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  1. Xanthoc

    Red State: A Confederate Timeline by Xanthoc
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    Prologue “The question I ask today is not an easy one. That question is this: what is the spirit of our nation? For one such as ours, this question is complicated, intricate, and at times impossible to answer, especially if one examines it from the perspective of our entire history. Even that...
  2. The "Underground Railroad" is an actual railroad underground

    Until recently, that's what I thought it was. What? Don't look at me, I'm not american! The image in my head was so cool! Anyway, the AH is to have an alternate 19th century where the Underground Railroad is actually a Railroad that is Underground and it ferries escaped slaves back to the...
  3. WI: Jefferson Davis killed or captured at Bull Run

    Jefferson Davis was present at the First Battle of Bull Run. What if the battle had played out differently, and he'd been killed or captured by the Union forces?
  4. Admiral A. Kolchak

    How Different Might Have Been Fate: An American Civil War TL

    Author's Note: This timeline is written with the assistance of Earl J. Hess's overview of Braxton Bragg's career, which presents a more favourable view of him than most. As you can probably infer it is the result of my mentally comparing Bragg and Lee, and given that they were reassigned to...
  5. WI: Andrew Wills Gould kills Nathan Bedford Forrest

    On June 13, 1863, Nathan Bedford Forrest got into an argument with one of his artillery officers - Andrew Wills Gould - about the latter's upcoming transfer. This confrontation escalated into a violent exchange, with Gould shooting Forrest and Forrest stabbing Gould. Gould's wound proved fatal...
  6. WI: Robert E. Lee killed at the Battle of Chapultepec

    In September 1847, the Battle for Mexico City was raging. During the attack on Chapultepec Castle, a young American officer was wounded. That officer was Captain Robert E. Lee. What if Lee had been killed instead of just wounded? What impact would it have had?
  7. DBWI: Virginia Secedes

    During the American Civil War, there was a lot of suspense over whether the remaining slave states would stay in the Union or join the seceding states. Virginia was no exception. Things were touch-and-go for a while, but as we all know, Virginia ended up staying in the Union. What if Virginia...
  8. TunguskaStorm

    WI: The Confederate States had Found an Ally Willing to Help it Fight Against the U.S.?

    Could the Confederate States had found a potential ally in any other country that was against the US at the time? Mexico and Latin America jump to mind, but I feel Mexico would still have a sore spot against Americans of any sort, and wouldn't see the Confederacy as anything other than the...
  9. WI: Confederate states immediately readmitted after ratifying the 13th

    With all those threads about what would have been if Reconstruction was more thorough, I'd like to discuss the opposite scenario. What if, instead of being put under military occupation, the ex-Confederate States were immediately readmitted into the Union after they had ratified the 13th and...
  10. SouthernWind

    The Confederates holds New Orleans

    Hello to everyone! My name is SouthernWind and, as you can guess from my name, I am very interested in the facts and events of the American Civil War. In fact, I am currently writing a book set during this period (the story starts in 1856) which, as you can imagine, it will diverge into...
  11. Antonio the Komnenoi

    WI: Would this PoD win the Civil war for the Confederacy ?

    The point of divergence from our timeline starts at the Battle of Shiloh: Ulysses S. Grant is shot at the Battle of Shiloh by friendly fire, while General Johnston is not injured. Instead, he leads the Confederate forces into capturing Pittsburgh landing by the night and routing the army of...
  12. Hooker does not offer to resign

    The question is as it stands, if Hooker was not removed from command of the army of the Potomac how would the gettysburg campaign have turned out. Assuming of course in this situation there is even a battle at Gettysburg as Hooker in his original plan to organize the Harper's Ferry Garrison and...
  13. Pop culture of a surviving CSA

    As the title says, how would the pop culture of the Confederated States look like if it survives until present day? Would the pop culture of the CSA become as widespread and mainstream as American culture in OTL?
  14. AlvinTheCreator

    Plausibility Check: Any Constructive Critiques?

    The following is an eraser excerpt for a little idea of mine: what if the Trent Affair had been much messier? As you know, it's not easy developing an interesting story while maintaining at least some plausibility. This is more-less by POD... if you could provide thoughts, comments or even...
  15. Odinson

    Independent Virginia

    So, I've been thinking about this for a while and wondering, how/why would Virginia declare independence from the Confederate States of America? The idea is that Virginia leaves the CSA shortly after an 1864 peace agreement that ends the civil war. Is it possible?
  16. What would be a good POD for a Less Racist American South and a more racist American North?

    We all know the differences, how the American south was the more backwards place and how the country would be better if they dissapared (sarcasm from my part, of course). But, how would be a world where the American South is the more racially tolerant place and the North is the one see as a...
  17. the Imperium of Canada

    AHC: The British intervene in the American Civil War... On The Union's Side

    The challenge his is to get he United Kingdom to intervene in the American Civil War against the Confederate States of America. The Point of Divergence must happen after 1800.
  18. KingOnTheEdge

    The War Down In Dixie-An Escalated American Civil War

    POD- The southern plantations privately modernize much of their agriculture, similar to how the Cotton Gin kick started American industrialization. Thus, the south exports enough cotton that Britain is seriously entertaining the notion of recognizing the Confederate States of America. ---------...
  19. Old1812

    George H. Thomas chooses Virginia?

    I hope no one takes offense at the topic of this thread - I admire George H. Thomas and the dedication he displayed to his cause, and for supporting the rights of freedmen after the war. George H. Thomas is notable as one of the best corps and army commanders of the war, and for being one of...
  20. frenchiestfries

    WI: Confederate States get support from European powers?

    When the American Civil War was raging on, a series of diplomatic projects (both at home and abroad) were made to prevent European powers, namely Britain (who fought their own war with the US from 1812 to 1815) giving recognition to the Confederate States. One of the men who fought against...