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  1. fluttersky

    The Sixteen States of America

    Moving onto the 1980 election, we'll need to know the electoral vote totals used prior to the 1980 census. This will apply for the elections of 1980, 1976, and 1972. Let's see. Pacifica: After 1980 it had had 36 EVs. Before 1980 it has just 33 EVs- must have been some population growth there...
  2. fluttersky

    What if Queen Victoria was never born?

    If there's enough discontent in Britain with Ernest Augustus, might there be public pressure for him to abdicate (on behalf of him and his descendants), making the liberal Duke Augustus of Sussex king?
  3. fluttersky

    "A Very British Transition" - A Post-Junta Britain TL

    Wonderful timeline. I just found it yesterday and read it all in a day; looking forward to the general election results... With the increased British exile population in the Netherlands, I wonder if the Dutch government would have decided to build the Markerwaard polder ITTL. They seriously...
  4. fluttersky

    Map Thread XXI
    Threadmarks: Opening post

    Welcome to the twenty-first map thread! The place for all your mapping needs. Maps with a lot of likes will be threadmarked for ease of access. (Edit: Threshold for getting a threadmark is 30 likes for now; I may increase this at some point if there just end up being too...
  5. fluttersky

    Map Thread XX

    I'll wait til page 499, don't want to jump the gun and start a tradition of threads being made too early.
  6. fluttersky

    Map Thread XX

    I’d personally like to make the thread and then threadmark all the maps with, say, over 40 likes, so they can be accessed easier by everyone– there seemed to be demand for this last time I brought it up. Was planning on making this thread XX and doing exactly that, but someone started it three...
  7. fluttersky

    AHC: Make Hitler a Jewish supremacist

    This thread feels like it’s in rather poor taste. Having said that– this isn’t specifically Jewish supremacist, but if Hitler had ended up with a much more favourable opinion of Jews from a young age, perhaps he could have seen them as an integral part of the German nation (thanks to language...
  8. fluttersky

    The Sixteen States of America

    1984 presidential election First things first, we all know who's winning here. In fact I'll give the results straight up: Reagan 461 electoral votes, and 3 for Walter Mondale (DC). Any interesting stuff will lie in the margins rather than who wins each state. Pacifica (36 EVs): Reagan wins by...
  9. fluttersky

    The Sixteen States of America

    Well. Time to do 1988. Bush and Dukakis! As outlined in this post, there are only 13 states at this point, to maintain reasonable population similarity. After the 1990 census, the new states of North California would form from Pacifica, South Carolina from Apachea, and Florida from Yazoo. But in...
  10. fluttersky

    The Sixteen States of America

    I'll try to do it soon, thanks for the reminder
  11. fluttersky

    Albion, where the Sun never set

    Hmmmm, I wonder if any people nowadays argue that the Dukes of Merioneth and Methven should in fact be on the throne, as Arthur would surely have married his partner had it been legally allowed. (Although, thinking about it marriage might have technically been allowed given Daniel would have...
  12. fluttersky

    Vinland Survives

    Another Vinland option: have them land on Anticosti Island. An island with no native people living on it would be a more promising settlement location,
  13. fluttersky

    WI: Spanish-Ottoman War Of 1897.

    My apologies, I meant the Hamidian massacres. The Moro situation could also be a cause, but less likely- I can't imagine the Ottomans trying to venture as far afield as that.
  14. fluttersky

    WI: Spanish-Ottoman War Of 1897.

    I’m guessing this would be thanks to the Hemshin massacres- and my answer is that I don’t think it’s realistic to expect other parties to stay out of it.
  15. fluttersky

    AHC: Non West /North Germanic , Non Brittonic , Non Romance England

    The Norse in Vinland manage to get a permanent settlement on Anticosti Island around 1000 AD, though they don’t expand off it. They introduce European diseases to the Americas given the increased presence, over the next few centuries they become endemic across the continent and the native...
  16. fluttersky

    AHC: Create a Non-Neo Confederate Southern Secession Movement.

    Perhaps a scenario in which the slave trade lasts longer+stronger, birth rates are a bit higher, and thus the CSA area as a whole becomes black majority?
  17. fluttersky

    How would you punish the rebel leadership after the American Civil War

    Every Confederate soldier, politician, and individual who publicly supported the Confederate cause has all of their property seized and distributed to either their former slaves if they had any, or the federal government if not. Additionally, disenfranchisement for all such people resident in...
  18. fluttersky

    AHC: Most Culturally Americanised post-surrender Japan

    America decides it’s not worth risking Japanese independence and goes for the option of Japan becoming US states instead
  19. fluttersky

    AHC: make the UK keep the whole of Ireland

    Here’s one idea on keeping Ireland British... Let’s say Home Rule happens, and Ireland is still autonomous as of WW2. In 1945 in reality, the island of Ireland had 4.2 million people; the UK had 50 million people. In the course of WW2, Ireland would be much less damaged by German airstrikes...
  20. fluttersky

    AHC: Make Denver, Colorado America's largest city

    Good idea, Denver as LA should be plausible