1. HaroldGodwinson

    President Herman Cain

    In tribute to the passing of Herman Cain, I present this story of how Herman Cain might have become America's 1st Black President. POD: Herman Cain is persuaded to run for Senate in Nebraska in 1996. 1995: Herman Cain announces his candidacy for U.S. Senate in Nebraska. 1996: Cain narrowly...
  2. WI: Jesse Ventura runs in 2000

    What if incumbent governor Jesse Ventura ran in 2000 as Reform party nominee? Now we know in our timeline was that Ventura unexpectedly won the 1998 Minnesota governors race on a third party ticket which was very unusual at that time and still is. He was the most highest elected official to the...
  3. If a communist revolution were to take place in the United States, what’d be the international and domestic consequences?

    I’m interested in both scenarios for 2000 and modern day- also just a disclaimer, I’m not asking for the plausibility of such an event, I’m asking if such an event were to occur, what would its consequences be (international panic, civil war, etc)- but if you wanna add some headcanon as to how...
  4. Vidal

    Simba Roars
    Threadmarks: I am Simba, Hear me Roar

    I Am Simba, Hear Me Roar BY MAX RUSH || AUGUST 2000 Senator John McCain officially became the Republican nominee for President of the United States at the party’s national convention last week in Philadelphia. Just seven months ago, members of the Republican Party establishment and the news...
  5. Accountability: The Fall of Bill Clinton
    Threadmarks: Ch. 1: White House, January 25, 1998

    Accountability: The Fall of Bill Clinton January 25, 1998 It was going to be a relatively nice day, the high near 45. Sunday traffic was lighter in D.C., not that it mattered for the President’s motorcade. But despite having the ultimate right of way, it was still a few minutes behind...
  6. AHC: Make the USA as unstable as possible by 2000 without collapsing

    Okay, so your goal here is to create as much instability and political tension as possible by the year 2000 in the USA without having it collapse or become more stable. Think Wiemar Germany pre-Hitler or something. This is just for fun. Don't know why I posted it, really.
  7. The_Russian

    DBWI: Trump not elected in 2000?

    What if Donald Trump didn’t win the 2000 election? It was a major victory for the reform party, and certainly affected politics afterwards. The reform party won many senate and house seats soon after, but there was still no-partisanship. What if Gore or Bush won instead? How might the US be...
  8. water123

    TLIAD: Ecclesia: An Alternate History of the Modern Gnostic Church

    "There is the Son of Man and there is the son of the Son of Man. The Lord is the Son of Man, and the son of the Son of Man is he who creates through the Son of Man. The Son of Man received from God the capacity to create. He also has the ability to beget. He who has received the ability to...
  9. Chapman

    WI: Bill Clinton Assassinated, 1996?

    In keeping with my morbid fascination regarding Presidential assassinations, I bring you this thread. While President Bill Clinton faced at least 3 other assassination attempts, this one interests me the most. In 1996, during his visit to the APEC Forum in Manila, Clinton narrowly avoided...
  10. Chapman

    AHC: President Herman Cain

    IOTL, Herman Cain ran for President in both the 2000 and 2012 Elections. His campaigns never saw great success, and he withdrew from the Republican primaries in both cases. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to have Cain become President at some point. Whether he wins one of the...
  11. Historyman 14

    Bill Clinton invades Afghanistan: 1999-2000

    The World Trade Center bombing in 1993, the African embassy bombings in 98, and the bombing of the Cole in 2000 collectively gave the USA sufficient causus belli for Bill Clinton to seriously consider ordering the invasion of Afghanistan. At the same time, Clinton had try several times to kill...
  12. The America We Deserve

    The America We Deserve: TRUMP 2000
  13. WI John McCain wins 2000 election

    What if John McCain, not George W Bush, won the Republican nomination in 2000? How could this be done? Probably he wins South Carolina, maybe he successfully pushes back against the smear campaign run against him, but looking at coverage from the time that wasn't seen as a big factor in his...