1. What If Poland Annexed Kaliningrad In The Late-1990's?

    If the Kaliningradians are annexed, the Kaliningradians will have to move out. The Kaliningradians may move out or remain and be integrated into the country of the future. The future Poland would not lose the shipyards or naval facilities. Russia has the shipyards and facilities, so it will...
  2. What if Pinochet Was Elected Into Presidency?

    To start with, the story of Chile’s recovery and transition from dictatorship to democracy would have been very different. Pinochet’s election to the presidency in 1980 could have been viewed as a liberalization and democratization that could have transformed Chile. Instead, a more-authoritarian...
  3. For a Better America
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    For a Better America 1996 Republican National Convention ----------------------------------------------------------------- Point of Divergence When the previous fiscal year ended on September 30, 1995, the Democratic president and the Republican-controlled Congress had not passed a budget. A...
  4. सार्थक (Sārthākā)

    Russia Resurgent: REDUX
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: The Fall of An Empire

    Chapter 1: The Fall of An Empire *** Chapter 8 of Last Empire of Europe: The Soviet Union by Alexei Trymoshenko “The reporters and officials of Moscow gathered at Vnukovo airport after the end of the August Coup in the early hours of August 22 to welcome the president on his return from his...
  5. ImperialxWarlord

    Foreign policy changes after a Bush win in ‘92

    So over the last few hours I’ve read a few threads about how a Bush victory in ‘92 affects future elections, the economy, pop culture, and the wars in the Middle East. But very little seem to touch on the foreign policy of his second term. For example what will he do in say...Somalia or Rwanda...
  6. सार्थक (Sārthākā)

    Russia Resurgent - A TL
    Threadmarks: A Different President.

    Russia Resurgent Chapter 1: 1996 Russian Elections Russia and the World held their breath as on 3rd July, the results of the 1996 elections came in. Many people today even wonder why Yeltsin even tried. Under him Russia had become the butt of all Western Country’s jokes and corruption, crime...
  7. WI: Yeltsin becomes president of USSR

    What is a realistic chance if Yeltsin became the president of USSR replacing Gorbachev and implementing disastrous reforms for the whole country as it happened OTL? Keep in mind, a lot of Soviet citizens at that time were against the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union may have...
  8. WI Clinton Impeachment Succeeds (Removed or Resigned)

    Figured this was timely moment to review this potential PoD. Some choice comments from last discussion:
  9. Make Ross Perot be Bush's running mate

    I know that Ross Perot was different candidate compared to Clinton or Bush in '92 election and his voters were most likely to vote for Clinton as they were to Bush. But what is most realistic way can we have H.W. Bush replacing Dan Quayle with Ross Perot as V.P. around May-June 1992 when Perot...
  10. How could Democracy survive in Russia

    What if question since it did not happen in real life. What would have to take place for Democracy to survive in Russia 1992 to present? Has to be after the collapse of the USSR in 1991. Any ideas?
  11. DBWI: Joel Schumacher doesn't direct Captain America

    1990's Captain America, directed by Joel Schumacher and written by Stan Hey, is certainly one of Marvel's classics, if not a pretty good, fun predecessor to the MCMU [1]. Arnold Schwarzenegger was a brilliant actor for Cap, accent or not, and it even inspired the film's iconic subplot of...
  12. THeaven

    Superman Lives

    After nearly a Decade since directing Batman and Batman Returns Tim Burton went back to the superhero genre with Superman Lives, bringing back the iconic Superman back to theaters since 1987 Coming to mixed to positive reviews
  13. Amadeus

    WI: Clinton '88

    In 1988, Bill Clinton came close to declaring a run for President but he backed out at the last minute. What if Clinton had instead decided to run? Could he have won the Democratic nomination? If so, how would he have done against Bush? If not, how would Clinton's decision impact 1992? EDIT...
  14. The Gamer Sunflower

    WI: Nintendo Enters PC Gaming in 1990?

    Okay, I first saw this: https://www.alternatehistory.com/forum/threads/koopas-and-keyboards-nintendo-enters-pc-gaming.271798/ and i thought it was interesting. I Wonder what happened if ID Software approached Nintendo in 1990 about Super Mario Bros. 3 on PC but then Nintendo declined in our...
  15. dw93

    DBWI: George Bush Beats Dukakis in 1988?

    So as we all know, Former Vice President George Bush, who served as Vice President from 1981-1989 has passed away this past Friday. Bush narrowly lost the 1988 Presidential election to then Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis, but what if he managed to defeat Dukakis? How would Bush have...
  16. Mango Soup

    The Graveyard Next Door: The Iranian Invasion of Afghanistan
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    The Graveyard Next Door: The Iranian Invasion of Afghanistan Prologue Flag of the United Islamic Front, known in the west as the Northern Alliance The year 1998 was almost half over, and the decades of turmoil that plagued Afghanistan raged on. Of course, the players had changed since the...
  17. EternalMadness1997

    The SEGA Generation
    Threadmarks: The Sega-Sony Hardware System

    (Wooh, finally got this ready enough to post! Sorry it took so long. This is my timeline about "WI Sega & Sony partnered up", based on what we know about their chance to partner with Sony. Me and Nivek have been working on this for a time behind the scenes, and we estimated the POD but of course...
  18. Blessed Be the Fruit

    (like numerous people I loved Hulu's take on "The Handmaid's Tale." I wanted to see how such a story could actually come about, though. That led to the creation of this thread.)...
  19. Chocolate Raines

    NASCAR: An Alternative History (Dead)
    Threadmarks: PROLOGUE

    This thread will explore an alternative NASCAR universe starting in 1985. This will explore multiple "what if" scenarios and if some drivers never drove in the sport. This thread will be based off of knowledge of NASCAR history and research on YouTube, Wikipedia, and racing-reference.info. This...