alternate history challenge

  1. AHC: MTV stays focused on music

    Nowadays, a common refrain among Gen-Xers and Millennials is "remember when MTV used to show music videos"? While far from the only network to stray from its original purpose, MTV is right up there with the History Channel when it comes to infamous cases. Your challenge is to keep MTV primarily...
  2. MegaToon1234

    AHC: Completely Different Super Mario Franchise

    So I thought of an alternate history challenge about a completely different Super Mario franchise. NOTE: Every Super Mario game from 1981 to 1985 will stay the same ITTL. Here are some Points of Divergence to choose from.: Neither The Lost Levels (the Japanese SMB2 IOTL) nor a reskinned Doki...
  3. AHC: End a TV show better

    There are countless examples of TV shows that started out strong, but whose later seasons and/or endings proved very polarizing, or even outright hated. Your challenge is to take one of these shows and improve its later seasons, its ending, or both, whichever applies. Note: This only applies to...
  4. AHC: Invert the reputations of Danton and Robespierre

    The French Revolution was a pivotal event in history, and not surprisingly, many of its major figures have had their reputations enter the public consciousness. Georges Danton is often portrayed as a flawed but generally reasonable reformer. Maximilien Robespierre, on the other hand, tends to be...
  5. alien emperor

    AHC: Have Scotland be a major player in the colonization of the americas

    In OTL Scotland’s attempts at colonization were mostly failures or were integrated into english colonies. the idea of a influential Scotland in the americas sounds to me like an interesting scenario. The challenge is to have Scotland be a major player in the Americas, what this means is they...
  6. AHC: Take a bad game and make it better

    There are many games that have become infamous for being bad, or even outright terrible. Superman 64, Daikatana, Bubsy 3D, Drake of the 99 Dragons, Ride to Hell: Retribution, all these games and many more have become veritable bywords for cartridges and discs that deserve to be buried in the...
  7. JustinianTheGrand

    Challenge: Make Ronald Reagan become Premier of the Soviet Union realistically

    Ronald Reagan has had a great effect on American and Global Politics, He along with Margaret Thatcher ushered in the modern age of Neoliberalism, which has had a...mixed...effect on the world. But what if rather than Ronald Reagan coming to be president of the United States he rose to be the...
  8. AHC: Muslim country establishes a New World colony

    Your challenge is to have at least one Muslim country establish at least one colony in the New World. It doesn't have to last particularly long, it just has to exist.
  9. AHC: Wank Champa

    Your challenge is to have Champa do significantly better than it did IOTL.
  10. AHC: Large-scale German-American organized crime

    Your challenge is to have there be large-scale German-American criminal organizations at some point in American history.
  11. AHC: Ottoman New World colonies

    Your challenge is to have the Ottoman Empire somehow establish at least one colony in the New World.
  12. AHC: Britain and France intervene in ACW... on opposite sides

    Your challenge is to have Britain and France intervene in the American Civil War, one on the side of the Union, and the other on the side of the Confederacy.
  13. AHC: Dutch and Danish involvement in the Scramble for Africa

    Your challenge is to have Denmark and the Netherlands be involved in the Scramble for Africa.
  14. AHC: Bayezid defeats Timur

    Your challenge is to have Bayezid I get the better of Timur, rather than the other way around.
  15. AHC: Make a homeland for all Cossacks

    Your challenge is to create a united homeland for Cossacks of all groups that's at least officially a nation state in its own right. Think of it as a kind of "Cossack Israel".
  16. AHC: Slavicize Hungary and Romania

    Your challenge is to make it so that the cultures of Hungary and Romania are more Slavic than they are IOTL.
  17. AHC: Wank the Sorbs

    Your challenge is to have the Sorbs do significantly better than they did IOTL.
  18. AHC: Ancient Armenian empire

    Your challenge is to have Ancient Armenia build a sizeable empire.
  19. AHC: More Surviving Paleo-Hispanic languages

    Aside from Proto-Basque - which survives in the form of its descendant, Basque - all Paleo-Hispanic languages have gone extinct with no descendants. Your challenge is to have more of these languages survive, or at least have surviving descendants.
  20. AHC: Less Corrupt Illinois

    (Inspired by this thread) Illinois is one of the most notoriously corrupt states in America, and had serious rot (such as electoral fraud) even before it became a state. Your challenge is to have Illinois be considerably less corrupt than IOTL.