after 1900s

  1. Mister devilfinger

    WI: James Dean had survived of that Car crash in 1955 and he decided to run for President?

  2. (Philippines recognized by usa 1899). Antonio Luna Launches a Failed Coup to Oust Aguinaldo in 1901 which resulted in a civil war. What happens next

    Well you read the thread so what will happen if that happens. You cant just say germany japan or any GP getting it. remember the Philippines has it's independence protected by the usa. Foreign powers can only aid both sides. Civil war starts at 1901. You can use edited maps and other graphics to...
  3. KingOnTheEdge

    DBWI: What If Disney Survived The 2000s?

    OTL, Disney had a terrible nineties and even worse 2000s, with their failures to buy Pixar and constant commercial failures, the house of mouse finally went under in 2010. The parks were sold off to various other companies back in 2008, but the influx of cash just wasn't able to turn back into...