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american civil war

  1. peanutman95

    Can a emperor Norton dynasty happen if he was serious??

    can it happen if he was serious like right after the American civil war or before? (Btw here's the wiki if you don't know who he was https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emperor_Norton)
  2. Latest Possible POD For the Civil War to Remain a Limited "War of Elderstalk Squirts?"

    What would the latest plausible POD be for the Civil War to remain a limited war of limited means and limited ends (along the lines of the Crittenden-Johnson, or "War Aims" Resolution of July 1861, which explicitly disavowed interference with "domestic institutions" of the states), or, as...
  3. Gettysburg: Union Order of Battle

    Late last week, I had the chance to return to the Gettysburg battlefield on vacation. As a Civil War buff, it's a bit of pilgrimage for me over the years. As I have thought about the Union Army of the Potomac's order of battle, it seems to be quite top heavy to me in terms of number of...
  4. Hello! I have some questions for you :-)

    Hello! I don't know if it's alright to post something like this here but if not excuse my naivety :oops: I have some question I want to hear opinions about, I not asking for hard political science just your opinion! heads up, my English is messy do it might be a hassle to read o_O 1. How long...
  5. AHC: Kentucky in the Confederacy

    I have always wondered what differences would occur if Kentucky would join the Confederacy at some point. Personally I think it would be less than most people think (this thinking is probably due to Lincolns saying at the outbreak of the CW for fear of DC being cutoff from the North). However...
  6. Incanian

    How Likely Was British And French Aid to the Confederates?

    Exactly what it says in the title.
  7. loneranger

    More Activist Reconstruction Court

    So this is just something I became recently interested in, but I was wondering if a more active Supreme Court could help maintain the rights that briefly existed during Reconstruction but were then stamped out by organizations like the Red Shirts, White League, and Ku Klux Klan (and of course...
  8. “Readmission Delayed”

    What would American and world history be like if – as was proposed by some Northerners (I forget who) after the Civil War – the Southern States had been maintained as organized territories for a substantial period after the war ended? I will exclude Tennessee as its rapid readmittance was never...
  9. ETGalaxy

    A House United: What if the Union Won the War of Southern Independence?

    Happy Easter everyone! I decided to start a brand new timeline today, one that delves into one of the most popular questions in alternate history: what if the Union won the Civil War? I know, some might stay away from this timeline because such a scenario is overdone (and typically implausible)...
  10. Incanian

    Robert E Lee: Hero of Paraguay

    Inspired by the thread Robert E Lee stays entirely neutral, I wrote a comment about a proposal for a Robert E Lee who instead of fighting in the American Civil War, fights in the Paraguayan War. The idea was that he could fight on any 4 sides. Is this possible? I really hope it is because this...
  11. What if George McClellan was able to win at Antietam?

    What if McClellan got an actual victory at Antietam instead of a stalemate?
  12. WI: What if Robert E. Lee Stays Entirely Neutral in the Civil War?

    What if Robert E. Lee decided that his loyalties to the United States and the state of Virginia were both binding, and that his only way to fulfill both was to become utterly neutral, resigning from the US Army while not accepting a state or confederate commission, and going to a foreign country...
  13. The Legendary Confederacy: A Chronicle of the Southern War of Independence

    Coming Soon (Maybe Tomorrow)
  14. WI: Karl Marx moves to America and becomes part of Lincoln's cabinet

    What if Karl Marx moved to America and became part of Lincoln's Cabinet? Would socialism become more popular even earlier than Jello's Reds! TL? How would this effect the Civil War?
  15. Cdoug96

    WI: Rutherford B. Hayes and William McKinley Are Killed at Antietam

    What if Rutherford B. Hayes and William McKinley are killed at the Battle of Antietam during the American Civil War? What direction does the U.S. take?
  16. Why did the Scramble for Africa take so long, why wasn't it earlier?

    Why did the Scramble for Africa take so long, why wasn't it earlier? What was the reason that it took so long? What factor need to change for it might to have been earlier? Was the size underestimated and so if it was mapped earlier it might colonised faster? What factors need to change for...
  17. Hulkster'01

    WI: Jefferson Davis is assassinated?

    How does this affect the war? How does President Stephens do as the President? Is the South still defeated? Is the war shorter or longer? Does this cause Lincoln to be assassinated earlier?
  18. The Lethargic Lett

    Ramifications of a Union Victory under President McClellan

    So let's say the American Civil War isn't going well for the North (March to the Sea either fails or isn't implemented among other things) to the extent that Lincoln loses in 1864 and McClellan becomes President. After some delay, the North wins, though in this scenario it doesn't particularly...
  19. Hulkster'01

    WI: Robert E. Lee is killed during the Battle of Antietam?

    So what if some union solder got a lucky shot at Lee and killed him during the Battle of Antietam? How does the Confederacy react? Who replaces him? Does the Civil War still end in a Union victory? How does this effect Lincoln? Is he still assassinated at the end of the war? How long will the...
  20. Historyman 14

    TL-191 WI: Union keeps fighting after Camp Hill.

    As it says. Let's say the CSA, even after its decisive victory and occupying Philadelphia, it still does not gain the diplomatic recognition from the United Kingdom and France. At the same time, even with the lost of Camp Hill, Abraham Lincoln still goes forward with the Emancipation...