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  1. Earning the vote through National Service of some type.

    You sir are dead wrong. The first film is a masterful satire of Fascism, holds up remarkably well to this day, and legitimately has better characterization then the book. Arguably, the movie does better world building than the books as well, in terms of how it would actually play out. But yeah...
  2. Roman Shopping Malls and Science

    Increasing its tax base substantially along with agricultural productivity is actually probably enough to get Rome to survive, at least in some form. A major problem for the late empire, especially on the west, was insufficient resources to support the army and administration, as the economy...
  3. Names for a Danish empire/greater Denmark?

    Danica. Nordland. Nordmark. Those Bloody Vikings. The Great and Holy Empire of the North
  4. The Rich men North of Washington, or what if the South went Socialist after the American Civil War?

    The Liberia settlement was always a pipedream, and would have required a WWII German level of willingness for ethnic cleansing. It's not happening. There are other ways to get a left wing south (I know it's popped up in several timelines here), but that's not one of them
  5. So Evident a Danger: The Consequences of War between Britain, Prussia and Russia in 1791

    Who's a traitor right now? Arguably, only the King. He broke faith first. Without chopping his head off, the political elite of France hasn't crossed the Rubicon. I think Louis is unlikely to get the crown back, but the Assembly could offer (or "offer) it to someone else, at which Louis's...
  6. Australia keeps the "White Australia" Immigration policy.

    I feel like there is a real thread of insight here, buried under jargon, choppy sentence structure and some random shots about international opinion?
  7. WI: Henry VIII, instead of breaking with Rome, has Catherine of Aragon executed

    It would be ironic if Henry executes Catherine on trumped up charges, then breaks with the Church later anyway.
  8. AHC: Nominate an ideal King of Gran Colombia from a European royal lineage.

    Maybe Bolivar strikes up a friendship with a young prince while he's in Europe swearing oaths to free his homeland? Given that Gran Colombia was basically his project, and everyone else wanted more decentralization, it would really have to be his choice. If he isn't still around, Gran Colombia...
  9. Was the Spanish Empire the last of the ancient style empires instead of the first of the modern colonial ones?

    I like the premise that old style colonial empires are morally "better" because of the extra rape and cultural genocide. But yeah, the Spanish Empire looks more like the British in India than the British in America - which makes sense, because the civilizations in those places has enough...
  10. To Delve and Spin – A Medieval English timeline

    This is an awesome TL btw, just want to encourage you to keep going! Medieval Peasant radicalism and implicit social contract is massively underexamined.
  11. Worst-Case Scenario for SW Front?

    Why didn't they launch on the 22nd OTL? I assume there were considerations of some sort leading to the delay.
  12. What if Jerusalem had assented to the 1538 Sanhedrin.

    This is beautiful @Jonathan Edelstein, another area of history that I know almost nothing about.
  13. WI European powers in the age of Napoleon kept archers in an axillary usage?

    Previous thread on the subject,much%20less%20training%20time%20involved. But yeah, there are a number of reasons, but bows and crossbows...
  14. Most overrated weapon of the Cold War

    Are we talking overrated at the time or in retrospect? Guided missiles as a whole turned out to be important, but they didn't make tanks irrelevant. The whole gun/launcher rabbithole America went down during the 60s and 70s. Calling the biggest gamechangers in warfare "overrated" is certainly...
  15. Until Every Drop of Blood Is Paid: A More Radical American Civil War

    I mean that's the problem in a nutshell - conservatives will be spooked by any meaningful change and vilify it, so revolutionaries need to simultaneously go all in *and* somehow bring the moderates with them. Look at the Hungarian Revolution by comparison, thanks to nationalism, the center and...
  16. Napoleon does not invade Spain: what happens to Latin America?

    Or that Spain can't protect them. And a Spain that remains allied to Napoleon rather than a conquest is one whose empire is an even more attractive target.
  17. AHC/WI: Couronian colonial Empire?

    Lol, I was just about to link your TL as the answer.
  18. A Great Depression is much worse and no Franklin D, Roosevelt Presidency Could there be an American civil war in the thirties

    Also, it's hard to make the great depression much worse? It was really, really, really bad, and the initial responses made with worse, what with the tariffs basically destroying international trade.
  19. The Japanese-American war of 1899-1913.

    Can you cite occasions when the US stuck out a war of choice with high costs more than about two election cycles? Because even with a semi surprise attack, US core interests aren't really at stake. I think the US could win well before that, as long as Congress opens the floodgates to new ship...
  20. The Japanese-American war of 1899-1913.

    There's no way the US public is committed to a 14 year war. Full stop. If they can't get it done within 5 years, someone is going to win the next election with the promise to "bring our boys home". In that context, I don't think a US victory is preordained at all, though I can see this just...