18th century

  1. El Decentralizado: Philippine HRE

    Starting today, every two weeks this TL shall be focused from now on, the same shall occur with the Empire TL. Two weeks for each TL.
  2. A Miss of Grapeshot: Suffren and the Tiger of Mysore
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1, Battle of Porto Praya

    Chapter 1, The Battle of Porto Praya Suffren’s Shadow: A History of the Naval War in the Indian Ocean, 1777-1783 The Battle of Porto Praya, for all of its diminutive size compared to other great naval battles of the American Revolution, compared to First Ushant, the Chesapeake, Grenada, the...
  3. WI: Kentucky Is Admitted as a US State Under The Articles of Confederation in 1788

    Originally, on July 4, 1788, Kentucky was slated to be, according to the Enabling Acts passed by Virginia (via the journal article When Did the Articles of Confederation Cease to Be Law?), admitted into the United States as the 14th state under the Articles of Confederation. In our timeline...
  4. eliamartin65

    WI: Leopold Johann, Archduke of Austria, survives infancy?

    On a bit of Habsburg "what if" mood today, so here goes: In OTL, Leopold Johann, the long-awaited heir of Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor (and older brother of Maria Theresa) was born on 13 April 1716, but died seven months later, on 4 November. There were hopes that he'd regain health (since...
  5. Tondo Kingdom in the Spanish period (1571-1823)

    The timeline shall be the first of a series of TLs about an ATL Spanish Philippines, established by Legaspi and slowly decentralizes into numerous states upon the dawn of the 18th century, before I eventually return on continuing the Novales timeline.
  6. What if Elizabeth of Russia had married and had children?

    ideally her original fiancé, the first cousin of the husband of her sister Anna, lives, and they marry, and have children, which would again bring about the house of Holstein-Gottorp-Romanov, just a bit earlier
  7. Friedrich der Große

    Dutch Empire and the Great War

    Is there a way to make the Dutch Empire stronger / larger but let WW1 still occure as OTL. I was for example thinking about a remaining Dutch Ceylon, but are there more possibilities? Your thoughts?
  8. Atterdag

    Frederick V dies in 1747 or 1748 - First Queen Regnant of Denmark-Norway?

    Technically, Denmark's current Queen Margaret II is the country's first Queen Regnant, her namesake Margaret I never officially having held the title of Queen in that country. Before her, no woman ever officially sat on the Danish throne, although there have been several influental Queen...
  9. Friedrich der Große

    Power of The Netherlands with a bigger empire?

    As you all probably noticed, I am really really interested in Dutch history and I am full of ideas for alternate histories about this. Besides, I’m also going to study history on the university. Currently I am working on a United Kingdom of the Netherlands timeline, but I have a new question...
  10. husbands for the daughters of Jose I of Portugal and Mariana Victoria?

    Mainly Maria Francisca, Maria Doroteia and Benedita, but I'm also trying to find a husband for Maria I that isn't her uncle. Was there a particular reason that she married Pedro III? I'm hoping a slightly less related husband may prove to be more fruitful for Maria. Many of her children didn't...
  11. What Happens To The Aromanians If A Christian Power(s) Conquers The Balkans At Latest In The Early 18th Century?

    So the Aromanians are an ethnic group in the southern Balkans who speak a Romanian-like language. They weren't the most prominent but they were significant enough to be noticed. However events like the sacking of Moscopole (a major Aromanian city) in 1769, and assimilation by independent nation...
  12. WI: Frederick V of Denmark has a 3rd, actually competent, son?

    OTL, King Frederick V of Denmark-Norway had two sons: the mentally-ill Christian VII from his first marriage, and the benignly incompetent Arveprins Frederik from his second. But let's say that, in a drunken stupor, he manages to conceive a third son with his second wife Juliane Marie, who ends...
  13. Sarthak

    The Sapphire Throne: A Swedish Timeline
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Introduction "Let there be no man who deems Sweden to be a weak nation." - King Charles X Gustav of Sweden "He is an independent monarch and a powerful one at that. His rule see's Sweden ascendant for eternity." - Pope Innocent XII on Charles XI of Sweden "There is no confusion. The Carolean...
  14. GameBawesome

    WI: Plymouth Colony remains separate from Massachusetts?

    In OTL, the Plymouth Colony was separate from the rest of English Colonies, and never had a formal charter like the others. However, when the Dominion of New England was formed, it absorbed Plymouth Colony, but fell apart soon. However, Plymouth Colony ran into problems, as they didn't have a...
  15. mspence

    Dutch America

    WI New Netherland had survived the Anglo-Dutch Wars?
  16. GameBawesome

    Rákóczi's War of Independence succeeds, Hungary becomes independent

    Rákóczi's War of Independence was the first attempt in HungarY led by Francis II Rákóczi, to topple Habsburg rule in Hungary, and reestablish Hungary as an independent country. It did not succeed, as it failed to gain a lot of support from the nobility, while gaining popularity with Hungarian...
  17. Friedrich der Große

    Boers loving the Netherlands

    During the 18th century, Gustaaf Willem van Imhoff, the Dutch governor of the Cape Colony, made plans to let come more pastors to the Colony, to secure a good and better bond with The Netherlands. But these plans were never executed. What if in an alternate timeline these plans were executed...
  18. Frederick II of the HRE

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  19. mspence

    American Haiti

    WI Haiti became a US territory after the Haitian revolution?
  20. GameBawesome

    Question: No Powdered Wigs, what do certain people look like?

    The distinct feature of 18th century, seen in a lot of paintings, is the Powdered Wig. A lot of people, especially Monarchs wore Powdered Wigs, since it was the fashion of the time Hypothetically, if the Powdered Wig was never existed or wasn’t used as much, what would certain people’s hair...