1. Sārthākā

    How to get a successful Second Mexican Empire and what are its consequences?
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    Now a Second mexican empire has been a hot topic for many years on this forum, and i am really interested in it admittedly. Now, i have done *some* intensive research on the matter in the A levels on north american history, so managed to make a somewhat plausible scenario in which Maximilian I...
  2. Marklin

    What would a war between America and Japan in the 1850s look like?

    This is just some theorizing on my part. Not too sure how it would get to this point, maybe the shogunate decides to fight the US when they return or something, but say that a war does break out between the US and Japan back in the 1850s? How would it play out and what would the ramifications be?
  3. Thomas Stukeley as King of America

    Sounds ridiculous. Yes it is. I got this idea from an episode of the early 60s British psuedo-historical drama Sir Francis Drake, which had an episode where Thomas Stukeley, portrayed as an illegitimate son of Henry VIII gets permission from Elizabeth I to go to America and carve himself a...
  4. What if ISKCON continued to grow significantly in the United States from the 60s to 2020?

    I wondered how culture and government would have changed if Prabhupada's movement grew at a significant rate. I would imagine a reasonable percentage for 60+ years would be somewhere round 30% of Americans are of the Vaishnava westernized ISKCON religion as a result of Prabhupada living slightly...
  5. GameBawesome

    WI: An United States East India Company

    With a POD of 1756 to 1800, what if the United States forman trading company, a United States East India Company or American East India Company. This company goes to East, trading with India, and even Persia, Arabia, China, Japan and Africa. It is optional to have the USEIC/AEIC control...
  6. Guatemalan Nat-Synd

    The vanguards of the sovereign peoples: A Cold War thread.

    4/07/1949, Beirut, Lebanon. "Early in the morning, our brave comrades of the party stormed the vast majority of government buildings, including the presidential palace, capturing the president and executing him for his treason against the Syrian people, now Lebanon is free from imperialism...
  7. Abd ar-Rahman II

    Discussion : Moroccan colony in America

    I’ve been thinking lately at the idea of Moroccan colony in the new world and how make it possibles i think multiple PoDs are needed a strong empire unifying the Sahel creating a monopoly and with enough military force to dissuade Morocco to trie to conquer and hold it . While give incentive...
  8. President Sunflower

    What's Iran's bright future if it were not for Mohammad Mosaddegh being overthrown out in 1953?

    While I'm not on Mosaddegh's side but for whatever reasons, America and British decided not to overthrow Mosaddegh in the Alternate 1953... so what happened to Iran today? would Israel still be friends with Iran? How is Iran's relations with the world be like?
  9. How big of a power boost is Canada to the United States?

    Let's assume that through some unspecified set of circumstances the US gains the entirety of Canada (Quebec and all) during the Revolutionary War. How much of a boon are Canada's land, resources, and population to the US? Are there any ways in which this acquisition could be detrimental?
  10. BillKerman123

    'Most Ideal' possible early US development path?

    I was reading The American Dream by @okmangeez again, and I started wondering whether or not something similar to that was possible without an ISOT event. Basically, if everything for the US goes right, what is the absolute best sort of development path we could see them take without ASB...
  11. Seeking a More Perfect Union: Tales from Jefferson's Anti-Slavery Crisis
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: The Origin

    Hello. I am going to post story lines and vignettes from my timeline Jefferson's Anti-Slavery Crisis. (You can find it in my signature). I had a blast writing the lore, and I am thinking of writing more stories. Here is the first. I. Crisis at the Continental Congress The delegates from...
  12. MittleGittle

    American Civil War in 1996?

    If Canada were to have a Civil War after the Independence of Quebec, what would a spillover look like? And a Second American Civil War? Ignore this maybe being not possible, I’m looking for the effects.
  13. Britannia238

    A New America- An American Political TL
    Threadmarks: 2008 Election and History (1940-2008)

    “And we can now announce that Barrack Obama is likely to secure the presidency. Obviously this is not confirmed, but a Democratic led coalition with the Socialist Party, their go to coalition partner, would give a total seat count of 56. Whilst not a great majority, he may have to compromise...
  14. MittleGittle

    Canadian Civil War Scenarios

    Your challenge is to have a complicated Canadian civil war, the PoD can be anywhere in the 20th century. One possible kickoff point would be if the Quebecois chose to have a war of independence.
  15. The American Odyssey: A Story of a United America with Star-Spangled Jubilation
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: A New Timeline begins

    Our team humbly presents, The American Odyssey Inspired by NK_Ryzov's 'USAO' Prelude: A project a long time in the making, the premise is simple. The United States as we know it expanding as large as possible, fueled by liberty and justice. I thank the team for all efforts in making this...
  16. America Abandons Its Founding Ideals (pre-1900) Challenge

    AHC Challenge: How could you make a timeline where the United States of America (completely) abandons its founding ideals? (No, I don't mean completely falling apart. Even so, some of the pieces may attempt to live up to the beliefs found in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution)?
  17. The Western Expanse

    A group of other AH fans and I work on an alternate history scenario on Discord and I want to hear your thoughts. It goes as such. Over 100 million years ago, the Farallon Plate subducted at a shallow angle under America. The definite reason why is still a mystery to science. This subduction...
  18. AHC: Largest possibile Native American US population by 1900

    As asked in the title, the challenge is to come up with an alt-US (Roughly with OTL's borders) that has the largest possible Native American population. I was thinking that an earlier smallpox vaccine could be useful, but, considering it more slowly, I don't want a POD too early on to...
  19. Rajveer Naha

    WI :- SR-71 shot down

    Say SR-71s violate USSR airspace here and there throughout the 70s and 80s and in 1987 one is shot down using R-33 missiles fired from a MiG-31 over Kamchatka and the pilots are captured. The R-33s were designed with SR-71s in mind and we're capable of performance similar to the Aim-54 Phoenix...
  20. Tuyuko

    The American Nightmare - What if America became a Dystopia?

    After the failure that was the first American revolution, no one in the world could ever imagine a superpower rising in North America. But all their expectations where proven wrong when the American colonies rebelled once again in 1820. The new American rebels were able to defeat the British...