1. A bigger Russian presence in North America?

    Could Russia, with a POD after 1600, get a bigger slice of western North America than it did IOTL - one that stretches from, say, Alaska to northern California? I realize the difficulties with this WI are considerable, given the country's vast territory and the fact Siberia is already much...
  2. Count of Crisco

    General Alyskan Navy Thread
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    Recently on the alternate warships of nations thread I have been posting some ships from a Timeline I have been working on (link to the TL in my signature if your interested) and people seemed to like it. And I thought it would be a good idea to make a thread for some more ships so that the AWoN...
  3. Count of Crisco

    Alyska. A kingdom of ice and Iron.
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    Forward. Over the last number of years Alyska had appeared frequently in the news as the civil war unfolded before the eyes of billions via the power of television. With the recent reunification of the country under Catherine III following the bloody Yukon campaign and Posadka Siege many...