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  1. V for Vendetta Timeline

    Wow so some are real Norse Fire types then-scary.
  2. Latest possible US balkanization?

    Its still possible- given the right circumstances and conditions in the US and the wider world. But historically- probably the Civil War is the latest it could happen as per OTL events.
  3. A disgraced banner--the rebel flag

    I don't see how its possible even with this because the difference is that then as now a majority of the white population in the South didn't think that the cause of the Confederates was that bad. Whatever the Confederates did the Yankees did worse. I could see what you are talking about...
  4. A disgraced banner--the rebel flag

    That's the thing they didn't loose it as completely as they should/could have. If you spoke to a white Southerner in 1875 as opposed to one in 1865 they would likely agree-with the could have part at least :o
  5. V for Vendetta Timeline

    So is that the one-with some pre war/virus tweaks and twists I would imagine?
  6. V for Vendetta Timeline

    Right but remember it was after the St Mary's virus and a limited nuclear war between the US and China. Much more strident forces were at play and might have hinted at what they were about-but I see what you mean. Perhaps Norsefire is a nickname of the party that eventually became its name ...
  7. We hanged Jeff Davis from a sour apple tree

    Why does it make it pointless? It means that the white South looses completely instead of the backhanded victory it achieved OTL. Since this would mostly benefit blacks who were the victims I don't see the problem with it. Neither did Abraham Lincoln if you take him at his word: Fondly do we...
  8. We hanged Jeff Davis from a sour apple tree

    The only moral way out would have been to punish the guilty and protect the innocent. This was within the power of the North to do but it didn't have the will to do it in large measure because most of them felt the defeated traitors were more human than the innocent Freedmen.
  9. We hanged Jeff Davis from a sour apple tree

    Hanging the Confederate leaders would be a good start because it actually says to the South-hey you guys did something wrong. As far as the South was concerned the worst possible punishment they received was the end of slavery and the citizenship of blacks. They were allowed to do everything...
  10. We hanged Jeff Davis from a sour apple tree

    Right-as opposed to the ghosts of Saints Robert E Lee and Nathan Bedford Forest who hovered over most proceedings South of the Mason-Dixon Line OTL.
  11. We hanged Jeff Davis from a sour apple tree

    Right. Racist democrats fighting racist fascists-aint life grand.
  12. We hanged Jeff Davis from a sour apple tree

    Needless bloodletting implies that the South was in the right and not doing anything wrong after it was defeated in a war that it started.
  13. We hanged Jeff Davis from a sour apple tree

    We saw how the South behaved when it was given the easy way out and treated way better than it should have been. What would the difference have really been in their behavior if the got what they deserved ? The notion that the Union was in control of their behavior is ludicrous -if that's so...
  14. We hanged Jeff Davis from a sour apple tree

    The honourable way out-Sharecropping, Jim Crow, De Jure Segregation. What would have been the dishonourable way out :o
  15. V for Vendetta Timeline

    Interesting. Any idea how the Norsefire takeover/rule pans out-in the movie version?
  16. Victorious Nazis hold war crime trials

    LOL-good point.
  17. Victorious Nazis hold war crime trials

    This supposes that the Nazis were basically like the Western Allies and the Soviets- they were not.
  18. Why do you like a Confederate victory?

    I don't know around here-the most famous is Harry Turtledoves Southern Victory series ie a Confederate Hitler with a Confederate Holocaust against blacks A society whose founding principal was -overtly-white supremacy. What could go wrong with that :o
  19. Why do you like a Confederate victory?

    I don't think the CSA was properly brought low after the war either- especially the CSA leadership. To use a term that was popular in Dixie-they remained uppity . But what are the alternates to what you say really ? Alls well that ends well(OTL) or CSA leaders are treated like traitors and...
  20. Why do you like a Confederate victory?

    Its more accurate to say that the part of the US that lost the Civil War is still working its way though those echoes- and fairly badly in many ways.