alternate 1960s

  1. QTXAdsy

    The Fingerprints Of Epstein - Yet Another Beatles TL
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    Hello there, it is time to start a new TL of mine. Yes, it is a Beatles TL which is far from the only one but what this is something a little different in which not only Brian Epstein lives but actually has some major changes going forward in ways you probably won't have seen before in which...
  2. Retiarius

    AHC/WI: Estes Kefauver for President in 1960

    Before the 1960 election, the frontrunner was Senator Estes Kefauver, who'd run twice before and been nominated for Vice-President. He had a knack turning the Senate into his own personal soapbox, with the unfortuate side-effect of pissing off everybody else in the room. He was a natural...
  3. SultanArda

    The Alternate Book of 1960s
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    Written by: SultanArda TABLE OF CONTENTS -To Arrest or Not to Arrest -Now What We Do? -Reactions at Home, Reactions in the World -Compromise? -Government of Mind -Deep Discomforts… -Medicine for Illness -Compromises upon Compromises -Chaos, Chaos, Chaos… -Effects of 22 February Events on the...