1. Post Colonial Studies Discussion : What Could Have Happened?

    I thought this would never happen, but one of my teachers actually brought up alternate history into the lesson, which is why I am starting this thread. I want to know your opinion on several PODs (how to make them happen, how likely it is for them to happen, what are the consequences) to make...
  2. 1944 The Deaths of Gandhi & Sukarno

    So, I was interested in Death in Tehran by @Thanosaekk and I thought to do something similar somewhat but considering I know crap about India and Indonesia I want to have a discussion, maybe have a collective work put together. I had planned to visit both India (Goa and Amritsar) and Indonesia...
  3. Odinson

    Affects of a New World Songhai Empire?

    What if: The Songhai empire manages to completely subue and conquer the Jolof Empire, resulting in the empire having much more access to the Atlantic ocean. During the Hajj pilgrimage, more advanced ship designs are brought to the empire. For the sake of the aregument, lets assume that Sonhai...
  4. WI: North African Roman Empire/Southern Roman Empire

    In 395 AD, the Roman Empire split up for good due to the death of Theodosius I. It divided into the Western Roman Empire and the Eastern Roman Empire (a.k.a. Byzantine Empire.) What if there was another Roman Empire based in North Africa? What would it be called? What would its capital be? How...
  5. Ebanu8

    Light of Africa - a Jewish Ethiopia TL
    Threadmarks: The Penal Colony of Abavalla, Part I

    A/N: Alright guys, as promised, the revived Jewish Ethiopia thread! Hope you guys like it! And as always, do please inform me if there’s any discrepancies in history I made, and I’ll edit them when I can. “To simply point out the sins of the people is to invite anger and condemnation, and...
  6. Hindustani Person

    Nazi plans for Africa

    Assuming that the Reich won the Second World War, and somehow managed to reconquer their former colonies in Africa, what woud they do with them? What plans did they have for the region, and who did they think were capable of ruling it?
  7. Kerguelen

    Mass Irish Emmigration To Africa?

    After reading about the history of the Afrikaners and the Great Irish Famine, I've started to wonder: what if the British began encouraging Irish immigration to their African colonies? The Irish diaspora caused by the potato famine is well known, as starving farmers traveled from Boston to...
  8. Yanranay

    African Resources Thread
    Threadmarks: Index

    If you have ever done any research into African history I'm sure you have quickly come to realize how frustratingly hard it is to find good maps, if any at all. Maps are often hidden in academic articles, ancient blogs or buried in archives and it is a very time consuming process to find them...
  9. The Militant Doberman

    AHC: Kingdom of Greece joins the Scramble for Africa (EDIT: fixed error in thread title)

    As the title says. How could it happen? What lands could Greece claim (or maybe buy from other powers)? How do you think the Greek colonial administration would look like compared to the other European powers of the day?
  10. British Biscuit

    WI: Portugal wins the Colonial War?

    Despite facing backlash and criticism both at home and abroad over the wars in Angola, Guinea & Mozambique, the Portuguese Armed Forces were reported to have been rather successful on the battlefield in at least 2 out of the 3 theaters...
  11. Hawkeye

    Challenge: Egypt a great power without Ali Pasha

    With a PoD after 1750, could Egypt have became an independent great power on the scale of Japan even without the modernizing efforts of Ali Pasha?
  12. Etruscan-enthusiast35

    Best Location's for Sub-Saharan African Empires

    As the title asks, would would be some good locations in the African continent for a tribe or ambitious warlord, or foreign person with a lot of ambition to successfully build itself an empire, or something empire-like in its scope.
  13. Furthest European advance into Africa without medicine

    Supposing European militaries are almighty and the African geopolitical landscape is hopelessly fragmented. I'm imagining a no industrial revolution scenario, hence why the pre-1900 category.
  14. Reducing Liberia’s Colonial Death Rate This study is one of many that underscores the point that Liberian settlers experienced a devastating death rate due to tropical diseases. The mortality rate was extremely high, and made it so that the...
  15. African War In 1905?

    WI the first Moroccan crisis had led to war?
  16. AHC: Monarchical Africa

    As it sais on the title, make that at least 90% of all nations in Africa have some sort of monarchy as their form of government instead of the modern 3 official and dozens of subnational monarchies
  17. Tribute of Angels - A 19th century timeline
    Threadmarks: Mexican Cession

    Idea I've had for a timeline with a pod of 1848 with possible some minor pods before then. Feel free to comment and offer criticism on the timeline. Thank you. Mexican Cession The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ended the Mexican-American war on February 2, 1848. The treaty would see the United...
  18. AHC/WI: Greater Asian colonial migration into Africa.

    So usually discussions on here around immigration and Africa, the discussion revolves around Europeans migrating into Africa in larger numbers. However less talked about is the movement of Asians into Africa during the colonial period. The point of this thread is to discuss how more of this...
  19. Economy of South Africa without Apartheid

    Right now, South Africa has a pretty good economy for Africa. Its characterized by a fairly high GDP per capita (about $13k) which is good for a country with a population of its size in Africa (compared to other countries like Kenya, Nigeria etc.). It also has the second largest economy in...
  20. AHC/WI: Wealthy middle eastern style oil states more widespread.

    So in much of the middle east of OTL, we see a a pattern of countries striking liquid gold and discovering huge oil reserves in their borders. They then use this oil wealth to become wealthy countries, and in many cases diversify their economy by investing in trade, finance and tourism. This...