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  1. Malaya What If

    Yamato towed in as a prize…?
  2. Sir John Valentine Carden Survives. Part 2.

    Mere details, I am sure it’ll be fine
  3. If Japan was firebombed to near oblivion would that have been viewed as more moral to the public than the atom bombs?

    The deliberate starvation of the (civilian) population caused by the blockade combined with the bombing of any & all infrastructure would probably be even more controversial than the firebombing raids themselves
  4. Keynes' Cruisers Volume 2

    Now now…. You’ll be eligible for parole in a few years
  5. Keynes' Cruisers Volume 2

    We’ve had a word with the mods…. This thread now approved to go to 2000 pages…
  6. Munich Shuffle: 1938-1942

    The grim logic of B&C weapons when you don’t have N (or ‘A’) yet….
  7. Crown Imperial: An Alt British Monarchy

    I don’t know… The origin of the famously popular “Spanky” breed…
  8. Optimize the RAF/FAA for WW2

    I think you’d do better just using that to grow tomatoes in. Look at ALL that glass!
  9. Optimize the RN for WWII

    I think that we are working the poor chap pretty hard here so a nice cultural break in Italy seems perfectly reasonable
  10. Keynes' Cruisers Volume 2

    I am quite sure that the Panthers would want it so….
  11. A Blunted Sickle - Thread II

    Especially if used in a bull pup configuration
  12. PQ 17.5

    2submarines in the escort?? How would they keep up? Is this OTL?
  13. Crown Imperial: An Alt British Monarchy

    Basically a declaration of war. Not sure that the king or PM would be allowed to use such language
  14. A Better Rifle at Halloween

    I would click on ‘like’ (as your storyline & writing most certainly deserves it!) but the carnage described is just so horrific…
  15. Jutland Redux - A summer soltice shootout

    Loving your work (as always!) but autocorrect should have allowed Blanche to ride herd not heard on Emperor of India
  16. Jutland Redux - A summer soltice shootout

    Maybe the mother ship has a very large figure-head? (It ought to look enough like a statue to attract pigeons…?)
  17. What if the United Kingdom invoked NATO's Article V in response to the Troubles?

    Although having the Dutch army end up fighting an heroic action defending the line of the River Boyne would have a certain ‘piquancy’ about it…
  18. Munich Shuffle: 1938-1942

    As you are offering us strategic “master strokes“ from both IJA and IJN at the same time! Take all the time you need, this looks like it’s going to be fun…
  19. Malaya What If

    “Congratulations for passing this test. Now you get to wear this smart red shirt….”
  20. The British public school system does not become an "establishment" producing the elite

    I think we need to face the fact that every parent will always do whatever they can to improve their offspring’s prospects. Realistically (although unlikely to be openly stated) this includes the chance of becoming/remaining part of their society’s elite if there is a way to achieve this...