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  1. WW II Insanity Options

    I share your pain...
  2. WW II Insanity Options

    Franco being talked into joining the war at his meeting with Hitler at Hendaye. Vichy France signing an alliance with Germany & fully participating in the war as an active member of the Axis Powers -allowing free access to ports & airbases, joining the Italians in an invasion of Egypt and the...
  3. WW II Insanity Options

    Do you mean November 1939?
  4. Was the fighting more intense and brutal on the Western Front during World War I or the Eastern Front during World War II?

    Would also note that the periods of the greatest daily losses on the Western Front were not during trench warfare, but when the battles were fought with fluid frotys, such as the Battle of the Frontiers in 1914, the German offensives in Spring 1918, and the 100 days from August 1918. Turned out...
  5. Malaya What If

    It could be that, in line with Matador, Force Z sails early and catches the transports before, or in the process, of offloading their troops at Khota Baru and Singora.
  6. WW II Insanity Options

    All of the Allies join the Axis. Italy decides to change sides to the Allies, and wins the war simply because no-one feels that warrants an invasion.
  7. Was the fighting more intense and brutal on the Western Front during World War I or the Eastern Front during World War II?

    On the Western Front there were, contrary to general belief, few occasions where the same units were involved in a major offensive. Perhaps 2-3 times a year between late 1914 & early 1918. One who served through the whole period claimed that he had only seen 65 days of actual fighting. What was...
  8. WW I Insanity Options

    HMS Glorious, Courageous & Furious as originally designed.
  9. WW II Insanity Options

    The British decide to expand their armoured forces by scrapping the light & infantry tanks (never reaching the cruisers...) and replace them with Martel's one man tankettes. With every Tommy his own personal AFV, the enemy would be overwhelmed by sheer numbers. General Gamelin was reportedly...
  10. Malaya What If

    My (late) old man saw service in Korea. His patrol had to dive into a padi field to avoid enemy fire and discovered what they used as fertilizer. Whole company gave the squad a very wide berth! So, as well as Vietnam, you can look at the Korean War too.
  11. French military 'sanitiy options', 1935-42

    Marine Nationale - drown Gensoul somewhere in late '39 - send the fleet to the Western Atlantic when Force H turns up at Mers-el-Kebir, so you have a nice set of units that the USN would love to have in the Solomons in '42; it gets you brownie points with FDR and a higher profile in late & post-war.
  12. French military 'sanitiy options', 1935-42

    Bombers. Scrap the flying brick glasshouses (Amiot143, Bloch MB.200 & Farman F.220) well before 1939. 3 or 4 rifle calibre machine guns do not a flying fortress make. Try & advance the Breguet 630 and LeO 451.
  13. WW II Insanity Options

    The IJA and IJN decide to fight completely separate wars... sorry, that's OTL.
  14. French military 'sanitiy options', 1935-42

    Don't spend milliards on the naval base at Mers-el-Kabir; if you really want an expensive white elephant, just keep extending the Maginot line northwards. Even better, spend the francs on chars, perhaps extend credit to the Little Entente & Poland, allow them access to the better machines (S35?)...
  15. Italian army and airforce 'sanity options 2.0', 1935-43

    Flog all the tankettes to Japan and invest in Czech tanks (as more than one poster has recommended).
  16. "Sanity options" 2.0 - RAF, 1935-43

    I'm talking about those brick-like bombers with large greenhouses attached that the French introduced: - Must admit to exaggerating the lack of guns in the Amiot - it...
  17. "Sanity options" 2.0 - RAF, 1935-43

    Late post: IIRC the Armee de l'Air believed that three flexible-mounted rifle-calibre machine guns in nose, dorsal & ventral positions covered all avenues of attack. They hadn't figured on fighters armed with 0.5" guns, let alone cannons.
  18. A better Italian Navy/Regia Marina

    True - but this would still be a distinct improvement on OTL if the Italians used joined-up thinking.
  19. Effects on WW1 on Cilicia instead of Gallipoli

    Most likely destination is Egypt, then Palestine & Syria, before someone sends some of them to the Western Front. Possibly some end up in East Africa?
  20. Would Japan Have Returned German Asia/Pacific Colonies Given A CP WW1 Victory?

    Cruisers were built to guard colonies. The dreadnoughts were built to oppose the RN in the Riskflotte dreamed up by Tirpitz which didn't end well (Britain needs her Navy to rule the waves, we only need to build up a navy large enough that destroying it will cost the British control of the seas...