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  1. A single seat fighter for the Fleet Air Arm?

    Very handy for getting to Malta or covering Crete while keeping the carrier out of harms way. The Italians and Fliegerkorps X would loathe the thing,
  2. A single seat fighter for the Fleet Air Arm?

    The way I've done it is that roughly 70 - 80% is standard Fulmar straight out of the parts bin. It's development is hidden from the Ministry as a specialised variant of the Fulmar and it's only realised what Fairey have been up to when the prototype is rolled out for flight testing. So now...
  3. Alternate Aircraft of Nations

    Not in 1940 while the RAF is still operating Gladiators in the defence of Britain as well as in the Middle East. Any Hurricane is going to Fighter Command.
  4. Alternate Aircraft of Nations

    Here you go. It's a little rough and ready but I've given it a larger engine, raised the cockpit to improve the pilots vision, reshaped the cockpit canopy for better aerodynamics and lengthened the fuselage to correct the shift in the centre of gravity caused by the larger engine. Whether it...
  5. Alternate Aircraft of Nations

    That's about what I'm aiming at. I admit it's effectively a larger and a little slower Hurricane, but it's also fully navalized and has much more range. My intention is that instead of the 1030hp Merlin III of the Fulmar it uses the more powerful Merlin XX to partially compensate for the...
  6. Alternate Aircraft of Nations

    The thing is it's not a clean sheet design but a modification of a existing design so while the rear fuselage and wings have been shortened there's only so much you can do without having to start from scratch. My thinking is that it's a private venture by Fairey built without authorisation...
  7. Alternate Aircraft of Nations

    Here you go. I've just done this.
  8. Alternate Aircraft of Nations

    Considering I cobbled it together using Microsoft Paint at 6AM on Monday, no. It's just a shortened rear fuselage adapted to make it a single seater and slightly shortened wings, but I think it looks right. My only concern is that the horizontal stabiliser may be too low and get buffeted by...
  9. Alternate Aircraft of Nations

    All right I get it you don't like the name Fleet. I'll go back to my first choice for the single seat Fulmar and reuse the name Fairey Fawn or perhaps Flycatcher, though that might better suit the single seat Firefly. I'd opt to call it the Fury but Hawker might sue.
  10. 1937-42, yet another alt British Army what-if

    And I was not suggesting adopting the Mas 40 as the main service rifle. At most it would be used to equip the Free French in Britain and possibly the Paras and Commandos. Wartime is not the time to change rifles and more specifically rifle rounds. Limited production for such use is doable if...
  11. 1937-42, yet another alt British Army what-if

    The two Besa's were also metric,
  12. Alternate Aircraft of Nations

    I can't take credit for the single seat Firefly, that's been kicking about for years, but the single seat Fulmar came out of the discussion on a single seat fighter for the FAA.
  13. Alternate warships of nations

    It would have been a logical continuation of the WWI U Boat cruisers.
  14. Alternate Aircraft of Nations

    November 1943 Aircraft from HMS Victorious raid Japanese positions in Sumatra. The Barracuda's and Grumman Avengers are escorted by the new Fairey Frigate.
  15. Alternate Aircraft of Nations

    August 1940 The Fleet Air Arm begins operations with the new Fairey Fleet a 290mph single seat development of the Fairey Fulmar powered by the new Merlin XX instead of the Fulmar's Merlin III. In September HMS Argus will make the first Club Run flying off 20 Fleet's to Malta from a distance of...
  16. Alternate warships of nations

    June 1944 German Uboat Monitors manned by SS and based on the French Surcouf bombard the US east coast. Of the five despatched only two return and one of them is destroyed in an air raid immediately afterwards. Later that year the survivor is sent to repeat the attack (allegedly with nerve...
  17. 1937-42, yet another alt British Army what-if

    Get the plans for the MAS 40 from the French and hand them over to Enfield for further work. It may come to nothing, or only be used to equip the Free French but then again it might be useful for raiding forces. (The UK won't change it's main rifle round during wartime)...
  18. 1937-42, yet another alt British Army what-if

    Nope and the Parachute Regiment wore camouflaged Denison Smocks,
  19. A single seat fighter for the Fleet Air Arm?

    Only if they're escorted by a couple of hundred fighters.