1964 election

  1. TheDetailer

    WI: JFK assassinated exactly a year later?

    What if JFK manages to live to see the end of 1963, but exactly an entire year later he still gets assassinated, but this time around on November 22nd, 1964, only a few weeks after the presidential election. How much could’ve changed over that time? Would JFK have won the election before his...
  2. JustStars

    Due Opposition - Capitulation Over Cuba
    Threadmarks: Chapter Null - Intrologue

    “...According to our sources, the Blockade on the Isle of Cuba is at and end. We will bring you more information as it comes in” News Coverage, October 30th “The Cuban Missile Crisis’ resolution precipitated a collapse of confidence that shook the Kennedy administration to its core…” Loch...
  3. It's Raining in Camelot: An Alternate 1964 Wikibox TL
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    It's Raining in Camelot: An Alternate 1964 Wikibox TL By Hydrons "Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names." - John F. Kennedy It was December 1963, and president John F. Kennedy was seemingly on the fast track to an easy re-election. He had garnered a great deal of sympathy after...
  4. Consensus on major events of an 8-year JFK presidency

    I'm no stranger to the fact that there are dozens of threads already in this forum about what would have happened had JFK never been assassinated and served two full terms. But as far as I can tell no one's posted about this topic in *checks notes* several months, so I figured my addition would...
  5. Zyobot

    Which Post-1900 Presidential Candidates Could've Surpassed LBJ's Popular Vote Share?

    Winning in a landslide of 486 electoral votes and 61.1% of the popular vote, President Lyndon Johnson's 1964 victory currently holds the record for the largest share of the popular vote won by a modern president--a tally that narrowly exceeded FDR's 1936 victory over Alf Landon, and was only...
  6. dw93

    How does a Nixon win in 1960 shape the political parties going forward?

    So lets say Nixon beats Kennedy in 1960? What kind of the Party does the Republican Party shape out to be after a Nixon Presidency from 1961-65 or 69? What kind of Democratic Party would emerge as a result?
  7. Amadeus

    DBWI: Rockefeller Gets a Divorce in 1962

    In 1962 Nelson Rockefeller seriously considered divorcing his wife Mary in order to marry Margaretta Fitler. But he was talked out of it by friends and political allies who warned him it could cost him the Presidency. But what if Rockefeller had put love over politics and divorced his wife?
  8. In Your Heart, You Know He's Right: Goldwater's America and Beyond

    IN YOUR HEART, YOU KNOW HE'S RIGHT In Your Guts, You Know He's Nuts. Senator Barry Goldwater, 1964 PROLOGUE Huh, Barry Goldwater 1964. Wait, what? Barry Goldwater? That's not possible. Well, seems like it is, or will be. I don't know how I'm going to do it yet, but I'm going to figure...
  9. Amadeus

    WI: Goldwater Doesn't Run in 1964

    Goldwater was reluctant to run in 1964, but conservatives convinced him to enter the race. While Goldwater upset Rockefeller in the primaries, he lost to LBJ in a landslide. Still, Goldwater's candidacy laid the groundwork for the modern GOP. What might've happened had Goldwater not run in 1964?
  10. Amadeus

    Would JFK Have Dumped LBJ in '64?

    There's speculation that JFK would've jumped LBJ from the 1964 ticket had he lived. But how likely was this, really? Would JFK kept LBJ on board for '64, or ditched him for a new running mate?
  11. Amadeus

    Would the Civil Rights Act Have Been Passed Under JFK?

    I've seen debate over whether or not the Civil Rights Act would have been passed had JFK never been assassinated. Some historians say yes, others (who are more partial to LBJ) say no. But what is more likely? Would the act still have passed had JFK lived?
  12. Amadeus

    AHC: Johnson vs Scranton vs Wallace in '64

    The POD is that neither Goldwater or Rockefeller obtain enough delegates to win the Republican Presidential nomination in 1964. A brokered convention puts forward moderate Pennsylvania Governor William Scranton as a compromise candidate, and he goes on to face President Johnson in November...
  13. Amadeus

    DBWI: Nixon Loses to Pat Brown in 1962

    After losing the 1960 Presidential election, Nixon made a political comeback upon his close election as Governor of California in 1962. Nixon won the state by only .7%, and he very easily could have lost. What if Brown had defeated Nixon? Would Nixon still be able to run for President again? Or...
  14. Amadeus

    American Moderate: What if Lodge Had Run in 1964?

    In 1964, former Vice-Presidential candidate Henry Cabot Lodge stunned the nation when he won the New Hampshire Republican primary as a write-in candidate. For a time, it seemed that if Lodge officially entered the race he could beat Rockefeller and Goldwater in future primaries and clinch the...
  15. Amadeus

    WI: No Goldwater

    Barry Goldwater, the architect of the GOP's turn to the far right, was first elected to the Senate in 1952 by a relatively slim margin. Had 2% been shifted to his opponent, Senate Majority Leader Ernest McFarland, Goldwater would have lost. The next chance he'd have at the Senate is in 1956...
  16. LuckyLuciano

    Collaborative Timeline: The "Bobby problem"

    I would like to see a timeline that has Henry Cabot Lodge actually pursuing the presidency in 1964, leading to him being nominated over Goldwater, and RFK being nominated for vice president as Johnson feels forced to after the nomination of a moderate Republican. This is a possible 1964 election...
  17. DCPritt

    A New Frontier with New Challenges (JFK Survives)

    (CREATOR'S NOTE: This certainly is not a new idea but I want to play this out and take this forward. I plan to be pretty in depth and start with...) CHAPTER ONE - For the Love of Dallas President John F. Kennedy is wanting to seek reelection in 1964 but most of his New Frontier Agenda is...
  18. Mr. Stewrat Goes to Washington (Revamped)

    (Although I was proud of how well my first crack at this timeline did I know that I can do better) November 2, 1957: Actor James "Jimmy" Stewart announces that he will seek the Republican nomination for Governor in the upcoming 1958 California Gubernatorial election...
  19. Emperor Norton I

    WI: President Dean Rusk, After Dallas '63

    I dealt with this in the thread "Post-Kennedy Assassination PODs", and I find it rather interesting. I find the other topics of that thread also interesting, wholly uncovered, and very good as a timeline or story. But I will focus on this one. I will also quote my entry in regards to this topic...
  20. Nightingale

    LBJ/Humphrey 1960: What Happens Then Against Goldwater in 1964?

    If LBJ had gotten the nomination in 1960 and won against Nixon, how would he fare against Goldwater in the 1964 election? AFAIK, Kennedy's assassination boosted LBJ's numbers in 1964 with his "Protect JFK's Legacy" fervor, and their successful portrayal of Goldwater as a right-wing extremist...