1. Alex Timber

    Godspeed, John Glenn
    Threadmarks: Houston, We have Lift Off

    Basic PODs 1. Glenn doesn't injure himself in 1964 and goes on to win the Ohio Senate Election 2. Glenn's speech at the DNC is better received 3. Carter chooses Glenn as his running mate due to the above-mentioned reason 4. The Iran-Contra Affair is much more damaging to Reagan and Bush 5. The...
  2. Time Enough

    Days Like These: A Late 80s Labour Timeline
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    “These are the basic Socialist values and principles – individual liberty, equality, citizenship, the diffusion of power, the importance of collective and social action…these principles may not have the satisfying certainty of Marxist analysis, nor may they constitute quite the same stirring...
  3. shiny-teddiursa

    Teach Your Parents - A Walter Mondale 1984 Timeline
    Threadmarks: INTRODUCTION

    TEACH YOUR PARENTS - A WALTER MONDALE 1984 TIMELINE BASIC PODS: Reagan fires Volcker appoints Greenspan to chair the Federal Reserve in 1980. The economy doesn’t recover like it does OTL, because the Early 1980s recession, having levels of unemployment nationally of 15%, roughly 5% higher...
  4. "The Godfather Part III" with Robert Duvall and Winona Ryder

    While "The Godfather" and "The Godfather Part II" are commonly cited as two of the greatest movies ever made, "The Godfather Part III" is often looked upon as a flawed and disappointing sequel. After putting himself heavily in debt following a series of box office disasters, director Francis...
  5. President King (1981-1989)

    So just an idea I had. What if Martin Luther King Jr survived his assassination in 1968, and against all odds, he becomes both a Democrat and president during the 1980s instead of Reagan?
  6. Imagine a Different 1980s - A Collaborative Pop Culture TL
    Threadmarks: Prologue: A Death in Times Square

    Times Square December 7, 1980 Joey Watts was a man in desperate need of money. A problem gambler, he owed a not insignificant amount of money to the Gambino family. Lately, the Bergin crew, headed by rising star John Gotti, had been getting impatient with his excuses. Not wanting to sleep...
  7. GenerousLizard

    WI: Franz-Josef Strauss becomes Chancellor in 1980

    The German Elections of 1980 were, while not as close as the Election in 1976, one of the more interesting elections in Germany in my eyes. The Coalition between FDP and SDP managed to beat Strauss's CDU by a rather slim margain just for the FDP to break the Coalition in 1982 which led to the...
  8. Stuck 1980s culture

    what will need to happen for the worlds culture to be stuck in the 1980s, Would some technology need to be delayed or just not invented at all like the transistor in the Fallout Series. Would something political have to happen.
  9. Post Communist China after 1989

    WI the student movement in china had succeeded-what might a post-Communist China look like, and who might be in charge?
  10. WI: No Reagan Assassination Attempt

    I've seen several threads talking about what if Reagan had been assassinated on March 30, 1981 - when he came close to death at the hands of John Hinckley. However, a less common point of discussion is what if Hinckley had never tried to kill Reagan to begin with. The POD is Hinckley is arrested...
  11. DBWI: Reagan faces Mondale in 1984

    In 1984, Colorado Senator Gary Hart upset former Vice-President Walter Mondale to become the Democratic nominee for President. Reagan's team had hoped to face Mondale, who performed far worse in public opinion polling than Hart. Nonetheless, Reagan put up a tough fight against Hart - emphasizing...
  12. Red Wave: A World Bathed in Crimson
    Threadmarks: Foreword

    Hello everyone, this is my first TL here, so please go easy on me. Red Wave: A World Bathed in Crimson asks the question, "What if the Soviet Union 'won' the Cold War?" Yes, I am aware that TLs that take place during the Cold War are a bit overdone here, but this period of history is my area...
  13. AHC: Make "Cassette Futurism" real

    Cassette Futurism is an aesthetic where technology marches on from the late 20th century level to things like human space travel to Mars and AIs, however, you still have magnetic tape-based information storage, computers are still similar to the Commodore 64 with flickering monochrome CRT...
  14. Reagan Impeachment

    I know this has been discussed before, but I don't think I've really seen a timeline of what a Reagan impeachment over Iran Contra would have been like. In OTL Reagan acknowledged the scandal. Via the Source of all Knowledge: Reagan expressed regret regarding the situation in a nationally...
  15. Vidal

    Inferno: The 1980s and Beyond

    This timeline reimagines the 1980s, transforming it from the remembered halcyon days to a far more unstable decade. The point of divergence comes in the 1970s, and quickly snowballs into a dramatically altered universe in the next decade. Familiar characters have different roles, unfamiliar...
  16. AHC/WI Japan continues to be the high-tech, futuristic wonderland of the 1980s?

    What if by the 2010s, Japan continues to be a country that seems like to be at least 30 years ahead of the USA and Western Europe in technological development, and also completely free from the West's moral constraints, similar to its 1980s image? By the 2020s, Japan continues to be seen as a...
  17. flippikat

    AHC: Make 1980s music *less* 1980s

    Here's the keys to a time-machine. Your challenge (should you accept it) is to make music in the 1980s less identifiably 1980s - less gated reverb on the drums, less synths, more guitar.. you know the hallmarks. What do you do to change things?
  18. Frank Hart

    DBWI: Pragmatist or Reformist China in 1980s

    So as we know, the Gang of Four seized power in China in 1977, having purged the pragmatists like Hua Guofeng and reformists like Deng Xiaoping and Chen Yun a year earlier. The Cultural Revolution was still ongoing as of 1985, at the brink of the Second Chinese Civil War, and only officially...
  19. Alternate History - TV Pilots vs TV Series reverse of outcome effects.

    Hi everyone, good to meet you all. I'm active on Quora, and there was a recent question posted: In an alternate universe where all the successful 1970s and 1980s TV pilots failed, and the ones that failed instead succeeded, how would this have affected the TV stars' careers? For example...
  20. DBWI: Steven Spielberg Doesn't Direct "Return of the Jedi"

    In 1983, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas released their second film collaboration - "Star Wars: Return of the Jedi." Spielberg was always Lucas' first choice to direct the third Star Wars movie after "Empire" director Irvin Kershner walked away from the franchise. But it almost didn't happen -...