5th century

  1. An Expansive Alternate Timeline - The Riotous 5th Century

    Shalom, I would like to share the first stirrings of a new timeline I'm working on. The scope is so unfocused and the divergences so numerous that I've elected to name this timeline "the Riotous 5th century." Right now the starting date for the timeline is 451 AD - the year that Attila, seeing...
  2. GauchoBadger

    WI: Odoacer defeats Theodoric?

    Odoacer was a Germanic born warlord from the 5th century most commonly known for legally felling the Western Roman Empire in 476 by deposing the last Western Emperor, Romulus Augustulus and taking over political control of Italy. Despite the fickle legality and legacy of such deed, Odoacer was a...
  3. GauchoBadger

    WI: Constantius III lives longer

    What if Roman emperor Constantius III had lived beyond 421 AD, and managed to be recognized as emperor of both West and East? How much of the barbarian invasions could he stave off? Could Genseric's rise as warlord in North Africa be avoided? Would Constantius attempt to re-garrison Britain...
  4. Whiteshore

    AHC: Reverse the fates of the Roman Empires

    With a POD after 395, create a scenario where the Western Roman Empire largely weathers the 5th century while the Eastern Roman Empire falls in the 5th century. What PODs could reverse the fates of the two Roman Empires? What would the impact of a "reverse Fall of Rome" so to speak would be?
  5. AHC: After 400 AD, a Roman Emperor holds at least 4 Magister Militum titles and 1 Praetorian Prefect

    With a POD in 400 AD or later, have a reigning Roman Emperor hold at least 4 magister militum positions, at least 1 praetorian prefecture, and as many other high-ranking Roman titles as possible. How does this change the power of the emperor title and his relation with nobles, the military, and...
  6. In Britannia Salutem
    Threadmarks: 452 AD

    An Alternate Night of the Long Knives No, not that one! This is the one that has gone down in infamy in British (NOT English) folklore. I wondered what would happen if Vortigern was not a complete idiot (just one most of the time) and showed a touch of the Vitali (sorry Cymraeg:eek:) Also...