1976 election

  1. unnaturalmilk

    Ford '76 victory impact in the Middle East

    Before Carter won, the US had a mostly anti-communist, pro-Israel militarist view towards the region. Under Carter, however, the view towards the Middle East became more conciliatory, which led to the Camp David Accords. While they were definitely not perfect, those Accords were a step up from...
  2. Humphrey '76

    If I recall, many Democrats were pleading for Humphrey to run in 1976 due to the relatively weak field and the general distrust of Carter with his southern upbringing. While Humphrey did express interest in the idea of being a compromise candidate should the convention deadlock, Humphrey made...
  3. Hulkster'01

    WI: Ford picks Reagan as VP, can he win?

    Just played a game of the new Campaign Trail and picked Reagan as VP for Ford, do you think he could win against Carter and would the electoral map look like the one above? Results from my game Ford - 503 EVS Carter - 35 EVS Pop (Ford) - 44,559,814 Pop (Carter) - 35,175,714
  4. Bomster

    Electoral map in 1976 with Reagan as the GOP Nominee

    Ronald Reagan came so close to securing the Republican nomination in 1976, nearly defeating an incumbent President too, but fell just short because his pick for VP alienated some conservatives. Let's say that Reagan somehow wins the nomination and bests Ford (which I don't believe will require...
  5. Bomster

    The Disputed Election of 1976

    So I thought of an alternate history scenario. Basically, it’s the election of 1976, and on election night President Ford narrowly carries Ohio and Hawaii is too close to call. After an excruciating recount, Ford is affirmed as the winner of Hawaii, giving him the bare minimum expected electoral...
  6. Bomster

    WI: Ford doesn't pardon Nixon

    IOTL, not too long after ascending to the Presidency Gerald Ford decided to pardon Richard Nixon for whatever crimes he had committed in connection to Watergate. While he probably thought that by doing this America could move on from Watergate, all it ended up doing was damage Ford's fledgling...
  7. PNWKing

    Fear, Loathing, and Lobster

    "I, Edmund Muskie, was the victim of Nixonism. I have a path to redemption. I will never make another mistake like letting something like the Canuck Letter happen again. I will not act unemotional and I will not be let down again. I, Edmund Muskie, will be the next President of your United...
  8. Amadeus

    Gerald Ford's Second Term

    The 1976 election was surprisingly close. Despite the poor economy and his unpopular pardon of Nixon, Gerald Ford nearly defeated Jimmy Carter. Had only Wisconsin and Ohio gone Republican, Gerald Ford would've been sworn in to his second term as President on January 20, 1977. Any number of...
  9. Mr_Fanboy

    George Wallace’s legacy if he had been elected POTUS in 1976

    Inasmuch as anybody still talks about George Wallace today, he seems to be almost universally remembered for his staunch defense of segregation and his role in helping the codify the “law and order” playbook in national politics. However, in the later stages of his life, Wallace did try to make...
  10. Enigma-Conundrum

    THE BEATEN PATH: One Bicentennial and Counting
    Threadmarks: FOREWORD, THANKS, & SUCH

    A FOREWORD 1976 was an election of great change. No, seriously. The US had been through one of the greatest nonviolent ordeals in its history. Faith in government itself was shaken, some would argue irreparably. A party was dead for a generation. All because a previously great statesman...
  11. dw93

    If Ford wins in 1976, how much influence do Cheney and Rumsfeld Have in the 2nd term?

    Say Gerald Ford wins in 1976, how much influence do Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney have in the 1977-81 Ford Term? They seemed to have a great deal of influence over Ford, especially in the last two years of Ford's OTL only term and they also had a great deal of influence in the next...
  12. DBWI: Jimmy Carter wins the Democratic nomination in '76?

    What would happen if Jimmy Carter, governor of georgia and dark horse in the 1976 democratic nomination, won instead of Mo Udall? Would the Democrats still win the general, and if so, would it be as close as OTL? Could Carter have won Georgia or the South? What do you guys think? OOC: Mo Udall...
  13. dw93

    DBWI: Nixon picks Gerald Ford to replace Agnew.

    What if Richard Nixon chose then House Minority Leader Gerald Ford to replace disgraced VP Spiro Agnew instead of choosing New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller? How would Ford do as President after Nixon would inevitably resign from office? Who would he pick to be his VP? As we know, Rockefeller...
  14. Amadeus

    AHC: A Democrat Wins Texas After 1976

    Your challenge is to have a Democratic presidential candidate win Texas in the electoral college after 1976, with a POD no earlier than that year.
  15. Electric Monk

    Welcome to the Alaska Caucus! First Presidential Contest in the Union!

    Camelot’s End by Jon Ward So. Let’s say Carter picks a different state. It won’t be Mississippi since that doesn’t help him, IOTL he already made a serious play at Oklahoma to disrupt Fred Harris: that leaves Alaska and Maine, the latter is too close to New Hampshire which is great in...
  16. WI: Governor Eugene McCarthy?

    Eugene McCarthy retired from the U.S. Senate after his unsuccessful 1968 presidential bid. What if he runs for Governor of Minnesota in 1970? Might he win, and be reelected? Could he use the governorship to springboard into a 1976 presidential bid?
  17. Amadeus

    WI: Reagan vs Carter - 1976

    The POD is Reagan narrowly defeats President Ford in the New Hampshire Republican Primary, as he almost did in OTL, and goes on to just barely win the GOP nomination. In the general election he faces Jimmy Carter. But unlike in 1980, Reagan will be running to succeed a Republican President and...
  18. Amadeus

    WI: Jerry Litton Doesn't Die in a Plane Crash

    His name is unknown today. But Jerry Litton was a charismatic Missouri Congressman who was killed in a plane crash after winning the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate. Before Litton's death, Jimmy Carter had said that one day Litton would be President. And many agreed. The POD is Litton...
  19. Enigma-Conundrum

    Changing The Channel - The 1976 Campaign Trail
    Threadmarks: Background

    BACKGROUND THE REPUBLICANS The GOP has controlled the White House since 1968, but its welcome is becoming worn out, especially in the wake of Watergate. No matter who is nominated, they’re going to have a hell of a time retaining the executive branch. Gerald Ford: the incumbent President...
  20. dw93

    The Cause Endures: The Presidency of Edward M. Kennedy

    The Cause Endures: The Presidency of Edward M. Kennedy