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  1. Malaya What If

    So, what is the news about Mission 204, Tulip Force, to China?
  2. Sir John Valentine Carden Survives. Part 2.

    Who'd they be, when home? In 1944, the UK had reached it's manpower limits, more or less. 21 Army Group was at it's limit and men had to be either in civilian labour or the Military forces. So much so, Montgomery was well aware of this and knew all he could rely on for manpower were...
  3. Alternative History Armoured Fighting Vehicles Part 3

    Much better. Now, the number of road wheels. Panzer III/IV used a Panzer IV chassis, with 8 road wheels, with Panzer III internals.
  4. US Army better LMG, 1939-45

    The Bren would have been perfectly adequate. It featured everything the BAR lacked. It had a removable barrel, a top mounted magazine, a bipod and it could be mounted on a tripod as well. It was deadly accurate in .303in. Changing it to 30-06 would decrease that. It was light weight - 25...
  5. Alternative History Armoured Fighting Vehicles Part 3

    Just take one from a Bergepanther,
  6. BAR turned into an 'almost FG-42'?

    I have followed this thread from the start and most obvious question still needs to be asked. Not what would be most suitable calibre or whether or not a BAR would be lightened. My question is, why didn't the US Army shop around and adopt a viable LMG such as the Bren? It was quite capable of...
  7. Sir John Valentine Carden Survives. Part 2.

    Never suggested it was "offered on a plate." Just that it was offered, which when you think about it, was typical of Churchill. Easy to give what was never a reality...
  8. Alternative History Armoured Fighting Vehicles Part 3

    Might need a entrenching spade on the rear to absorb the recoil...
  9. Sir John Valentine Carden Survives. Part 2.

    Money is often viewed as an insult by many people. As has been pointed out, Eire was offered Northern Ireland as a sweetner for the Treaty Ports which Devlin closed. It was basically everything Eire ever wanted and still they closed the Treaty Ports to the RN.
  10. Sir John Valentine Carden Survives. Part 2.

    You really don't understand the hatred that the UK was held in Eire, do you? Or the very real differences between the UK and the US as two very different cultures...
  11. Malaya What If

    It was committed to see the war through. Personally, I think they should have just packed up their gear and stayed at home, once they had freed their own territory and told the Poms and the Yanks where they could put their colonies where the sun did not shine. However, we don't and cannot...
  12. Malaya What If

    Australia was increasingly sidelined by Washington. Washington did not want to share the victory table with anyone. After the ANZAC declaration, Washington was aware that the two Pacific Dominions were not going to fall into line and do as they were told. Hence the Australians were sent to...
  13. Malaya What If

    Do not mistake the Australian effort for the US's. After the battle of the bridgeheads, this weren't as hard as you are assuming. New Guinea was a bit of a backwater as far as the Japanese were concerned.
  14. Malaya What If

    Corrected. Sorry, new keyboard.
  15. Malaya What If

    At Ralph Honor's funeral a Japanese attended. He placed a wreath on the coffin, saluted and then left the church. Ralph was the CO of 39 Battalion at Kokoda and the battle of the Bridgeheads. He knew how to fight the buggers.
  16. Malaya What If

    "Fun" was the term used by the unit itself. They were amusing themselves killing Japanese who reacted like lab rats, automatically and predictably. The Australians on the Kokoda Track and at the battle of the Bridgeheads did it hard but they learnt their lessons, yes, the hard way but they...
  17. Malaya What If

    Or Australians in New Guinea or the Islands. The Australians used to relish fighting the Japanese and in one case, complained bitterly when they were relieved because they were having so much fun with the Japanese they faced.
  18. A history of the second HMAS Australia

    So, a brave ship dies...
  19. Malaya What If

    Australians tend to be pro-Churchill. Why? I am not sure why. Most are not aware of how shabbily the Australian Government was treated by the British and then later by the American Governments. I only really learnt about both episodes at University. It was openly published in the official...
  20. Birth control Pill isn't invented

    Interestingly, this thread is primarily about America rather than Australia. Australia didn't see a massive change in sexual habits in the 1960s. I worked on a longitudinal social science survey in the late 1980s and there were no sign of massive change in the response of respondents of that...