1. How powerful could Pre-Islamic Arabia get?

    After the rise of Islam, Arabia was able to not only go toe-to-toe with two of the most powerful empires of its day, but destroy one and give the other a severe beating. This was an enormously pivotal event in world history, and some historians consider it to have been one of the events that...
  2. AHQ What territories would have The Roman Empire gained after the siege of constantinople in 1453

    I am currently making a map where The Roman Empire lasted until 1507 or longer and i would like to know what territories would the roman empire get after a victory in the siege of Constantinople? Thanks in advance for answering the question. I will also make a new thread about the map and add...
  3. How early could something like fascism develop?

    Fascism is one of the most notorious ideologies to ever exist, to the point that the word "fascist" is used as a pejorative. However, academic Roger Griffin managed to work out a definition of fascism: To put it more simply, fascism is a far-right ideology that is populist, militarist...
  4. KingOnTheEdge

    Battle of Britain If France Fights On?

    Say that the french mainland is still occupied, but the 3rd Republic stays in the fight (maybe they're under a more hawkish leadership). Obviously this doesn't change the ground front, but could the French Airforce be retrieved to Britain or Algiers? What impact could this mean for the Blitz?
  5. KingOnTheEdge

    Could The Entente Win Without America?

    it's often floated as a POD for a central power victory that the us doesn't enter after brest-livtosk. I've used it in some AHCs a few times. But i want to know, should wilson remain isolationist, could the british, french, and Italian forces win the great war? What would this alternative treaty...
  6. What might a 20th century Chinese dynasty look like?

    I've read that for much of the Republic of China's history, starting sometime during the Warlord Era, there were many who wanted to bring about a new dynasty. Of course, there were two attempts at making China a monarchy again, but neither lasted very long. Let's say that someone succeeds at...
  7. KingOnTheEdge

    AHQ Could Prussia Be Convinced To Side With Napoleon?

    OTL, Prussia was key in Napoleon's eventual defeat, and was probably the least great of the european great powers before Napoleon mucked spain up. Given that Napoleon was allied to spain and only moved against them when they sucked as an ally, and had some sort of truce with Austria (given his...
  8. SunKing105

    AHQ: Could Alexander IV and Roxane escape from Cassander?

    After the Second War of the Diadochi ended and Cassander had defeated and killed Olympias and forced Polyperchon out of Macedon, he gained custody over the titular king Alexander IV and his mother Roxane. Cassander kept them in a citadel in Amphipolis under the supervision of Glaucias, a...
  9. SunKing105

    AHQ: Greek Carthage?!

    An interesting idea was bouncing in my head for some time and it makes me wonder, what if Carthage was founded by Greek settlers instead of Phoenician ones? A stronger colonization focus in North Africa is probably needed, but I’m not aware of what POD’s would be needed to achieve this? Is this...
  10. SunKing105

    AHQ: How would the collapse of the Achaemenid Empire play out without Alexander?

    So let’s say that Alexander either never exists or never conquers the Achaemenid Empire. Maybe he dies at the Granicus River, or gets hit by a stray sling bullet at Gaza. Either way, the Achaemenid Empire survives intact. However, the Achaemenids had to deal with jealous satraps, disloyal...
  11. SunKing105

    AHQ: Hannibal bypassing the Alps

    So in 218 BC, the Second Punic War started after Rome allied with Saguntum, in violation of the treaty with Carthage that Rome was to remain north of the Ebro river, and Hannibal besieged and took the city. He continued, eventually crossing the Alps, where he lost much of his army and his...
  12. 19th century fascism?

    Since fascism is widely (and rightly) considered to be one of the most despicable ideologies in history, there's been a lot of discussion of its history and ideological underpinnings. While fascism proper got its start in World War I, its has its ideological roots in the fin de siècle movement...
  13. How would other minority groups fare in a victorious CSA?

    I think it goes without saying that a Confederate victory in the ACW would be very bad for Southern African-Americans. Slavery would most likely continue for at least a few decades. But what about other minority groups in the South? What would things be like for them?
  14. No Bantu expansion, who else could fill the role?

    Let's say that, for whatever reason, the Bantu expansion never happens. Are there any other peoples that could do what they did?
  15. Great Britain wins the ARW, how bad are the reprisals?

    Let's say the American Revolutionary War (or whatever it would be called in a hypothetical ATL) ended in a British victory. How bad would the reprisals get, and how much misery in the Thirteen Colonies would there be?
  16. German Unification: How early could it have happened?

    What's the earliest that German unification could have happened?
  17. With no Chandragupta Maurya, how long does the Nanda Empire last?

    Much is uncertain about Chandragupta Maurya (his ancestry, his early life, whether he really did abdicate his throne to become a Jain ascetic, etc.), but there are some things we know about him for certain. One of those certainties is that he conquered the Nanda Empire and replaced it with the...
  18. How early could the German Empire rise?

    How soon after the 1805 dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire could some variant of the German Empire be founded?
  19. Who else could conquer China in the 17th century?

    Are there any groups other than the Manchu that could've defeated the Ming dynasty in the 17th century and conquered China?
  20. Would the ancient Mediterranean have liked tomatoes?

    Much like potatoes in Northern Europe, tomatoes are such a staple of Mediterranean cuisine that it's easy to forget they only started eating them after the Columbian exchange. Up until very late 15th century - at the absolute earliest - there were no tomatoes in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece...