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  1. Yesterday Movie

    Hi Guys, ***Movie Spoilers Below*** I just finished watching the movie "Yesterday" - a funny music romcom - where a failing musician is involved in some sort of ASB bump from his earth to an earth where the Beatles don't exist... So he starts performing song by the Beatles, and becoming...
  2. Alternate Names For Modern American/ Canadian Al

    Hey everyone, I'm just looking for some names for some alternate American and Canadian cities to exist in my new timeline I'm currently developing e.g. Dana Point - Seabrook City Anything you have to offer is appreciated! Cheers!
  3. Sam Biswas

    What if the meteor that hit Tunguska hit London instead?

    What if the meteor that hit Tunguska in Russia had landed a few hours later and hit London instead? What would have been the effect on the British Empire if it's capital had been vaporized? The effects on Europe and the world in general?
  4. Petike

    Photos from Alternate Worlds II (read FAQ first)
    Threadmarks: Welcome ! (Introduction)

    The original Photos from Alternate Worlds, started by Tetsu in 2005, was one of the first major threads on to deal with "media from alternate worlds" as its premise. After more than 12 years (!), that thread reached the end of its life with nearly 500 pages of content and has been closed...
  5. Sam Biswas

    What would happen to Africa if Germany won WWI? German colonies in Africa 1922 (alternate history)...
  6. Sam Biswas

    What if the ethnic Germans in Eastern Europe never got persecuted by the Soviets after WWII?
  7. Sam Biswas

    What if Winston Churchill died early and Halifax became Prime Minister? Without Churchill, it would highly likely that Britain would made a peace deal with Nazi Germany. Neville Chamberlain, a predecessor of Churchill, due to his illness, he would still resign as prime...