial manpower and in some cases agricultural production because...
  17. Veranius

    The Pig War: A TL
    Threadmarks: 1 - Part 1

    Hello people! I've been a fan of for a while now, and I felt I should contribute with some ideas of my own. I am a junior in high school about to go into AP testing while simultaneously working towards Eagle in Boy Scouts. I am interested in history, so alternate history seems like a fun...
  18. EnglishCanuck

    Wrapped in Flames: The Great American War and Beyond
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: To Light a Fire Under Her

    Chapter 1: To Light a Fire under Her "We will wrap the whole world in flames! No power is so remote that she will not feel the fire of our battle and not be burned by our conflagration!" United States Secretary of State William H. Seward as overheard at a diplomatic function by William H...
  19. TheKnightIrish

    A Glorious Union or America: the New Sparta
    Threadmarks: Chapter One How a Little Napoleon Was Drowned

    Chapter One How a Little Napoleon Was Drowned Taken from "A Revolution at Sea: How the Confederate States Navy changed the making of war at sea" by Admiral Sir James Sinclair-Davies RN KCMG Portsmouth Press 1978 “The enmity between the Secretary of the Navy, Stephen Mallory and the...