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  3. Interwar Soviet invasion of the United States

    No surprise. Bywater wrote about maritime affairs for periodicals, was acquainted with a number of USn Officers, and seems to have witnessed in the early 1920s part or all of a USN map exercise of the Pacific war. The 1920s were when War Plan ORANGE matured from its early iterations after the...
  4. AHC: Major short-run changes from a Dole victory in 1996

    Would the changes in banking regulation go ahead as OTL, or would Dole support reinstating key regulations?
  5. Heinkel He 177 Germany's succesful longrange bomber

    Correct in terms of airframe deployment. For engines its closer to 4-2 or 4-1 depending on your light bomber design.
  6. Research on Allied/Soviet Liaison Efforts in WW2

    Holt in 'The Decivers' describes a Brit mission to the USSR concerning a action that the USSR could take as part of Op BODYGUARD, to support the FORTITUDE operation. After a extended number of days of discussion the Soviet representatives agreed and ran the false info op they worked out with...
  7. Best use of German navy east asiatic squadron in ww1

    They could support Wilsons favorite Mexican, whoever that was. Tho my first thought was if any of the Pacific ports could at all support this cruiser force.
  8. Research on Allied/Soviet Liaison Efforts in WW2

    There were a relatively large number sent to the USSR. Mostly for technical & administrative reasons related to the supply and weapons sent. The USSR had a near permanent presence in Alaska and the NW port cities for the same reason. I remember DeGaulle toured the USSR in 1943 or 1944 ...
  9. Atomic bomb deployed against Germans

    Actually the standard B29 could not either. The "Silver Plate" model was modified for the task. The original specifications for the B29 were made available to the bidders in December 1939. Boeing roughed out its Model 345 prototype in May 1940. (This seems fast, but Boeing had been working...
  10. Atomic bomb deployed against Germans

    Actually it seems to have been a lot of fuzes. As well as replacing weak connections that arc a bit too much. Beyond that there is the problem of any phone exchange, radio shack, or HQ actually inside the overpressure zone. The resistance of Capacitator tubes or Fuzes is irrelevant where...
  11. Atomic bomb deployed against Germans

    One of the under considered items in these attacks is the effect on German telephonic and radio communications. In my 1980s nuclear battlefield training the EMP damage was a consideration. The exact vulnerability of German telegraph & telephone is not clear, but the non classified...
  12. Atomic bomb deployed against Germans

    This is not far from the flight profile for weather and photo recon missions. The Japanese did not bother to attack the Enola Gay & Bocks Car because they barely noticed those among the stream of individual planes touring the Japanese skys. The Germans harassed Allied single plane flights...
  13. Interwar Soviet invasion of the United States

    Contract workers like Fred Koch largely returned to the US. They are borderline between permanent immigrants and visitors. Koch had some well paying contracts to modernize Soviet oil refineries. Ironic that Communist payments contributed to the Koch family fortune. later the Koch family...
  14. Interwar Soviet invasion of the United States

    The gold mine/s at Nome were probably more valuable. Trivia Note: The future Lt Gen Jimmy Dolittle spent his childhood and teen years in the mining town of Nome.
  15. Interwar Soviet invasion of the United States

    The USN lacked the logistic train to operate more than a few cruisers in those waters. That and some Revenue Cutters would be the US naval presence for a considerable time. Note that War Plan ORANGE allowed for a nominal two year construction of a fleet train before a offensive could start...
  16. Interwar Soviet invasion of the United States

    I saw it at a garage sale just a few years ago. You'd need a VHS player. Check You Tube. Everything else is on there.
  17. Interwar Soviet invasion of the United States

    Anti Communists in the US expend a incredible amount of energy trying suppress any and everything they associate with 'The Reds'. Scammers claiming to be White Russian emigres bilk US citizens out of money they think is going to support exiles fighting the Reds or to their children's...
  18. How would more advanced helicopter technology have been used during WW2?

    The old game panzer Blitz had a obscure variant written up with scenarios for German troop and gunship helicopters in 1942 battles. Historical viability was out the window, but they were fun scenarios. Setting up FLAK traps was a amusing exercise for the 'Russian' player. *Panzer Blitz was...
  19. Interwar Soviet invasion of the United States

    Alaska. The USSR could barely attack & the US could barely defend. On the ground its a battle of pygmys. Local National Guard and militia sprinkled with a few Regular Army defending, some Naval infantry compare trying to seize a few miserable kilometers of coast. The Pacific Fleet could...
  20. Amelia Earhart in World War 2

    Theres a dozen other female aviators in the US just as capable as Erhart, & who's war service would indicate how she'd serve.