1. the Imperium of Canada

    AHC: Break the United Kingdom apart by 1960

    The challenge here is with a divergence post 1900, have the United Kingdom break apart into it's constituent countries by 1960. Bonus points if the break-up is peaceful and not the result of being forcibly broken up after being invaded and occupied or a civil war.
  2. AHC: Make Scottish Cossacks a thing

    Just found this comment in this amazing video. Now, you have to make a slavic or slavic-descended group inhabiting the UK who are effectively scottish cossacks.
  3. Crazymachines

    AHC: have the languages of the balkans look like this by the 13th century

    major differences: 1. Balkan romance speaking majority in OTL bulgaria 1. more Slavic migration into Dacia 3. no saxon german migration into transylvania
  4. AHC: MTV stays focused on music

    Nowadays, a common refrain among Gen-Xers and Millennials is "remember when MTV used to show music videos"? While far from the only network to stray from its original purpose, MTV is right up there with the History Channel when it comes to infamous cases. Your challenge is to keep MTV primarily...
  5. AHC Turn the Suez Canal Region into a British Settler Colony

    As we all know after 1956 the Suez Canal Region was nationalised and became part of Egypt and it stayed Egyptian till today. Your Challenge should you choose to accept it is to find a way to make the Suez Canal Region and Maybe the Sinai Peninsula a British Settler Colony and an Integral Part of...
  6. MegaToon1234

    AHC: Completely Different Super Mario Franchise

    So I thought of an alternate history challenge about a completely different Super Mario franchise. NOTE: Every Super Mario game from 1981 to 1985 will stay the same ITTL. Here are some Points of Divergence to choose from.: Neither The Lost Levels (the Japanese SMB2 IOTL) nor a reskinned Doki...
  7. AHC: End a TV show better

    There are countless examples of TV shows that started out strong, but whose later seasons and/or endings proved very polarizing, or even outright hated. Your challenge is to take one of these shows and improve its later seasons, its ending, or both, whichever applies. Note: This only applies to...
  8. KingOnTheEdge

    AHCWI: Secure The Bulgarian Empire

    The Bulgarian Empire was a major force of southern and eastern europe, but fell into disarray and decline with the mongols and other invasions. It made recovery- albeit as a heavily decentralized state- in the 1300s... before being conquered by the ottomans in 1396. Your goal is simple: secure...
  9. pattontank12

    AHC: A Cassette Futurist Late 20th Century?

    From the period of 1979 all the way up to 2000 science fiction authors, directors and artists envisioned a future both familiar yet alien to us. With such films as Alien, Blade Runner and even Ghost in the Shell describing a future of advance genetic engineering, cybernetics that bridge the gap...
  10. Create an ATL Museum

    This may seem random, but thanks to both my love for things from dinosaurs to Atlas Obscura, I'm interested in museums, ranging from small local museums to the big metropolitan ones. So, the goal is to make up a museum. it can be one for an ATL municipality, or for an ATL subject, whether human...
  11. AHC: Invert the reputations of Danton and Robespierre

    The French Revolution was a pivotal event in history, and not surprisingly, many of its major figures have had their reputations enter the public consciousness. Georges Danton is often portrayed as a flawed but generally reasonable reformer. Maximilien Robespierre, on the other hand, tends to be...
  12. Crazymachines

    AHC: reverse the fates of Germany and the United States

    In otl the usa is a interventionist superpower with global influence, a less than thriving democracy, and decent racial tensions, while germany is a non interventionist welfare nation with superb civil rights, a very healthy (for now) democratic process, and some serious mass genocide in the...
  13. HammerofWar

    AHC: Ruin the World Economy Post-WWI

    My challenge to you is with a POD after the fall of France, make the war so terrible that the World economy is ruined for everyone.
  14. HammerofWar

    AHC: Assassination of Pope Alexander VI

    Alright, from a recent book I've been reading, Pope Alexander VI wasn't exactly what you're looking for in a Pope today. He and the Borgia family had a stranglehold on the Catholic hierarchy and he wasn't above committing or allowing whatever sin he so chose. My challenge to you is, with a POD...
  15. AHC: Greek/Byzantine Colony in Brazil

    You're challenge is to keep the Byzantine Empire alive well into the Age of Discovery and have it colonize a part of Brazil. Where in Brazil would the Byzantine Empire colonize? What would it be called? How would culture develop there?
  16. AHC: Take a bad game and make it better

    There are many games that have become infamous for being bad, or even outright terrible. Superman 64, Daikatana, Bubsy 3D, Drake of the 99 Dragons, Ride to Hell: Retribution, all these games and many more have become veritable bywords for cartridges and discs that deserve to be buried in the...
  17. AHC: Eastern Christian Iran

    I was reading about the Safavid Era conversion of Iran to Shia Islam, and my first thought was to try and come up with a wild alt-hist where something similar happened there but with a form of Christianity instead. To my understanding, before Ismali I, what is now Iran was mostly Sunni, and...
  18. Whiteshore

    AHC: Have Christianity have the geographic range of Islam

    With a POD after the crucifixion of Christ, come up with a scenario where Christianity has more or less the same geographic distribution as Islam does IOTL. Bonus points if you come up with a scenario where "Christendom" is roughly along the same geographic lines as OTL's Islamic World while...
  19. AHC:Prevent Napoleon's rise to power without killing him

    With an POD of the year 1776,your challenge is to prevent him to become the leader of France,you are allowed using any methods except killing him or putting him in coma.You are not allowed to bring modern technology.
  20. SunKing105

    AHC: Reverse the tech disparity between the New and Old Worlds

    Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to reverse the technological disparities between the New World and Old Worlds, so that civilizations in the New World are at or similiar to OTL 1492 Europe tech level, while civilizations in the Old World are at a Neolithic or at most Late Bronze...