1848 revolutions

  1. What would happen if Austria is destroyed in 1848?

    Let's say that the revolutions of 1848 were so severe that they suffocated Austria. What would Europe be like? Hungary becomes independent?
  2. A Better Netherlands

    What if the United Kingdom of the Netherlands stays alive in 1830 because there is no revolution. How would the development of the UKN have gone? How would the French minority in the country have been integrated into the kingdom, would the Constitution of Thorbecke still be there?. Would the...
  3. Mighthy William III of the Netherlands

    IOTL, in 1848, the new Dutch Constitution was created. Because of this constitution, the monarch of the Netherlands has almost no real power. But what if in an alternate timeline, this never happened. What if the Thorbeckian Constitution of 1848 was never accepted. As a result, king William...
  4. Alternate Italian Unification Discussion Thread

    Hi everyone! I have seen some threads popping up recently, regarding alternate Italian unification, or non-unification scenarios. Since this is the topic that interests me the most, I thought it was worth it to try and make a comprehensive discussion thread on the topic. Should you choose to...
  5. First Italian War of Independence

    During the Revolutions of 1848, Italian patriots rose up across Lombardy-Venetia in order to expel the Austrians from Italy and were joined by Piedmontese and Tuscan troops along with many volounteers but their efforts were ultimately in vain and by 1849 Austrian rule had been restored and the...
  6. QuinnMallory

    WI: Brittany is separated from France in 1848

    Prior to the Revolution, Brittany was not legally part of France, but considered a separate kingdom ruled in personal union. Say this arrangement is restored under the Congress of Vienna, and that following the February Revolution, Louis abdicates as King of France, but not of Brittany. This...
  7. Revived HRE after Congress of Vienna --> Großdeutschland

    A story about Großdeutschlands creation under Hohenzollern rule in 1848 after the Habsburgs abdicate
  8. Primavera d'Italia: War, Love and Revolution
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Introduction By Andronico Barbero At the present day, the Kingdom of the Italians (as the Greater Italian Federation is most commonly known) is one of the most fascinating and self-contradictory countries of the world. A constitutional monarchy made up of Kingdoms, Republics, Free Cities and...
  9. Rough TL Concept: Ferdinand I, King of all Italies
    Threadmarks: #1: The idea at large

    Hello folks! As of recently, both as a result of discussions here and personal research, I have been learning a decent amount of things about the process of Italian unification. This led to the following idea. The POD is on September 16, 1822: little Victor Emmanuel dies in the fire of his...
  10. Italico Valore - A more successful 1848 revolution in Italy - a TL
    Threadmarks: 1. CARLO ALBERTO

    Long time lurker and AH fan, I've finally decided to write my own TL. Enjoy! 1. CARLO ALBERTO Novara 20 March 1848 Charles Albert of Savoy, king of Sardinia Piedmont Charles Albert of Savoy was seated in his chair, in the royal command tent at the center of Sardinian Army camp. It was early...
  11. Charles Albert becomes king of Sardinia in 1821?

    Tagging @LordKalvan since he seems to be this site's resident expert on everything involving Italy. Charles Albert, king of Sardinia from 1831 to 1849, became known as the Hesitant King due to an inability shown throughout his life to decide to support absolutism or liberalism. After an initial...
  12. 1848 Democratic Germany-France relationship

    Let's say in 1848 Germany unites on a mostly democratic basis BUT without Austria. Yes I know it's completely out of character for the Prussian king to accept the German crown but boom let's just say he developed a different personality and was up for the task. Also let's assume Austria has...
  13. Basileus_Komnenos

    Imperator Francorum: A Napoleon II Timeline
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Imperator Francorum: A Napoleon II Timeline “I envy that boy. Glory is waiting there for him: I had to run after her. I will have been Phillip: he will be Alexander. He has only to extend an arm, and the world is his.”...
  14. GameBawesome

    WI: Frederick William IV accepts the Crown of Germany...then proceeds to re-establish the HRE

    Frederick William IV of Prussia was a hardcore Romanticist, and the one of reason why he refused the Crown of Germany in 1848, besides calling it a "a crown from the gutter", he had Romantic aspirations to the re-establish medieval Holy Roman Empire, and would only accepted if the a...
  15. Generalissimo Maximus

    Summer of Nations (2.0)
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    Summer of Nations Great men of history: The validity of historical narratives in modern socioeconomic research (Lumos Syndicate, 2018) When discussing the history of Europe and the world at large, you find that at certain points it all comes to revolve around a single man and his decisions...
  16. damein fisher

    The Greatest Game in the World - A Mildly Different 1848
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    March 1847 "Workingmen of all countries unite!” It was those simple words etched onto paper that sent Europe into revolt. While some historians argue that the social unrest and liberal desires in Europe were building since the ages of Napoleon, it is hard to argue that the release of Karl...
  17. Hindustani Person

    AHC: Make the 1848 revolutions spread to India and other colonies

    This challenge asks you to make a scenario in which the 1848 revolutions spread to the colonies of Britain and France and so on. Bonus points for references to the Sepoy mutinies and creating republican movements in India
  18. Kaiser Chris

    Fate of Non-German Hapsburg Lands in Großdeutsche Germany?

    In a scenario where Austria is high favorable to German unification, with it accepting leadership of a united Germany at the Frankfurt Assembly, what would then happen to the non-German lands under Emperor Ferdinand and later Franz Joseph. While an Austrian-led Germany can be acceptable at the...
  19. Basileus_Komnenos

    AHC: Successful King Charles X of France

    This is Charles X the last true King of France (The usurper Louis-Philippe doesn't count). Assuming he had been watching the Revolutions and political developments in nations like Austria, Prussia, and Russia more closely and had kept his conservatism and Neo-Absolute vision of government, what...
  20. Zulfurium

    Discussion Thread: Marx Goes To America

    I was listening to Mike Duncan's excellent Revolutions Podcast today as he described the development of early leftist thinking leading up to the First International as well as detailing the early lives of Marx and Engels up to the First International. It was during this that I came across an...