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  1. HistoryGunsFreedom1776

    A State of Cornhuskers and Riflemen: WI the Hoosier State implemented the Hythe Method before (or during) the American Civil War?

    I know that the American Civil War is probably quite a bit overdone on this site but hopefully this is a unique premise and twist as I've been pondering about making a timeline out of this down the road. Anyway, I figured that while the idea is fresh, why not have a discussion about feasibility...
  2. President Sherman?

    There were calls for Sherman to run for President after the Civil War; he resisted but WI he'd run in 1868 instead of Grant?
  3. Sārthākā

    Realistic Trent War?

    I know this is a overused POD or something however in almost every thread regarding this i find two areas of the spectrum. 1. British - Oh hell no! We would kick those yankees kingdom come! 2. American - Oh hell no! We kick those pompous Brits in their arses and seize Canada! What i find...
  4. SouthernWind

    The Confederates manage to steal the USS Constitution

    At the beginning of the American Civil War, the USS Constitution (also known as “Old Ironside”) was located at the United States Naval Academy near Annapolis, Maryland to serve as a training ship. However, in April 1861, the Constitution was ordered to relocate farther north after threats had...
  5. AHC: Britain and France intervene in ACW... on opposite sides

    Your challenge is to have Britain and France intervene in the American Civil War, one on the side of the Union, and the other on the side of the Confederacy.
  6. WI: Grant doesn't issue General Order No. 11

    What if Ulysses S. Grant had never issued General Order No. 11?
  7. JustinianTheGrand

    DBWI: What if the Slave Revolution of 1859 didnt happen?

    The Slave revolution started when John Brown raided the federal armory at harper's ferry. Due to sheer luck he avoided the federal troops and managed to get the arms to the slaves in the surrounding fields and formed them into an army. This eventually led to a revolt of most of the slaves in the...
  8. SealTheRealDeal

    1844 election leads to Civil War?

    To my (limited) understanding the Abolition question was getting pretty heated before Polk's expansionist policies got both Southerners and Northerners to rally around the flag. If (moderate***) abolitionist and anti-expansionist Henry Clay wins the Presidency, is an early civil war likely...
  9. Tanner151

    Experiment Aflame: A House Divided - an Alternate American History
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Experiment Aflame - an Alternate American History The day was bright and promising. The sky was blue with wisps of clouds, the smell of the sea wafted by with the cool tug of the wind. Dozens of artillery cannons flanked either side of General George Washington, his staff and several other...
  10. AHC: Two American Civil Wars in the 19th century.

    Some caveats: no balkanizing the USA and only one can be about slavery or else we just have two OTL American Civil Wars.
  11. What If Fremont Wins

    What if Fremont beats Buchanan in 1856? How does this affect American History? How does Fremont deal with the Dred Scott Decision, Bleeding Kansas, and the Panic of 1857? Does the American Civil War start almost immediately after Fremont wins?
  12. the Imperium of Canada

    Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson die before the start of the American Civil War

    Suppose both Robert E. Lee and Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson both end up dying in random accidents a few months before the start of the American Civil War. So how do their absence effect the incoming Civil War? Would this seriously damaged the Confederate war effort?
  13. WI: Johnston Survives Shiloh

    At the Battle of Shiloh, Albert Sidney Johnston, commander of the Army of Mississippi, was killed in action. He was the highest-ranking officer, Union or Confederate, to die in the American Civil War. What if he'd survived the battle?
  14. AH Challenge: Keep John C Calhoun a nationalist.

    As a young man John C Calhoun was an American nationalist in favor of a strong federal Government. In later life he of course became a States Rights proponent, supporter of nullification and Godfather of secession. Challenge is to keep him on the original track.
  15. WI: Union Victory at Fredericksburg

    What if the Union had won the Battle of Fredericksburg? How might it have altered the course of the war?
  16. DBWI no arragon massacer

    The American civil war. It was a move that would have far reaching conquences, Northern forces were heading towards the state of Georgia, and the south wanted to defeat them General Joseph Wheeler had fought union troops before and saw them run and break. In a move that would have...
  17. Amadeus

    WI: Stephen A. Douglas Lives

    In 1861, after the outbreak of the American Civil War, Senator Stephen A. Douglas died of typhoid fever at the age of 48. Before his death Douglas had advised President Lincoln on the war effort and traveled the Midwest attempting to mobilize popular support for the Union. What if Douglas had...
  18. Count of Crisco

    Devils Rock, 1864.

    Part One: Buildup to the stand It was a hot and wet day in western Virginia in August of 1864, the prior days fighting had seen heavy losses in both sides of the battle of Raglans fork, a major engagement pitting the Confederate army of Virginia against the Unions army of the Potomac against one...
  19. How would other minority groups fare in a victorious CSA?

    I think it goes without saying that a Confederate victory in the ACW would be very bad for Southern African-Americans. Slavery would most likely continue for at least a few decades. But what about other minority groups in the South? What would things be like for them?
  20. WI: Giuseppe Garibaldi fights for the Union

    In 1861, at the outbreak of the American Civil War, Giuseppe Garibaldi volunteered his services to Abraham Lincoln. He was offered a major general's commission, but Garibaldi wanted to be commander-in-chief of the Union armed forces and to have the power to declare the abolition of slavery...