1. WI: Everyone Dies at Dallas in '63

    I'm aware that all of this is incredibly unlikely, but I think it makes an interesting scenario, so please, no instant "ASB! ImPoSsIbLe! KYS!" about implausibility. I think it's still an interesting thought experiment, and worth the time to consider. Also, I don't want the thread to be closed...
  2. WI : An Actual War Instead of Just The Lobster War started by a dictatorial France in 1963?

    @CobraFumante @Guilherme Loureiro @Vinization @Gukpard @Merovingian @nagachate I am curious about you guys opinion of this. What if France escalated the war and hostilities were initiated by Paris in 1963 and war erupted between the flawed but still democratic Brazil and a dictatorial France ?
  3. DCPritt

    A New Frontier with New Challenges (JFK Survives)

    (CREATOR'S NOTE: This certainly is not a new idea but I want to play this out and take this forward. I plan to be pretty in depth and start with...) CHAPTER ONE - For the Love of Dallas President John F. Kennedy is wanting to seek reelection in 1964 but most of his New Frontier Agenda is...
  4. Emperor Norton I

    WI: President Dean Rusk, After Dallas '63

    I dealt with this in the thread "Post-Kennedy Assassination PODs", and I find it rather interesting. I find the other topics of that thread also interesting, wholly uncovered, and very good as a timeline or story. But I will focus on this one. I will also quote my entry in regards to this topic...