1. Amadeus

    DBWI: Bush Wins in 2004

    John Kerry won the 2004 election in a narrow race against President George W. Bush. The election was decided by the state of Ohio, which went for Kerry by less than 1%. What if Bush had carried Ohio and won a second term in 2004?
  2. Amadeus

    WI: Gore Runs in 2004

    In the lead up to the 2004 election, Al Gore was widely expected to run for President once again. But he declined. What if Gore had run?
  3. ChadMachine999

    How would a PDPA victory in Afghanistan affect the rest of the world?

    Let’s say the pro-Soviet Communist Government of the PDPA wins the war with the Mujahideen and gains complete control of Afghanistan. This victory can be either lead by Moderate of Radical factions. How would a PDPA victory in Afghanistan affect the rest of the world. IOTL the Taliban eventually...
  4. baliebox4916

    what if 9/11 Never Happened (Redux)

    Reposing this Because of an Issue i Had Causing the Board to be Locked Basically What if Mohammed Atta Was Stopped on 9/11 and the War on Terror Never Happened, Would the World Actually Be Like they Predicted the future in the 90s What do You Guys Think
  5. Amadeus

    2004 GOP Primaries if Gore Had Beaten Bush

    The POD is Gore picks Florida Senator Bob Graham as his running mate instead of Joe Lieberman, and Graham's presence on the ticket allows Gore to win a clear majority in Florida and therefore the election. Flash forward to 2004. Gore is running for re-election and the Republicans are eager to...
  6. baliebox4916

    My Alternate Utopia for My Anime/Manga/JRPG im Making

    Heres an Alternate History Scenario i Created out of the 8 Years of Research for an Anime im Making in the Future (its inspired by series like fringe but more utopian and the first run of futurama hope you like it) 1920s Walt Disney in the 1920s Agrees with Charles Mints to Work for Universal...
  7. SealTheRealDeal

    WI: "No one" did 9/11?

    For what ever reason Germanwings Flight 9525 came to mind today, and I got an idea. What if a few particularly depressed pilots agreed to a particularly destructive suicide pact?* How does this affect domestic perceptions of mental health? Is there a spike in discrimination based on mental...
  8. A more insidious 9/11

    This is gonna be grim, so just a heads up. I had this idea as a teenager at the time of the attacks. As horrific as they were, they were especially bad for urban Americans. For weeks after, any time I crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, or walked around the Financial District, I imagined hearing...
  9. Bomster

    WI: Bush gets Gored in 2000

    In 2000 George W. Bush defeated Al Gore by an extremely small margin of 537 votes in the state of Florida, putting him over the top with 271 electoral votes. Because of this, and also because Gore had won the popular vote, many felt that Bush had stolen the election. But what if Gore had won...
  10. WI: United 93 survives?

    This is a pretty simple scenario: what if one of the passengers aboard United 93 had been a pilot, and had been able to land the plane safely after the passengers retook the plane, rather than simply crashing it into a field? Scenario: after retaking the plane, the pilot-passenger gets on the...
  11. Whiteshore

    WI: 9/11 carried out by far-left extremists

    Instead of Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda carrying out 9/11, it is far-left extremists (either communists or anarchists would do) who carry out 9/11 (or a roughly similar attack) against the "symbols of capitalism"? What is the impact of such an attack being carried out by far-left extremists...
  12. Amadeus

    What if Jeb Bush, not George W., Had Been President During 9/11?

    In 1994, it was expected that the Bush's favored son Jeb would take up the family's leadership mantle and be elected Governor of Florida. George W., on the other hand, was expected to lose his race for Governor of Texas. But in an upset, George won while Jeb lost. What if the outcomes of these...
  13. Nightingale

    Another 9/11 question: Would the Twin Towers have survived if they were built like the Empire State?

    As the title says (please bear with the second 9/11 question I made in less than five days). They say the Empire State Building was built as one big rock in Midtown Manhattan, and that had the WTC towers been built like the ESB, they wouldn't have collapsed. Thoughts?
  14. Nightingale

    What if it was heavily raining in NYC during 9/11? Will the Towers collapse?

    Let's say the hijackers still see the Twin Towers through the lower visibility and crash the planes into the towers. If it was heavily raining in New York on 9/11, will the rains be able to help in extinguishing the fires that resulted from the impacts and prevent the heat-induced structural...
  15. Calcaterra

    What would the NYC Skyline look like today if the towers never fell?

    Can anyone create an image of the NYC skyline in 2018 if 9/11 never happened? I'm just struggling to think of what the skyline would be like with the two colossal buildings still there.
  16. Amadeus

    George W. Bush's Presidency Without 9/11

    If 9/11 had never happened (let's say that the perpetrators are caught in Boston on September 11) how would Bush's presidency have panned out? Would he continue to focus more on domestic issues than foreign affairs? Would he still try to invade Iraq? Would Gore try for a rematch in 2004? Would...
  17. Amadeus

    WI: Carter Doesn't Aid the Mujahedeen

    In the late 1970's, the Carter administration gave covert military aid and arms to the Afghan mujahedeen to support it's fight against Communism. What if Carter decided not to aid the Mujahedeen - which later morphed into the Taliban? How would Afghanistan and the Cold War turn out differently...
  18. Amadeus

    AHC: Democratic 2000's

    When discussing a scenario where the Democrats are in power in the early 2000's, the emphasis seems to be placed on Gore beating Bush in 2000. However there's no guarantee that Gore would even make it beyond one term. A Republican could just as well win in 2004, and make the same choices as Bush...
  19. dw93

    The Towers Still Stand: An Alternate take on Early 21st Century America (A Collaborative TL)

    So after over two years of trying to continue my original timeline and struggling to do so for various reasons, I've decided to turn "The Towers Still Stand" into a collaborative TL for the sake of keeping a good piece of Alternate History alive. Anyone who is interested in contributing, please...
  20. Sam Biswas

    What would happen if Michèle Flournoy was president of the United States instead of George W. Bush?

    Presume if Michèle Flournoy ran for the oval office and manage to persuade the media and the public interest to vote for him, and after the inauguration, how would it play out differently under a Flournoy administration? Please, just please don't ask me why your thinking she couldn't able to...