1. kasumigenx

    No Diversion 4th Crusade Timeline
    Threadmarks: Constance of Brittany and Arthur I of Brittany

    On June 1199, Eleanor of Brittany was betrothed to Louis VIII which meant that there would be an alliance between the Bretons and the French, and Constance of Brittany would allow the Archbishopric of Dol to be Subordinated to the Metropolitan of Dol. -Constance of Brittany, Freepedia Eleanor...
  2. Tomislav Addai

    Deus Vulted it Different: A real fourth Crusade

    Chapter I: A triumph on the Nile. The Crusader forces were composed of the men from Montferrat, Blois, Champagne, Burgundy and Flanders. The majority rallied at Venice, aiming to land in Egypt and gain a foothold there. However, the Venetian Doge was jealous of Rhomaic wealth and had a long...