1. Marklin

    What would a war between America and Japan in the 1850s look like?

    This is just some theorizing on my part. Not too sure how it would get to this point, maybe the shogunate decides to fight the US when they return or something, but say that a war does break out between the US and Japan back in the 1850s? How would it play out and what would the ramifications be?
  2. WI: Texas Rebellion against Mexico soundly defeated, alternate path for Texas- and more

    This is a WI but it is also about an idea for a TL that I had, that I wanted to work out some of the more obvious butterflies as a result of it. The basic idea is this: in OTL, Texas was the destination for considerable amounts of immigrants from Central Europe, as early as 1840. In any TL...
  3. Arrival of the Crisis: Early Civil War in 1853-1855

    I've written up an alternate history timeline of sorts on Google Docs called Arrival of the Crisis (named after a quote said by Henry Clay when he was talking about Texas and it's territorial claims to New Mexico). So here is basically the main synopsis/story of Arrival of the Crisis Henry...
  4. GameBawesome

    WI/AHC: Joshua Norton "Emperor Norton I" becomes a politician

    Emperor Joshua Norton I, Self-proclaimed "Emperor of the United States", and "Protector of Mexico" was the most popular man in San Francisco. He never had any real imperial power. What if, with a POD either earlier or later in his life, Joshua Norton tries his hand in politics. Although he was...
  5. Amadeus

    WI: Lincoln Is Elected to the Senate in 1855

    In 1855 Abraham Lincoln ran for the U.S. Senate from Illinois. At a time when Senators were elected by the legislature Lincoln initially did well in early balloting. But when it became clear he didn't have enough votes to win Lincoln bowed out in favor of anti-slavery Democrat Lyman Trumbull...
  6. AHC: Wank Renewable Energy.

    With no more than three PoDs in the second half of the XIX century have more than 10% of the world's production of energy in 1913 coming from renewable sources. Edit: this isn't (But could be.) a "No Petroleum exploitation" discussion.
  7. Amadeus

    WI: President Daniel Webster in 1850

    In 1848, Zachary Taylor's men offered the Vice-Presidency to legendary Massachusetts Senator Daniel Webster. Yet Webster declined, and Fillmore was given the position instead. It would be Fillmore, not Webster, who ascended to the Presidency upon Taylor's death in July 1850. What if Webster had...
  8. GameBawesome

    AHC: Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Pulls a Meiji

    Challenge: Have the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, ruled by the Heavenly King Hong Xiuquan, gain independence, and Industrialize over the decades along side Japan (Not modernize the Government, it would remain feudal, hey would never do that under Hong Xiuquan)
  9. Amadeus

    WI: Franklin Pierce Filibusters Cuba

    Franklin Pierce's major foreign policy goal was to acquire Cuba. His administration drew up the infamous Ostend Manifesto, threatening war with Spain over the island. In 1853 former Mississippi Governor John A. Quitman planned to organize a force of 3,000-4,000 men that would invade Cuba...
  10. US acquires Cuba in 1850s by purchase or war - plausible or not?

    I've been doing some reading about the history of slavery in the United States and the debate that it generated, and one thing that gets mentioned a lot but is never gone into in depth is the desire of many white Americans from the slave states, and some from the free states as well, to acquire...
  11. AHC: Whig Party survives to modern day while the Democratic Party disappears

    In US history, the Whig Party eventually fell in the 1850s, torn over issues like slavery. Meanwhile, the democratic party survived to the present day. What could have changed so that the fortunes of each party would reverse, with the Democrats disappearing and the Whigs lasting as a major party...
  12. AHC and WI: 1852 DNC picks Sam Houston

    Is it plausible, with no PoDs prior to the start of the convention on June 1, for the Democrats in 1852 to nominate Sam Houston for President? If so, what are the effects; if it's safe to say he's elected, how does his presidency differ from that of OTL's disastrous Pierce (and Buchanan ?)...