1. Disraeli2004

    The Decade of Disaster: What if the Franco-Prussian War Escalated? (relaunched)
    Threadmarks: Part 1- The Treaty of Prague and Resumption of War

    Part 1: The Treaty of Prague and Resumption of War The Balkans aren't worth the life of a single Pomeranian grenadier!’- Otto Von Bismarck, 1866. Chapter One: The Treaty of Prague and Resumption of War The War with Austria was deceptively decisive. Engineered by Otto Von Bismarck, this war...
  2. GameBawesome

    WI/AHC: Joshua Norton "Emperor Norton I" becomes a politician

    Emperor Joshua Norton I, Self-proclaimed "Emperor of the United States", and "Protector of Mexico" was the most popular man in San Francisco. He never had any real imperial power. What if, with a POD either earlier or later in his life, Joshua Norton tries his hand in politics. Although he was...
  3. Disraeli2004

    What if France won the Franco-Prussian War? (1870-1925)

    This is an expanded version of my earlier post, please feel free to comment! In this alternate scenario, Bismarck must retire during 1870 due to ill health. This isn’t that far fetched- his quasi-depression at seeing what he thought was a Prussian humiliation caused significant ill health...
  4. Venocara

    AHC: Paraguayan War

    A couple of Alternate History Challenges: Make the Paraguayan War last longer than it did (substantially so) with a POD in 1864. Make the Paraguayan War more initially successful for Paraguay than in OTL without letting them win the war with a POD in 1864. Any responses are welcome, but...
  5. SavoyTruffle

    Bismarck out of power between 1866 to 1870

    Let's say that Otto von Bismarck, fresh off of ensuring Prussian supremacy in Germany by defeating Austria in the Seven Weeks' War, gets into an accident that incapacitates him and forces Wilhelm I to get a new Foreign Minister. Let's also say this happens before 1870, before Bismarck can unite...