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    The last son – a French timeline
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    On February 20, 1512, Anne of Brittany would give birth to a son that her husband would name Francis, after her father, finally, the dream of Louis XII has been realized, however for Anne herself she would be weakened, on January 9, 1514, she would die and she would be also the mother of the...
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    Sons of the Lion(A French timeline)
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    Louis and Eleanor had three daughters namely, Marie(1144), Alix(1153) and Eleanor(1156) and two sons namely, Philippe(1145) and Guilhem(1150), the Queen Eleanor and Louis would not be initially in good terms with each other and on 1157 after the birth of her third daughter, Eleanor, she decided...
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    New Era 2012
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    New Era 2012 On January 10, 2017 Man 1 Mitt Romney was calm and secure in his debates and won. Man 2 It is because in his win he ushered in a new era. Man 1 Why? Man 2 Do you remember that Mitt Romney has criticized Obama’s handling of the second wave of the H1N1, Swine Flu as well as...
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    WI: Gallo-Italian dialects become Occitan/Catalan dialects

    There is a tendency for the Northern Italian dialects to drift to being Catalan dialects or Occitan dialects or getting absorbed by Occitan/Catalan completely via relexification how would Catalan/Occitan relexifying the GalloItalian dialects turning them to be essentially Occitan/Catalan except...
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    WI: Temur Khan or Zhenjin of Yuan or Mongols takes a Princess from Luzon/Selurong, Empress Sasaban as his concubine

    From what I researched Raden Wijaya took a Princess from Luzon as his first wife who he married while he was trying to take over Singhasari to establish Majapahit only to abandon her and erase her from history and her children would go on and sire noble clans in that island and her lands would...
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    Surviving Alfonso V of Aragon timeline
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    On 1458, Alfonso V of Aragon would recover from his illness and was able to conquer the republic Genoa and score a great victory, after his victory, he would discover that his own first wife, Maria of Castile had die. He would want to marry a woman with large dowry and able to bring an alliance...
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    WI: A Catalan/Occitan flavored French dialect as Standard French

    I am thinking of the Berrichon, Bourbonnais, and Tourangeau as the base of Standard French instead of the Paris dialect is this possible?
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    DBWI: No Catherine, Queen of Scots

    Catherine, Queen of Scots(b. 1534) is the daughter of Mary Tudor the Younger, Queen of Scots and Spain and James V of Scotland, her son, James VI, succeeded on the English throne on 1599, marking the end of the Tudors, after the death of Henry IX, son of Beatrice of Portugal and Henry VIII due...
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    Silesian Cuttings as Polish-German Versailles border

    People have not discussed this border in this thread. The Silesian Cuttings basically splits the areas where there are Polish Majorities and the lands with German majorities. We could have Population exchanges as well for it to be plausible...
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    Catherine Farnese and Philip III

    @isabella Is this match even possible, she is 7 and unmarried and available when her first wife, Elizabeth of France died.
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    WI: Elizabeth Woodville is Charles the Bold's niece and Mary of Burgundy's cousin

    What if Agnes of Burgundy survives and marries John of Lancaster then into the Woodvilles, this could cause interesting things to happen in the Hundred Years War and Elizabeth Woodville still marries to Edward IV.
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    DBWI: There was a recession in 2008/2009

    I remember, Obama was a fresh start after Iraq war and ended the economic stagnation of the 2000s, could the Bush administration be worse than OTL.
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    Maria of Calabria, Queen of France
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    On 1348, Maria of Calabria a widow from Naples would flee from Avignon, her sister would propose instead an alliance between France and Naples while Maria is staying in Avignon, marrying Maria of Calabria and Dauphin Charles, the bride and groom are 9 years apart, the marriage would turn out to...
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    DBWI: Syagrius does not defeat Clovis and restore the Gallic Empire

    I actually remember that Syagrius was able to defeat both the Burgundians and Visigoths after he defeated Clovis of the Franks by allying with the remaining Franks against the Visigoths and later allying with the Vandals against the Burgundians. In the 11th century Edward the Exile married...
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    Western Roman Empire in Gaul
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    The Battle of Novidon was fought in 486 between Frankish forces under Clovis I and the Gallo-Roman domain of Novidon under Syagrius. The battle was a victory for the Syagrius and the continuity of the Gallo Roman domain of Novidon "In the final collapse of the Western Roman Empire between 476...
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    DBAHC: Screw Catalan Language

    How could we have Catalan be screwed up, Catalan became the official language of France when the Northern France population majorly got wiped out due to Black Death and also due to the capital shifting to Marselha(Marseille), Catalan became a world language which is spoken in many countries...
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    The world of Margaret I of Scotland
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    Lerwick Town Hall stained glass window depicting "Margaret, queen of Scotland and daughter of Norway" On 1290, Margaret, Queen of Scots would survive in Orkney despite the fact that she was malnourished but she was nourished back to health when she arrived on Scotland on 1290, she was said to...
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    Victory of Dharma - A Philippines TL
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    On 1660, the population of the Hindus in Saludong would turn for the better which would change the fate of the colony of the Spanish in Saludong or the Spanish Nueva Castilla, on the 1660s the Hindus would take advantage of the strife and take a few lands from the Christians in the Northern half...
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    A Different End to the Spanish American War
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    On the latter part of May 1898, Makabulos would ally with Luna and would reject Aguinaldo on June 1898 imprisoning Aguinaldo after his arrival as a traitor, the new government, reestablishing the Tagalog republic which was betrayed by Aguinaldo last year would give the Americans a different...
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    DBWI:Mary Tudor, Queen of Spain is the Queen of England not Edward VI

    From what I have heard Mary Tudor married Philip II as she pushed her father to marry her cousin Charles V for the renewal of the alliance between England and Spain wherein we have England and Spain ally against France with Elizabeth marrying Philip II but Mary ended up marrying Philip II...