19th century

  1. Friedrich der Große

    Dutch Empire and the Great War

    Is there a way to make the Dutch Empire stronger / larger but let WW1 still occure as OTL. I was for example thinking about a remaining Dutch Ceylon, but are there more possibilities? Your thoughts?
  2. PrinceTanglemane

    What if the Confederacy captured the White House?

    Many people know that the Confederate States tried to capture Washington D.C or threatened the capital during the battle of Fort Stevens but what if the Confederate States succeeded? What if the Confederate States took over Washington D.C.? But, in this scenario, the Confederates still lost...
  3. Basileus_Komnenos

    Society and Politics in Britain where There’s No Great Reform Act

    How would society and the political situation in Britain during the 19th century evolve in a situation without the Great Reform Act being passed? Would it be affected by Revolutionary movements in 1848? How would this affect the Chartists? In otl they planned on marching in a large protest...
  4. GameBawesome

    Frederick III lives for another 20 years

    Frederick III of Prussia became German Emperor in 1888, ruling for 99 days before dying. He was the son of Wilhelm I of Prussia, and father to Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany. Frederick III was quite liberal minded, having close ties to Britain, professed a hatred of warfare in Prussia of all...
  5. Friedrich der Große

    Colonial pursuits of a Carlist Spain

    What if the Carlists won the First Carlist War (1833-1839) and Prince Carlos became king Carlos V. What would be the colonial consequences of this? Will Spain be more involved in the Scramble for Africa or in Asia or will they do more in the New World with Mexico or something? And thus: will...
  6. Friedrich der Große

    Power of The Netherlands with a bigger empire?

    As you all probably noticed, I am really really interested in Dutch history and I am full of ideas for alternate histories about this. Besides, I’m also going to study history on the university. Currently I am working on a United Kingdom of the Netherlands timeline, but I have a new question...
  7. Friedrich der Große

    Wij Willen Willem: A United Netherlands Timeline
    Threadmarks: Chapter I: TL until 1867

    Okay so we had some discussions on this forum about a surviving United Kingdom of the Netherlands, now I want to post the first part of the TL. This goes to 1867. Later I will post some maps and then continue the TL. 1815 -The Congress of Vienna redraws the borders in Europe, with his defeat at...
  8. WI: The Federalists become dominant in the early US?

    Hi everyone, I've been thinking recently about the first party system in the United States. The big government and industrial Federalist Party of Alexander Hamilton faced off against the small government and agrarian Republican or Democratic-Republican Party of Thomas Jefferson. In our...
  9. Friedrich der Große

    Position of the Northern Netherlands in a United Kingdom

    So let’s assume the United Kingdom of the Netherlands stays alive after 1830 because riots are ended quick in august/september 1830 so a wider revolution doesn’t occure. I think it is inevitable that the balance of power will shift to the Southern Netherlands. but then my question is: what will...
  10. Friedrich der Große

    Alternate Africa and Congo 1884-1885

    Let’s assume The Netherlands and Belgium remained 1 country after 1830. How would this effect Africa? Would there still be a Colonial Conference of Berlin in 1884-1885, and if yes how would Africa be divided? And what effects would this have on Europe?
  11. Friedrich der Große

    Dutch Ceylon into the modern days

    Okay, so meanwhile I asked MANY, MANY, MANY question about Dutch history. I am already bush with my TL called Oranje Boven which I will continue later, but I want to make a smaller TL like a kind of pause in this. A TL in a chronologic form in which I write which happens per year, possibly with...
  12. WI: British Mediterranean Empire?

    What if Britain had formed a Mediterranean Empire as close to the borders of the Roman Empire or Ottoman Empire as possible? Or even the Macedonian Empire. Britain already had bases such as Gibraltar, Malta, Cyprus, and once had Minorca. Ionian Islands were also a protectorate. Egypt...
  13. Friedrich der Große

    More Uit De Blauwe South Africa

    So I found this timeline: https://www.alternatehistory.com/forum/threads/uit-de-blauwe-a-european-south-africa.399045/ And a continuation of it: https://www.alternatehistory.com/forum/threads/uit-de-blauwe-a-european-south-africa-salvage-and-continuation.414837/ So maybe I want to continue...
  14. Friedrich der Große

    If Cape Colony remains Dutch, would WW1 still happen?

    If The Netherlands manage to keep the Cape Colony in a 1815-POD, will World War I still happen?
  15. Friedrich der Große

    Greater Dutch colonial empire

    So what if in 1814/1815, the Netherlands never got Belgium and Luxembourg, but instead Austria gets back the Austrian Netherlands. This would mean that the Netherlands would get back all their pre-Napoleonic colonies. So what would happen next with The Netherlands and their colonial empire...
  16. Bunnyrich

    High On The Mountaintop-A divergent Mormon Church
    Threadmarks: Table of Contents

    High On The Mountaintop (source https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/antique-beehive-church-stained-glass-1916530620) Formatting Shamelessly Stolen from KingSweden24's Cinco de Mayo Collaboration with @Tyche Table of Contents Section 1: Come Come Ye Saints (1837- )
  17. Friedrich der Große

    World War I without Wilhelm II

    If somehow Kaiser Wilhelm II would have not reigned over Germany, would World War I still happen? I read somewhere that WW1 was not the result of Wilhelm II’s reign, but the result of the German army and Prussian elite having very much influence on there politics. So basically: a modern country...
  18. Friedrich der Große

    Dutch and German POD

    I am searching for a POD in which The Netherlands stays a middle-great colonial empire, but WW1 still happen and ends in a German victory. Is this somehow possible, and if yes, how?
  19. Friedrich der Große

    Could the Netherlands get German territories in 1815?

    Was it possible for the Netherlands to get German territories in 1815 during the Congress of Vienna? Originally, the Dutch king William I called for the addition of the Rhineland to his kingdom too, but I also remember a version in which the Netherlands gets East Frisia and Cleves and has to...
  20. Friedrich der Große

    The Boer Wars, an alternate history

    I’m thinking about a scenario in which the Belgian Revolution never happened. But I was thinking: what will happen to the Boers, the Great Trek and the Boer Wars if this occured. With a Belgian Revolution which never happens, the United Kingdom of the Netherlands stays alive and become a...