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  1. WI Unsanctioned Rhodesia?

    If the Rhodesian Security Forces had unrestricted access to the worlds arms markets and were backed up by a healthier economy what equipment might they have procured and what if any impact might that have had?
  2. WI Unsanctioned Rhodesia?

    As previously mentioned a not insignificant number of foreigners served in the Rhodesian Armed Forces making up a significant proportion of manpower. Predominantly these volunteers were British, American, French (serving in a short lived and hastily disbanded independent unit) and a smattering...
  3. WI Unsanctioned Rhodesia?

    Without sanctions or international isolation could Rhodesia have lasted into the 1990's and how would it have reacted to events like the fall of the Soviet Union and crucially the end of Apartheid in South Africa (assuming that still happens as per OTL)?
  4. WI Unsanctioned Rhodesia?

    IOTL the Rhodesian Security Forces recruited a significant number of former soldiers and other volunteers from overseas. For example a significant number of Vietnam veterans were recruited from the USA and were highly regarded for their jungle fighting experience and nicknamed themselves The...
  5. WI Unsanctioned Rhodesia?

    Might a stronger economy perhaps sap a little support for the insurgents if more people within the black population feel they have a vested economic interest in the continuance the status quo?
  6. WI Unsanctioned Rhodesia?

    Might a lack of sanctions and stronger economy discourage white emigration from the country?
  7. WI Unsanctioned Rhodesia?

    Following some of my earlier threads regarding the effects of sanctions never being imposed on South Africa I thought it would be interesting to look at the same question regarding Rhodesia.
  8. Getting Ahead of Ourselves: A B-29 TL

    While feasible I'm not sure if Ireland would be able to actually make any sort of meaningful contribution given the state of the Defence Forces at this point in time. Due to the inability to domestically produce anything beyond the most basic equipment or acquire it from overseas the Irish Army...
  9. Getting Ahead of Ourselves: A B-29 TL

    Potentially but this would still require everything to be sped up significantly compared to OTL where the war ended before Tiger Force could be deployed. The issue is timing as it would still take weeks for the force to get set up and ready to go (the bombs themselves would have to be brought...
  10. Getting Ahead of Ourselves: A B-29 TL

    The problem with using monsters like Tallboy and Grandslam is the relatively limited accuracy of such weapons and the close proximity of friendly ground forces compounding this problem. Given the scale of the Japanese defences you'd probably need to drop a lot of bombs over a wide area possibly...
  11. Getting Ahead of Ourselves: A B-29 TL

    Finally caught up. Very good TL so far!
  12. Rebuilding After Big Brother: A 1984 Story

    Plenty of thought criminals, agents of Goldstien or expendable proles to go around. Just dress them up in the correct uniform and drug them so they don't say anything. What would Oceana do if they did actually manage to capture a real NATO soldier though?
  13. Rebuilding After Big Brother: A 1984 Story

    The chances are that following the fall of Insoc many of the Oceanan veterans of the "Malabar Front" would probably discover that they'd actually been in Northern Ireland all along and that the Eurasian/Eastasian (delete as appropriate) forces they'd been facing off against and perhaps even...
  14. WI Megaroc, Britain Launches The First Man Into Space

    If somehow Britain did decide pursue Megaroc and manage to send a man on a suborbital spaceflight in the early 1950's what would the global reaction have been? Would we have seen a reaction similar to Gagarin's first flight or the Sputnik crisis or perhaps even disinterest? Even the proposers...
  15. WI Megaroc, Britain Launches The First Man Into Space

    If the UK were able to achieve a manned suborbital flight by 1952 would this have been just a one off or part of a larger program perhaps similar to the Mercury program? If the launch takes place from RAAF Womera I can imagine that there would be political pressure for an Australian Astronaut...
  16. WI Megaroc, Britain Launches The First Man Into Space

    In 1945 as the war in Europe came to a close the allies scrambled to acquire German technology and scientists. In particular the V2 Rocket was highly sought after with the various allied nations almost racing against each other to recover as many rockets and technical staff as possible before...
  17. Rebuilding After Big Brother: A 1984 Story

    I don't think Rhodesia or Canada would be able to afford the obscene amount of money you'd probably have to pay someone to voluntarily go undercover in Oceana. However if you really wanted to and had a way of infiltrating and extracting your agent going undercover as a prole is probably your...
  18. Rebuilding After Big Brother: A 1984 Story

    Bear in mind that in the story many of the people executed at Victory Square are supposedly Eurasian/Eastasian "Prisoners of War". It's likely that having witnessed and in some cases partaken in such executions of "POW's" Oceanian soldiers are convinced that the same or worse would await them...
  19. South African Defence Force without sanctions?

    If the international community has for reasons best known to themselves decided not to place arms embargos of military sanctions of South Africa might relations be warm enough to see SADF undertaking what is often termed as "Defence Engagement"? Defence engagement is a form of soft power...