17th century

  1. Math

    WI: Best Spanish military leadership after 1630

    The pod is that Spain will have competent military leaders after Spinola's death, let's say 3 commanders emerge with the competence And ability of Duke of Alba, Farnese and Spinola, What would be the butterflies with the change of some defeats for example rocroi (ITTL without the leadership of...
  2. Palaiologuos

    Project 1604: an alternative world in the early 17th century

    Hello everyone, new to this forum, passionate about history and uchronies, for my first post I'm starting a collosal project, that of creating an alternative world in 1604. Ideally, at the end of the project, a map of the alternative world will have been created. I have many ideas for...
  3. Math

    WI: Eric II of Brunswick-Luneburg Have a heir after 1547?

    Hello, The pod is Eric II of Brunswick-Luneburg (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric_II,_Duke_of_Brunswick-Lüneburg) He has an legitimate heir After his reconversion to Catholicism in 1547, How would this affect the Reformation and the 17th century (Thirty Years' War)?
  4. Psmith

    AHC/WI: Parlement of Paris never regains right to remonstrance

    So, in 1673 King Louis XIV suppressed the Paris Parlement's right to remonstrate the edicts from the Royal Council until after they had been ratified, essentially allowing him to legislate however he liked. Then, in 1715, the Regent d'Orleans restored the right to remonstrance in exchange for...
  5. Treaty of Westphalia had a similar effect to the Congress of Vienna

    How would you make the Treaty of Westphalia usher in a long period of peace similar to what we saw after the Congress of Vienna , I am of course talking only about Europe). You can alter the treaty however you want but with the goal being to make sure that the treaty ends in a long period of...
  6. El Decentralizado: Philippine HRE

    Starting today, every two weeks this TL shall be focused from now on, the same shall occur with the Empire TL. Two weeks for each TL.
  7. capteuan

    Nine Heavens, Four Seas: An East Asia Timeline
    Threadmarks: Prelude: The Fated Night

    序章 Prelude: The Fated Night It was the night of December 23th, 1673 when the Forbidden City burned. During the Qing conquest of China, many Ming generals defected to Great Qing due to various reasons. These defecting generals, called Xiangjiang(降將), were treated with high respect and...
  8. Tondo Kingdom in the Spanish period (1571-1823)

    The timeline shall be the first of a series of TLs about an ATL Spanish Philippines, established by Legaspi and slowly decentralizes into numerous states upon the dawn of the 18th century, before I eventually return on continuing the Novales timeline.
  9. Basileus_Komnenos

    AHC: Louis XIV Becomes Holy Roman Emperor

    Your challenge should you chose to accept, is to craft a scenario Louis XIV become Holy Roman Emperor. I remember reading somewhere in 1656 that Cardinal Mazarin tried to have Louis XIV win the election in 1656, though that may have been a facet of some sort of diplomatic scheme as he was only...
  10. GameBawesome

    Could the Japanese be able to hold Korea after the 17th Century?

    Most of us are familiar with the Imjin War, or the Japanese Invasions of Korea. This was an attempt by Toyotomi Hideyoshi to conquer Joseon Korea and then move on to conquer China. He organized many clans' armies into a force to invade the peninsula. However, his efforts failed due to 1) Naval...
  11. GameBawesome

    WI: Plymouth Colony remains separate from Massachusetts?

    In OTL, the Plymouth Colony was separate from the rest of English Colonies, and never had a formal charter like the others. However, when the Dominion of New England was formed, it absorbed Plymouth Colony, but fell apart soon. However, Plymouth Colony ran into problems, as they didn't have a...
  12. Linbot

    Meticulous Dawn - A Revolt of the Three Feudatories Timeline
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1 - Prologue

    Hello! This is a timeline I’ve decided to write, based on the fundamental premise that the Revolt of the Three Feudatories, a rebellion of regional militarists that broke out against the early Qing dynasty in the 1670s and nearly toppled them, succeeded. I want to explore how exactly that could...
  13. Frederick II of the HRE

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    Threadmarks: Portal page

  14. WI: Charles I and Henrietta Maria die in 1640

    So, what if Charles I and his wife, Herietta Maria of France, died in 1640? Let's say in this case that she dies from some infection following the birth of Henry, Duke of Gloucester, while Charles dies of some disease (maybe the plague since that was still around and would possibly make talks...
  15. Vercigentorix

    What if Anne Stanley Countess of Castlehaven becomes Queen of England and marries Maurice of Nasau ?

    The terms of the third succession act made Anne Stanley, a young unmarried English noblewoman, the heir to England as her ancestor was Mary Tudor the younger sister of Henry VIII, however she was bypassed and the Scottish King succeeded Elizabeth I What would have happened if this girl became...
  16. The Great South Land : An alternative Scottish Company
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1 : The Pirate

    Chapter I: The Pirate “The land was fierce, the land seemed to glisten and drip with steam” – William Dampier (A New Voyage Around The World) **1** October 1687 The English Privateer Cygnet pulled into what would in another time be called King Sound Australia for careening, becoming the...
  17. GameBawesome

    WI: North Vietnam and South Vietnam...in the 17th Century?

    This title is misleading. Context, through the 17th Century to 18th Century, Vietnam was ruled by the Lê dynasty, but it didn't actually have real power at the time, as it was ruled by the Trinh Lords in the Tonkin and the Nguyễn lords in Cochinchina, until the Tay Son Dynasty took over all of...
  18. The Lion of St Mark: Venice and the Morean War
    Threadmarks: The Lion of St Mark

    For two centuries the Venetian Republic had fought a series of costly wars against the Turks. Although small, the Republic leveraged its wealth and sea power to contest the Eastern Mediterranean against the greatest military power of its age. In 1669, the island of Crete- Venice’s most prized...
  19. What were the main factors which enabled 17th and 18th century Britain to become the birthplace of the Scientific and the Industrial Revolution?

    Why was Early Modern Britain so conductive to this kind of development, and also have it succeed and not other areas of Earth? What was so special about Britain in this era of History?
  20. Would the Habsburgs had fared better or worse without Royal Hungary?

    POD: John Szapolyai achieves early victory against Ferdinand in 1527, who has to retreat from the country. An agreement is reached, which (once again) garantuees Habsburg succession upon the childless death of the hungarian king. This does not occur. Mostly focusing on Austria and the...