1860 election

  1. TheDoofusUser

    May the Mississippi bring forth a Leader!
    Threadmarks: Childhood, Military Life, and Time in the House (1814-1846)

    "The work of a soldier is never truly over. That is something I learned in the seventy-nine years I've given to this great nation, in its military, its congress, and its executive branch. I dealt with some of the most arrogant and stubborn men in the world, from my Presidents to my senior and...
  2. Crazymachines

    AHC: have the civil war be caused by two rival president elects

    With a PoD no more than 4 years before the election of 1860, have the civil war be caused by two competing claims to the president elect. it's up to you whether this dispute is caused by unclear wins in several states, tampered ballots, a tie in the electoral college, or something else...
  3. ComradeLenin22

    What would a John Bell Presidency look like?

    Lets say that in the 1860 US Presidential elections that no candidates achieve a majority of 152 electoral votes. With that the election would go to the House to decide, during this hypothetical decision the future of the country and possible civil war would be at stakes. By then many...
  4. Why Did Delaware Vote for Breckinridge in 1860?

    Why did Delaware, which barely had slavery and was decidedly unionist during the war to come, vote pretty decisively for Breckinridge in the 1860 Presidential Election, in contrast to other Upper South states, which broke for Bell, or Maryland, which only voted for Breckinridge by a very small...
  5. Amadeus

    WI: Seward Beats Lincoln in 1860

    What if William H. Seward had defeated Lincoln at the 1860 Republican convention? Would Seward have won the general election and become President? How might President Seward handle slavery and the civil war, should one break out during his administration?
  6. GauchoBadger

    WI: US Civil War delayed/averted: effects on US foreign relations and the world?

    So, assume that Abraham Lincoln does not get elected in 1860, and Stephen Douglas becomes president instead. He throws some bones to WASP conservatives, maybe even negotiates a provision that would allow for gradual abolishment of slavery in the southern states with compensation for the...
  7. Amadeus

    WI: 1860 Election Went to the House

    Had Lincoln lost New York in 1860, the result would've been a hung electoral college and a contingent election in the House of Representatives. The three choices open to the House would be Lincoln, who won the most states and a plurality of electoral and popular votes, Vice-President...