1. AH: Cars get airbags much earlier, GM's ACRS system is commercially successful

    Introduction The point of divergence from OTL is late 1973, and this timeline concerns the United States automotive market. For the 1974 model year, General Motors introduced the Air Cushion Restraint System (ACRS) as an option on certain Buick, Oldsmobile, and Cadillac models. ACRS was the...
  2. Nevran

    TLIAW: Who Governs?

    A TLIAW by @Nevran To start, this is, of course, inspired by and shamelessly following all the incredible TLIAW’s and other series that have come before. From @Vidal and @Enigma-Conundrum's What it Took, to @Oliveia and @Enigma-Conundrum ’s Camelot Lost, to @Steve Brinson's Bring Us Together or...
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  4. Brainstorming a TL: No Nixon Pardon
    Threadmarks: 1. POD

    So I'm still nailing down a lot of things, but I have enough that I wanted some feedback. Staring with a plausibility check on the POD itself. POD: The 18.5 minutes of Nixon's Watergate tapes doesn't get erased, and it's damning. In this ATL, it's Nixon and Haldeman discussing the fact that...
  5. WI: Successful Arube uprising

    In 1974, Brigadier Charles Arube led an attempted military coup against the government of Idi Amin. The Arube uprising, as it was later known, was initially successful, capturing much of Kampala. However, Arube was shot dead by Amin shortly after entering Amin's headquarters, causing the...
  6. Emperor Max

    AH Challenge: British Civil War (1974)

    Start a Civil War between the Right and Left just after the 1974 general elections. *Either side can win *Very little foreign intervention
  7. Emperor Max

    AH Challenge: British Civil War in 1974

    Start a Civil War between the Right and Left just after the 1974 general elections. *Either side can win *Very little foreign intervention
  8. Texas Two-Step: Nixon nominates Connally as VP in 1973

    It has been well documented over time how much Richard Milhous Nixon, the unloved, unhappy 37th President of the United States, admired John Connally. Admired? Nay, adored Connally. John Connally was everything Nixon was not, a brash, outspoken, smooth Texas cowboy with cojones that Nixon...
  9. El_Presidente

    Greek and Turkish aims in a 1974 war

    So, if the 1974 Turkish Invasion of Cyprus ended up provoking war between Greece and Turkey (and a war not limited to sea and Cyprus), what would be the aims of each country?
  10. Nixon dies in 1974...could Ford still lose in '76?

    I presented a scenario like this some time ago in my Fringe Alternate Universe TL. Since I'm getting ready to post a revision of that TL, I thought I'd ask this question. If Richard Nixon had chosen to forgo surgery for his phlebitis in October 1974, and if he had subsequently died due to...
  11. Incanian

    Death Before Dishonor Never Retreat Never Surrender.

    Hiroo Onoda was an average Imperial Japanese soldier, sent to defend Lubang Island in the Philippines in 1944, during Japans mission to defend the home islands. Trained in Guerrilla warfare, and intelligence gathering. His commander told him to live off the land and forbade him to not commit...
  12. Chapman

    President Spiro Agnew

    This has been asked a few times before, but let's say Vice President Agnew was never exposed for corruption, and continues to hold his office. Does this impact Watergate at all? Or does it happen basically the same way as it did IOTL? And if Nixon does still resign, would Agnew likely choose...
  13. Ogrebear

    An alternative view of Beatle history

    This show is on BBC Radio 2 tonight, and sound very interesting, so I thought I'd start a thread so we can discuss it. It will be on iPlayer if anyone misses it at 10pm. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08rfqk3
  14. Gorrister

    AH Vignette #6: 'You Get What You Give'

    I'm on a mexican radio I'm on a mexican radio I dial it in and tune the station They talk about the u.s. inflation I understand just a little No comprende--it's a riddle I'm on a mexican radio I'm on a mexican radio -- "My patience is runnin' thin. Get out of my office!" So, that's how he...