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  1. WI: A Large Hurricane strikes the South before Civil War

    The POD: in the 1860 Atlantic hurricane season, the first hurricane of the season, IOTL cat 4, is much larger, instead being h a cat 5 on the scale of Katrina. You obviously know what's going to happen: how would this affect the resources of the southern states, and how much if at all the...
  2. Sārthākā

    How to get a successful Second Mexican Empire and what are its consequences?
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    Now a Second mexican empire has been a hot topic for many years on this forum, and i am really interested in it admittedly. Now, i have done *some* intensive research on the matter in the A levels on north american history, so managed to make a somewhat plausible scenario in which Maximilian I...
  3. American Civil war but both sides fight in the best way possible

    Basically what the title says, how would the ACW have looked like if both sides had fought without committing the major strategic and tactical errors they did in OTL. The only rule in this thread is that the Civil war need to still happen, ofc you can make It shorter or longer.
  4. Made a Nation: America and the World after an alt-Trent Affair
    Threadmarks: Introduction pt. 1

    Made a Nation: America and the World after an alt-Trent Affair “We may have our own opinions about slavery; we may be for or against the South, but there is no doubt that Jefferson Davis and the other leaders of the South have made an army; they are making, it appears, a navy; and they have...
  5. Aleksei Fedoseev

    California leaves USA / timeline from 1845 / need help from American users

    Hello everyone! I've had an idea in my mind for some time now. I want to write a medium sized story. And in my vision, the story will be set in 1960s North West America, primarily in New Alki (Seattle), capital city of Autonomous Region of Washington, which is a part of Republic of Oregon, which...
  6. Crazymachines

    Northern Civil war with a twist

    we've all probably seen the 'north secedes' scenario once in a while, but I had an idea of something like that with a twist; what if the northern states rose in rebellion not to secede but to overthrow what is seen as an unfairly southern dominated, oppressive, and racist government. My personal...
  7. AHC: A Southern Unionist Museum and Memorial

    Right around 100,000 men from Southern States fought for the Union Army during the American Civil War (not counting border states.) Which is an insanely huge number when you consider the Confederate Army never fielded more than 500,000 men at once and only a little over 1 Million altogether...
  8. Anybody Remember “Captain Confederacy” By Will Shetterly and Vince Stone?

    So I was browsing for some alternate history fiction unrelated to the confederacy when I stumbled upon this. And the second I saw it I knew I was going to have to share and talk about it. The book is about superheroes in a world where the confederacy won the American Civil War and as such the...
  9. ennobee

    What other countries could rewrite their history with a 'Lost Cause Mythos' akin to the (Southern) US

    As the tin says: one generation after the American Civil War (Yes. That's post-1900. That's why I'm posting in this forum) the Southern states began propagating the 'Lost Cause': the idea that the soldiers of the Confederacy were not traitors nor rebels but well-meaning patriots morally at least...
  10. HistoryGunsFreedom1776

    A State of Cornhuskers and Riflemen: WI the Hoosier State implemented the Hythe Method before (or during) the American Civil War?

    I know that the American Civil War is probably quite a bit overdone on this site but hopefully this is a unique premise and twist as I've been pondering about making a timeline out of this down the road. Anyway, I figured that while the idea is fresh, why not have a discussion about feasibility...
  11. President Sherman?

    There were calls for Sherman to run for President after the Civil War; he resisted but WI he'd run in 1868 instead of Grant?
  12. Sārthākā

    Realistic Trent War?

    I know this is a overused POD or something however in almost every thread regarding this i find two areas of the spectrum. 1. British - Oh hell no! We would kick those yankees kingdom come! 2. American - Oh hell no! We kick those pompous Brits in their arses and seize Canada! What i find...
  13. SouthernWind

    The Confederates manage to steal the USS Constitution

    At the beginning of the American Civil War, the USS Constitution (also known as “Old Ironside”) was located at the United States Naval Academy near Annapolis, Maryland to serve as a training ship. However, in April 1861, the Constitution was ordered to relocate farther north after threats had...
  14. AHC: Britain and France intervene in ACW... on opposite sides

    Your challenge is to have Britain and France intervene in the American Civil War, one on the side of the Union, and the other on the side of the Confederacy.
  15. WI: Grant doesn't issue General Order No. 11

    What if Ulysses S. Grant had never issued General Order No. 11?
  16. JustinianTheGrand

    DBWI: What if the Slave Revolution of 1859 didnt happen?

    The Slave revolution started when John Brown raided the federal armory at harper's ferry. Due to sheer luck he avoided the federal troops and managed to get the arms to the slaves in the surrounding fields and formed them into an army. This eventually led to a revolt of most of the slaves in the...
  17. SealTheRealDeal

    1844 election leads to Civil War?

    To my (limited) understanding the Abolition question was getting pretty heated before Polk's expansionist policies got both Southerners and Northerners to rally around the flag. If (moderate***) abolitionist and anti-expansionist Henry Clay wins the Presidency, is an early civil war likely...
  18. Tanner151

    Experiment Aflame: A House Divided - an Alternate American History
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    Experiment Aflame - an Alternate American History The day was bright and promising. The sky was blue with wisps of clouds, the smell of the sea wafted by with the cool tug of the wind. Dozens of artillery cannons flanked either side of General George Washington, his staff and several other...
  19. AHC: Two American Civil Wars in the 19th century.

    Some caveats: no balkanizing the USA and only one can be about slavery or else we just have two OTL American Civil Wars.
  20. What If Fremont Wins

    What if Fremont beats Buchanan in 1856? How does this affect American History? How does Fremont deal with the Dred Scott Decision, Bleeding Kansas, and the Panic of 1857? Does the American Civil War start almost immediately after Fremont wins?