1. Retiarius

    AHC/WI: Estes Kefauver for President in 1960

    Before the 1960 election, the frontrunner was Senator Estes Kefauver, who'd run twice before and been nominated for Vice-President. He had a knack turning the Senate into his own personal soapbox, with the unfortuate side-effect of pissing off everybody else in the room. He was a natural...
  2. WI: Kennedy/Humphrey In 1960

    What if instead of JFK picking LBJ in 1960 to appeal to the South, he went all in on winning the North and picked Humphrey in 1960? And what if it payed off? John F. Kennedy | Hubert H. Humphrey | 306 EV Richard M. Nixon | Henry C. Lodge Jr. | 181 EV Harry F. Byrd | 49 EV Moreover, because...
  3. WI: Harley Race's In Ring Wrestling Career Ended in 1960?

    Often billed as "The Greatest Wrestler on God's Green Earth" Harley Race is synonymous with professional wrestling and it's territory system during the 1970's. It's hard to imagine modern professional wrestling without him, he even owned the Kansas City Territory as a promoter. This could...
  4. SargentHawk

    A Man Is Finished When He Quits - The Early Presidency of Richard M. Nixon

    A Man Is Finished When He Quits -The Early Presidency of Richard Milhous Nixon-
  5. Red Augustus: the Cultural Revolution as a global revolution

    RED AUGUSTUS: the Cultural Revolution as a global revolution timeline (Painting by Cheng Conglin) Raise high the great red flag of Mao Zedong Thought, unite the Party Central and Chairman Mao, and crush all kinds of restraints and subversive plots of revisionism; to eliminate resolutely...
  6. WI:RFK not AG but instead takes JFK’s Senate seat?

    The idea of RFK as Attorney General was basically only done with Joe Kennedy maneuvering, and congressional leaders not wanting to start off the new administration on the wrong foot. JFK himself was hesitant to the idea, and RFK was only confirmed by a voice vote. New York Times heavily...
  7. WI: Mengele caught along with Eichmann

    What if Eichmann and Mengele had both been captured by the Mossad in 1960? What impact would a "Mengele Trial" have had?
  8. Vidal

    WI: JFK loses his 1952 Senate election?

    JFK won his MA Senate bid by about 70k votes - or three percent. There are a number of PODs that have been suggested to help Lodge: If he'd spent less time getting Ike nominated and more time worrying about his race, if Joe McCarthy agreed to campaign for Lodge and helped with Catholics, JPK's...
  9. WI: JFK assassinated... in 1960

    In 1960, a retired postal worker named Richard Paul Pavlick attempted to assassinate president-elect John F. Kennedy. On December 11, he had an opportunity to blow up Kennedy with a car bomb, but balked because Kennedy's wife and children were nearby. He was arrested before he could try again...
  10. RonaldReagram

    WI Contingent Election in 1960?

    Suppose that the 1960 presidential election goes further down the wire, and the Kennedy-Johnson ticket holds a plurality of the electoral and popular vote, but falls short of the magic number of 268 electors. Harry Byrd and his unpledged electors make known their demands regarding segregation...
  11. Central Powers Victory: 1960s and onward

    Just a little thread for some speculation. We rarely talk about CP victory worlds*, long after history went off the rails. Sure, we can extrapolate what happens in the 20s, 30s and maybe even the 40s but everything beyond that feels really alien to us. OTLs post-war period shaped the world...
  12. Chapman

    WI: Kennedy/Jackson 1960?

    According to Wikipedia (a spotty source at best, but let's roll with it), Henry "Scoop" Jackson was the first choice of then-Presidential candidate John F. Kennedy for VP. Kennedy obviously chose Lyndon B. Johnson instead, out of a belief that a southerner was essential to winning the election...
  13. water123

    TLIAD: Ecclesia: An Alternate History of the Modern Gnostic Church

    "There is the Son of Man and there is the son of the Son of Man. The Lord is the Son of Man, and the son of the Son of Man is he who creates through the Son of Man. The Son of Man received from God the capacity to create. He also has the ability to beget. He who has received the ability to...
  14. John Galt

    The Marigold Era

    Throughout it's history, the United States of America has experienced a number of crises, whole decades have been engulfed by turmoil, world wars, economic depression, and civil strife so great it entraps the entire nation in war and in the end, the Union stands strong through it all. The Union...
  15. WI: Thalidomide approved for use by USDA in 1960

    If this drug had been approved, what is the conservative estimate of the amount of birth defects it would have caused in the US? How long would it likely have taken for Thalidomide to be confirmed as the agent responsible? Politically would there be a bipartisan determination to reform drug...
  16. Oppo

    WI: Adlai Stevenson Skips 1956, Runs In 1960

    A frequently used POD on the forum is WJB not running in 1908 and then becoming the 1912 Democratic nominee (and president). However, I’d like to propose an idea with another multiple time nominee, Adlai Stevenson. Stevenson was the nominee in 1952 and 1956, but lost in 1960 to Kennedy (with his...
  17. Historyman 14

    The Kennedys with Nixon victory, 1960

    The basic idea is what happens to the Kennedy political family (JFK, Bobby, the rest of them.) if Nixon had won the 1960 election?
  18. KuboCaskett

    Nixon Wins 1960 Election: Effects on World Politics?

    Say if Nixon where to win the 1960 election through a variety of things (being able to avoid getting injured which harmed his appearances during the debates), how would his presidency in 1961 affect the world scene? Would the Bay of Pigs invasion get affected? What of the Berlin Crisis? What of...
  19. Nightingale

    Humphrey Wins in 1960; Medicare and Medicaid Passes

    Let's say Humphrey becomes the Democratic nominee and wins over Nixon in 1960. He picks LBJ as his running mate. Would Medicare and Medicaid pass ITTL?
  20. Nightingale

    Was There A Way For Nixon Not to Initiate the Southern Strategy

    As the title says, was there a way for Nixon not to initiate the Southern Strategy? Specifically, could he have won in 1968 without using that plan?