1. The_Russian

    Fate of Alaska with an American Canada?

    So ever since I saw this video: I’ve been wondering what the fate would be of Alaska in a scenario where America owned Canada. Assuming the POD is the War of 1812, does Alaska stay Russian or end up American? If it ends up American how? Through America taking it in the Russian civil war? Or...
  2. The_Persian_Cat

    Alternate buyers of Alaska?

    Hey, all. So as we all know, Alaska was sold to the US by the Russian Empire. It was not viewed as an especially valuable territory, but it was of some strategic importance, and so the Tsar Alexander II sold it to the US in order to make some money after the Crimean War while also denying its...
  3. Count of Crisco

    A History of Alyska to the year 1800.

    Thanks to Covid I have had a lot of free time, and have spent it getting back into writing. Among the various projects I have been working on has been an alternate history setting, the timeline of which will appear here.
  4. brightonskinner

    Greater Cascadia

    "Greater Cascadia," with way more territory than any real Cascadia would realistically be able to acquire. Especially SF.
  5. AHC: Greater Inuit Nation State

    Your challenge should you accept is to create, or discuss a scenario where a Inuit nation state covering Greenland and most of the Canadian Inuit lands. Bonus if you can add Northern Alaska. For my part i think the most likely path is a Danish/Norwegian/Swedish dominated Arctic. Still, i am not...
  6. A History of the Welsh Alaskans: A TLIAW
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    A History of the Welsh in Alaska: A TLIAW Introduction The Welsh Alaskans have shaped our state's history over the last 150 years. 2018 marks the 150th year since Love Jones-Parry and Lewis Jones first landed at Porth Madryn, becoming the first Welshmen to set foot in Alaska. Y Wladfa was...
  7. Electric Monk

    Welcome to the Alaska Caucus! First Presidential Contest in the Union!

    Camelot’s End by Jon Ward So. Let’s say Carter picks a different state. It won’t be Mississippi since that doesn’t help him, IOTL he already made a serious play at Oklahoma to disrupt Fred Harris: that leaves Alaska and Maine, the latter is too close to New Hampshire which is great in...
  8. A Horn of Bronze--The Shaping of Fusania and Beyond
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    -Prologue- Eishou-ji (永勝寺), Ishikari Province, 1498 Is this where he lives, Jikken (実顕) thought to himself. The finest and most learned of the Soui [1] is here. Jikken strode the wooden corridors of the temple of Eishouji, glancing eagerly for a sight of him. He had to remind himself he was a...
  9. Višeslav

    Who buys Alaska if not the USA? (Is it guaranteed to be Britain?)

    Simple question. Assuming for whatever reason, the US doesn't buy Alaska from the Russians, who does? I've heard of some weird proposals, like selling it to Liechtenstein, but what is the most likely scenario? Is it just Britain? Are there even other plausible options? I expect this thread to...
  10. Vylon Disigma

    Why did Alaska Stay American?

    The question is Ultimately why did Canada become independent of Britain, and territories like Alaska not become independent of the US? Canadian Confederation occurred in 1867, the same year as the Alaska purchase and Nebraska's admittance to the Union. In this way it seems that time since...
  11. The status of Alaska without major military installations in the territory

    What if the us government never had the need to place military installations in Alaska, for example if ww2 and the cold war never happened, what would be the status of Alaska? Would it have become a state anyway?
  12. Alaska: The United States' Little Russia

    Part 1 - The Alaskan Gold Rush of 1867 For most of the 19th century, the Russian Empire had been in decline. An old-fashioned, conservative absolutist monarchy with a vast colonial empire spanning both Europe and Asia, it suffered from political instability, a harsh, repressive government, and...
  13. GameBawesome

    What happens to Russian Alaska in a Confederate Victory?

    Based off my post about American expansion after the civil war, In a alternate scenerio, where the Confederate States of America gains independence, what happens to...
  14. AHC: Make Alaska much more ethnically Russian while still having it become an American state

    So, this AHC is pretty simple: make Alaska stay largely "Russian" culturally and perhaps even linguistically, while at the same time having it still fall into American hands and becoming an American state (or possibly even several) by 1959. I know this probably isn't very likely, but it's fun...
  15. Kaiser_Jaeger

    Soviet Alaska?

    I am working on a map/TL and I cant decide what to do with Alaska. In the TL, Russia hangs on to alaska and doesn't have to sell it. The two options that I cant decide on are: 1. Russia keeps Alaska as a territory and it eventually becomes independent but still a close ally. 2. The russians...
  16. Incanian

    Russia Repurchases Alaska

    With a POD from 1867 to 1914, get Russia to repurchase Alaska from America.
  17. GodzillaFan1992

    WI: Russia sold Alaska to Canada?

    Title pretty much explains it. What if an alternate timeline Russia instead sold Alaska to Canada? How would this effect history as we know it? Discuss.
  18. AHC: Global road connection

    The challenge is to have, by 2018, global connection for roads. This means, at minimum, being able to drive across the Bering Strait and Darien Gap, as well as any other possible bridges you want to add.
  19. AHC: Bering Sea Cold War Hot Spot With US Controlled Alaska.

    How would you make the Bering Sea a Cold War hot spot of with a US controlled Alaska.
  20. SealTheRealDeal

    WI: Nootka Crisis Goes Hot?

    What sort of PoD would be needed to get the Nootka Crisis of 1789-1792 to become a war? Would "simply" changing the French National Assembly's opinion on the crisis be sufficient? Also does anyone know which First Nations traded with which empires? I assume that, given that the North West Coast...