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alt history

  1. Austro-Hungarian triple monarchy

    How would the situation on the Balkans develop in this AT if by some means (eg. more "liberal" kaisers coming into succession) the Austria-Hungary had added a third royal entity, for Slavic peoples? So we still have Cisleitania and Transleitania, but the disputed territories of Dalmatia and...
  2. Jon Souto


    I'm working in a alt-hist with several PODs, and I need help with them. Some I know what will cause (but not at 100%), and others I don't even know how to cause them. I will post here every POD, one by one. So here I go... SPAIN Joanna I of Castile, forced by her father Ferdinand II of Aragon...
  3. Alienspacebats

    List of Alternate Doge, Stadtholder and Consuls

    List of Alternate Doge, Stadtholder and Consuls This an take place from the Classical era to Early Modern era where you have made lists for anything that is a republic before the era of revolutions. Which that means Switzerland, Netherlands, Athens, Rome, Indian Classical Republics, Italian...
  4. What if 9/11 happened during the Reagan administration?

    So, inspired by a recent thread outlining what if the plane hit its fourth target.... What would happen if 9/11 happened in 1981 during the Reagan administration? I will note I am a layman on this topic, so if there is anything wrong please correct me. How would the Reagan administration...
  5. Steno

    Take a country that historically had no colonies and find a plausible location for it to colonize

    Welcome to my first post on AH.com ever (yay me). You are welcome (and encouraged) to provided valid reason for your nation to have established colonies whereas they didn’t OTL. Cheers
  6. What if the Titanic never sank?

    There is a fan theory about the film Titanic, whereby Jack is a time traveller. It is supposed that Jack saves Rose from suicide so that the ship is not stopped and therefore misses the Iceberg. However why would Jack want the Titanic to sink, what terrible alternate timeline is there that he...
  7. highwayhoss

    Jem: Infinite....AltHistory, meet glamrock.

    Well I'm back. For the past year I have been going through hell: unemployment, living in a homeless shelter, having my laptop AND smartphone stolen, going broke TWICE, three toes amputated at Parkland Hospital due to infection and diabetes.....pure hell. But now having lost weight, getting a...
  8. Baron Steakpuncher

    1066: An age of war (Charlemagne more successful timeline)
    Threadmarks: An Age of War: Iberia

    1066: An age of War As the sun sets on 1065, the world is at an impasse. The great powers of Europe and the Orient eye each other off like fierce lions, circling and growling, beating their chests and looking for any sign that they can punch. While the lesser kings circle around like wolves...
  9. Ace009

    They Fought on the Beaches

    Ladies and gentlemen? In all its glory, here lies the new timeline I had planned to reach from Operation: Sea Lion to the present-day. :evilsmile: Welcome to "They Fought on the Beaches"! NOTE: This is my first timeline outside To The Planets Beyond, so wish me luck, boys and girls...
  10. Alternate Americas (mainly 18th Century)

    I've been writing a timeline that I'm making a story in for a while. The Point of Divergence is that a Mongol ruler who was not Genghis Khan came to power and made many different decisions, such as not conquering the Islamic Caliphate and putting all of their resources from China and Korea into...
  11. Konrad Sartorius

    Who was Securitate Head in 1989

    At the title says: who was the head of the dreaded Securitate (Rumania's secret police) in 1989. I've searched the internet for that piece of data but I've yet to find any data. If you know please let me know. I need to know for a TL that I'm writing.
  12. List of monarchs III

    List of monarchs III Since the last list fell apart and people discussed making a new thread with some formal rules, and no one's updated the list on the last thread, here's the new thread. The rules are simple. 1. Each poster get's one entry per list and must wait for at least one post...