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american civil war

  1. Change History To Fit A Incorrect Map

    Apparently this was found in a Iowa school planner, this is obviously incorrect, however how would history have to change for this to be correct? It looks like the Ottoman Empire survived or perhaps Turkey created their own empire after the Ottoman one fell, or perhaps the Middle East united...
  2. Hulkster'01

    AHC: Quickly end the American Civil War in 1862 with a Union victory

    I think the name explains itself but I do have some rules.. First, everything upto the attack on Fort Sumter is the same, (so Abe is still prez) and second, no outside interference! (North v. South only, no “1862” ok?) Besides that, everything is fair play.
  3. Kerguelen

    WI: President William T. Sherman

    During the year 1884, businessman and Civil War General, William Tecumesh Sherman was a curious figure in the world of politics. He was regarded by many as the hero of the Union and the scorn of the south prompting several abolitionists and radical republicans to wonder whether or not he would...
  4. Legacy of CSA and Nazis in Popular Consciousness

    Okay, so a thought I had earlier today: My AH question regarding this -- with no PoDs prior to 1944, and preferably later PoDs to earlier ones, how could the legacy of Nazi Germany by 2000, in Europe and/or the United States, have been more akin to the legacy of the CSA in the US by 1920...
  5. PC: Better follow up to Fort Donelson

    Reading his memoirs, Grant actually offers up an intriguing alternate history scenario: What do you guys think; is the general right in his assessment? If so, how could it have happened? And what would the effects?
  6. WI: Battle of Ridgeway 1866

    Having read a little bit about the Fenian Raids on Canada in the aftermath of the Civil War, I'm intrigued by knowing what the board thinks about the potential alt-history outcomes here. Given that Canadian casualties could have been a lot higher at Ridgeway, as the Fenians never had a chance...
  7. AHC Vicksburg Campaign Fails

    With preferably no PoDs prior to April of 1863,* how can Ulysses S Grant fail to take Vicksburg and divide the Mississippi in the summer or fall of that year? And how is the war thus affected? *so early Confederate victories (or "victories") at Chickasaw Bayou, Yazoo Pass, Steele's Bayou, etc...
  8. WI No CSA Invasion of Pennsylvania in 1863

    What if, following Chancellorsville, the Confederate government decided to go with Longstreet's suggestions (IIRC) of reinforcing Vicksburg while staying on the defensive in Virginia, instead of Lee's proposed invasion? I should note that while there are plenty who see this as a massive...
  9. James Thurber's "If Grant Had Been Drinking at Appomattox"

    This classic tale of things going just 'a little awry' just got a mention at the "Emerging Civil War Blog", they have included the whole tale in their post and included a link to a dramatization on YouTube...
  10. Grant's Overland Campaign

    Grant launched ihis multi prong campaign on May 4th 1864, but Butler's troops do not land at Bermuda Hundred until the 6th. Would it of made any difference if Butler landed on the 1st. Would that of pulled Lee south and away from the Wilderness?
  11. pattontank12

    AHC/WI: American Civil War with "vaguely" WW1 technology?

    So how would it be possible for the American Civil War, starting "roughly" around the same time period to be fought with weaponry closer to that of OTL WW1? That would include both sides using bolt action rifles, with practical metal cartridges (but possibly with black powder), poison gas...
  12. Lee after Gun Powder River

    I don't know how much interest there would be in this as it would be making up Alternate History about some on else's Alternate History. For those of you who might have forgotten, this refers to the series written by Newt Gingrich and William Forschten in their 3 book series. In the book the...
  13. loneranger

    Radical! A Reconstruction WI

    POD: On April 15, 1865, John Wilkes Booth shoots and kills President Abraham Lincoln at Ford's Theater. George Atzerodt shoots and kills Vice President Andrew Johnson at the Kirkwood House. Under the Presidential Succession Act of 1792, President pro tempore Senator Lafayette Foster is then...
  14. Tales Weaver

    AHC: make Mexico be dragged on to American Civil war.

    With PoD of 1840s or later, make Mexico be dragged to American Civil war. You can choose which side Mexico join. (No ASB)
  15. America Billiards

    WI: Grant goes to Ford's Theater with Lincoln?

    So I've been playing around with an alternate history in my head and decided that I needed a place to write it out and discuss it with other history nuts and thankfully I found this forum with a bunch of folks who seem pretty cool. I hope to get to meet you guys. Anyways, here's my idea. I've...
  16. American Civil War: After Lincoln Inaguration Speech CSA goes to negotiation table.

    Okay apparently in First Inaguration Speech Lincoln hinted at allowing the Slavery to continue in attempt to avoid the secession. What would happen If CSA reacts to this and there is last attempt to avoid war. Obviously aside from slavery CSA would propably demand bigger autonomy. so what...
  17. ajdb0614

    DBWI: The Border States stayed loyal to the Union

    IOTL Missouri, Kentucky, Delaware, Maryland and the Western counties of Virginia (who ironically were attempting to breakaway from Va. and form a Pro-Union "West Virginia" state) all had strong pro-Union sentiments (in spite of being slave states) in the buildup to the Civil War. However as we...
  18. ajdb0614

    DBWI: Virginia seceded from the Union

    How would the ACW go if Virginia joined the Confederacy instead of remaining loyal to the Union as in OTL? How would the Northern war effort fare without the contribution of General Lee and the Old Dominion state?
  19. What would the national anthem of the Confederacy be if they won?

    Let's say that the CSA won the civil war. They never had an official one in OTL, but they likely would choose one eventually. From what I've read, there were three songs that were considered the unofficial anthems. 1) Dixie: This is the one I've heard most frequently as the national anthem...
  20. WI: Giuseppe Garibaldi, United States Major General

    Hi, I'm new to the Alt History forum so forgive me if I commit a faux pas, but I want to jump in and I think I have an interesting POD idea. According to Wikipedia, one of Garibaldi's friends an American journalist, and an American diplomat schemed to make Garibaldi a major general during the...