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    WI: Philippines is Partitioned between Portugal and Spain

    I have been reading and talking with historians and it turned out that Portugal discovered Luzon and Mindanao prior to the Spanish, what if the Portuguese decided to concede Visayas and Palawan to the Castilians and decided to colonize Luzon and Mindanao instead of fighting to get all of the...
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    A better King John(1199-1216)
    Threadmarks: Constance of Portugal

    John I of England would decide not to meddle to the business of the Lusignans as it may inflame the conflicts with France and not to bother ally with the Count of Angouleme as he knew what they did with his mother, Eleanor. On 1200, John I of England would decide to marry a Portuguese Princess...
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    A cross in Egypt – A fourth crusade timeline
    Threadmarks: Treaty of Le Goulet

    On June 1, 1199, Pope Innocent III ultimately decreed that the Archbishopric of Dol should be placed under the authority of the Metropolitan of Tours. Conseqquently, the archbishop lost his title and pallium, leading the archbishopric to revert to a bishopric once again. Disagreeing with this...
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    Luyag na Caboloan, a Sinosphere country – A Philippines Timeline
    Threadmarks: Country Profile of Caboloan

    In Caboloan, the ruler of Caboloan would defeat the Majapahitans and their attempts to eradicate its independence between the 13th and the 14th centuries, which happened prior to the Deboxah I Era when Deboxah I ruled, the Country of Caboloan would champion the rights of the Nestorians in their...
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    The line of Don Carlos
    Threadmarks: Birth of Don Carlos

    On 1545, Maria Manuela would give birth to a healthy son baptized as Carlos, but Maria Manuela would die after giving birth due to the complications of the pregnancy and immediately Philip, Prince of Asturias decided to marry Maria of Portugal, the half aunt of Maria Manuela so that Infante...
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    Adelfo y Laura: A Phillippine Alternatehistory
    Threadmarks: Adelfo y Laura

    Since the late 1200s there is a tale passed in each generations and it has inspired a love story in Sambali called Adelfo y Laura by the Portuguese the story is about the marriage of a Princess from one of the former statelets of Sambali to a Bornean noble man, each kingdom in the Northern half...
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    A different Philippines - Two Sultanates in Luzon instead of Full Spanish Domination of Luzon.
    Threadmarks: Setting foot of Miguel Lopez de Legaspi

    On 1570, Miguel Lopez de Legaspi land in Ysla de Luzon or Ysla de Tagala[1] where he would find two Sultanates, the Sultanate of Selurong and the Sultanate of Kumintang which the Spanish would record as Tagala and Comintan, the Sultan of Kumintang would be friendly to the Spanish and even gave...
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    The last twigs of Hohenstauffens
    Threadmarks: The sudden victory

    On 1268, Conradin, the grandson of Frederick II of HRE would kill and defeat Charles of Anjou which he had outnumbered already which would cause him to be crowned as the King of Sicily as Conrad II of Sicily, finally having the throne that was stolen by his own uncle, Manfred. The first thing...
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    [delete] Nevermind.
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    Uncolonized Philippines

    Luzon Luzon won’t be called as Luzon, but it would be called as Sultanate of Selurong, since the original exonym of Luzon is Selurong due to the Bruneians having time to prosetylize to the masses, the lowlands would be muslim completely by early 17th century as Islam has already completely...
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    Guilhem Aigret survives
    Threadmarks: The survival of the heir

    On 1130, Guilhem Aigret would recover with his mother, Aenor de Chattellerault, on 1136 before the death of his father from an illness in 1140, the French would have a double marriage with William Aigret being betrothed to Adelaide of France(1334) and Eleanor of Aquitaine marrying Louis of...
  12. North Western Railway I1 Class

    Before we get into the class, I want to talk about something relating to this post: We all know that Sodor isn't real, nor is the North Western Railway itself. However, in this 'Alternate History', alongside my own take on proposed steam locomotives, I've decided to establish a alternate...
  13. North Western Railway U1 Class

    Before we get into the class, I want to talk about something relating to this post: We all know that Sodor isn't real, nor is the North Western Railway itself. However, in this 'Alternate History', alongside my own take on proposed steam locomotives, I've decided to establish a alternate...
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    Kasumigenx World Gazetteer

    This is a collection of my ideas that I don’t really have time and patience to make a full timeline. Some of these are parts of my TL’s already.
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    Jo El Rei – Kasumigenx cut(Aragonese Timeline)
    Threadmarks: A son is born

    On 1509, Germaine de Foix would have a healthy son named John, he would prove to be healthy and he is the heir to Aragon, he would succeed as John III of Aragon in 1516, on his own father’s death, he would be affianced to Mary Tudor, the infant daughter of Catherine of Aragon and Henry VIII, who...
  16. Is it possible that Buddhism or Hindu-Buddhism would ultimately unify a pre-colonized Philippines? or a atl that somehow they fend off Brunei?

    Could like one of the Lakans or rajah have like a drive to unify the islands? what does this proto-Philippines need in order to sorta make that happen?
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    Francis Xavier in Manila
    Threadmarks: Francis Xavier

    On 1549, after visiting Malacca enroute to Japan, Francis Xavier would reach Manila, however, the populace would be against a new missionary promoting a religion that is unfamiliar to them which would cause some conflict in the population as the population is against Francis Xavier and Francis...
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    Tagalog Chronicle – A Philippines timeline
    Threadmarks: The Renegade Sultanate

    “On the 16th century a Sultanate would form in Selurong in the roots of Cagayan and Pampanga River which would later conquer majority of the Nueva Castilla held by the Spanish in the 1660s and backstabbing the Christian rebels led by Malong, Maniago, and Almazan, the Spanish would have kept...
  19. Possible faction leaders in a divided, warring-states USA between 1949 and 1963?

    In my alternate history project, WWII goes differently, the Allied Powers are able to defeat Japan and Italy but Germany prevails after coming into possession of and reverse-engineering some alien technology which it uses to single-handedly knock the USSR, Britain, and the USA out of the War in...
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    Red Ruthenian Liberty
    Threadmarks: Defeat of Casimir III

    On 1349, Dmirto Dedko of Halych would defeat and kill Casimir III in battle with the help of his former brother in law, Liubartas which would cause Poland to have succession issues due to Casimir III having no sons and the King of Hungary wanting the succession of Poland, the succession issue of...